Friday, September 28, 2018

Cox Communications Should Be Expanding Service In Gloucester County? This is what we found in federal law.

There are a lot of residents in Gloucester who are upset because of the lack of internet access throughout the County. There are even more residents who do not understand why Cox Communications has not expanded cable service throughout the County. Don’t get me wrong, Cox will extend service to anyone who can pay for it and when I say pay for it, we mean thousands, tens of thousands and even more dollars in some instances to install cable to a single residence.

The question is; can anything be done about it? According to federal law governing cable franchises, it appears there is something that can be and should have been done for many years. Title 47, Chapter 5, Subchapter V-A, Part III, Paragraphs 3 and 4, of the United States Code state in part:

 (3) In awarding a franchise or franchises, a franchising authority shall assure that access to cable service is not denied to any group of potential residential cable subscribers because of the income of the residents of the local area in which such group resides.

(4) In awarding a franchise, the franchising authority—

(A) shall allow the applicant's cable system a reasonable period of time to become capable of providing cable service to all households in the franchise area;

(B) may require adequate assurance that the cable operator will provide adequate public, educational, and governmental access channel capacity, facilities, or financial support; and……..

We are not lawyers and are not rendering legal advice, but it certainly looks like Gloucester’s local government has the authority under federal law to require Cox to expand their cable services throughout Gloucester. If this is in fact true; why, in all the years Cox has provided service in Gloucester, hasn’t Gloucester’s local government pushed the issue of expansion? There could be any number of reasons, but the important question today is; will the current Board of Supervisors look out for the interests of Gloucester residents or will they continue to lookout for Cox Communication’s interests?

The Public Hearing to renew Cox’s cable franchise on October 2nd at 6:30 p.m. at the Colonial Courthouse is the time and place to share your concerns with the Board of Supervisors. Some may think the franchise agreement is a done deal and nothing can be done about it. That is not true. Federal law requires cable providers to submit franchise renewal requests a full three years in advance of the expiration of the most current agreement. The current agreement does not expire until sometime in 2021, therefore there is plenty of time for negotiations. If Cox and the Board of Supervisors are not challenged at the public hearing, nothing will improve. All who can attend the public hearing should attend and all who cannot should at least contact the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors at: 

It may also be a good idea to contact the big wigs at Cox Communications’ corporate office to share your concerns about the cable service they do and do not provide. It appears taking this route resulted in success for at least one Gloucester resident.

Cox Communications’ President’s contact information is:        

Cox Communications Inc
Mr Patrick J. Esser


404-269-7100 (Direct)

Postal Address
1400 Lake Hearn Dr, Atlanta, GA, 30319M

Advice from
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The link to the United States Code pertaining to cable franchises is:           

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Why Hasn’t VDOT Fixed That Road!!?? This is what you can do to help them do their job.

Photo By Chuck Thompson

As we navigate the roads, streets and highways throughout Virginia, most of us will find ourselves wondering why the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has not fixed a pothole, repaired a street that is falling apart, cleaned out a drainage ditch or about any number of other roadway issues. Typically, we assume VDOT monitors the condition of Virginia’s transportation facilities and performs maintenance as needed, but when it comes to roads, streets and highways, we assume wrong to say the least.

As it turns out, VDOT relies primarily on reports from roadway users and traffic stopping roadway failures to determine when maintenance or repairs are necessary. For this reason and because VDOT does very little to inform roadway users of this responsibility, we are providing you with information on how to report roadway problems to VDOT.

The best way to report non-emergency roadway problems is to fill out and submit an online service request. The first step in the process is telling VDOT how they can help you. You will be asked to select one of the following choices:

-         I need a road repaired

-         I need something removed from a road

-         I need signs, signals, or guardrail repaired

-         I need new signs or traffic devices installed

-         I need to report an issue on a sidewalk, or pedestrian or bicycle path

-         I have a question or need information

-         I want to submit a claim (includes mailbox damage)

-         I want to submit a compliment

-         Other

Once you select the area you are asking for help with, you will be asked to provide details about the requested service and your contact information. When filling out your contact information, we suggest not providing a phone number. Not providing a phone number will force VDOT to correspond with you in writing through email instead of by phone; otherwise there will not be a written record of VDOT’s response to you to fall back on in the event your service request is not satisfactorily fulfilled. The online service application only takes a couple of minutes to complete and can be found at:

If your service request is related to a road hazard that needs immediate attention, VDOT suggests calling them at 1-800-367-7623 (FOR-ROAD). For emergencies, they recommend dialing 911.

You also have the option of contacting or visiting your local VDOT Residency Office. The following is contact information for the office that services Gloucester County:

-         Saluda Residency (Servicing: Essex, Gloucester, King and Queen, King William, Mathews, Middlesex)

-         Temporary address: 300 Virginia St.

Urbanna, Virginia 23175

-         Mailing address: 1027 General Puller Highway

Saluda, Virginia 23149

-         Phone: 804-758-2321

Have A Great Day and Be Safe on Our Roadways

Monday, September 24, 2018

Cox Cable Requests Franchise Renewal In Gloucester County (We need a better deal)

Photo By Chuck Thompson
On October 2nd at 6:30 p.m., the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors will conduct a Public Hearing to consider renewing the County’s cable franchise agreement with Cox Communications. The current and only cable franchise agreement in Gloucester expires on March 21, 2021 and if renewed, will continue as is for another 10 years beyond that. 

Cox Communications has made a lot of money in Gloucester, but they do not appear to have invested any of that money back into the community. They closed the Gloucester Cox Solutions Store, forcing customers to travel to Newport News or Williamsburg or rely on various mail services to fulfill certain needs. There are still huge sections of Gloucester that are without cable service and Cox Communications has pretty much refused to expand their infrastructure to accommodate these areas. The biggest slap in the face is Cox’s refusal to provide highspeed internet to Gloucester residents. The lack of highspeed internet not only frustrates would be user, it contributes to stifled economic growth.

Tuesday, October 2nd at 6:30 p.m. is the time for you to tell the Board of Supervisors and Cox Communications that Gloucester County wants a better deal, or the franchise agreement must go away.

Below and beginning on page 5, you will find a SlideShare presentation of the franchise agreement and other information pertaining to the agreement. We have also provided the email address for the Board of Supervisors.

Email the Board of Supervisors: