Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wedding Photographers for Gloucester County, VA

Here are a number of links for photographers for weddings. Before I post the links, I'll just point out that there is a search engine at the top of this site where you can look up anything you think you might want to find around Gloucester. If I have already posted it, the search engine results will pull up that specific post for you.

1.) Elegant Touch Photography
2.) Bruce Nelson Photography
3.) Picture Lady
3112 Alonza Leo Dr
Hayes, VA 23072
(804) 642-0633‎
4.)Photographic Artisty by Steven Stepp Jr
Placement on map is approximate
Gloucester, VA 23061
(757) 288-7535‎

I have no idea if Steven Stepp Jr is still in the business. There was a web site listed but when we went to go onto the site, the report came back that nothing was found.

Billboard Sign, Gloucester Point, VA

Sweet Madeleine's Restuarant and Catering, Gloucester Point VA

No web site found. We have no experience eating at this establishment but word has it that they are good. I found a link to a third party site with a bit of information so here is the link. Sweet Madeleine's.

Tidemill Center, Gloucester Point, VA

This used to be a nice little shopping center. Now it's well, barely there. I remember there used to be a great feed and seed store there. I don't know how most if any of the shops are making it here. But if anyone has a bunch of extra cash and want to make an investment, here is a fixer upper that is for sale, at least according to the real estate sign anyway.

I would gamble a restaurant where the old feed and seed store was as it is big enough, but you are looking at some serious renovations. In 5 years from now when the county grows more, then this site should be worth renovating. Until then, ugly duckling is the word of the day.

Trailer World, Chesapeake Bay Nauticals Gift Shop, Gloucester Point VA

Trailer World is the official name of this business, at least according to their web site. What gets my attention is the Amish furniture. We used to live in Lancaster, PA and bought several pieces of Amish Hand Made furniture. This type of furniture is made to last a lifetime and more.

This site used to be an automotive parts store. When the competition moved in though, there was no way to compete. We have no idea if this is the same owner as the one who had the shop when it was the auto parts store. Either way, check out the web site for them here. Trailer World.

Whitley's VA Peanuts, Gloucester Point, VA

Here is the link to Whitley's VA Peanuts. This is a nice store. Great Virginia Peanuts and other gifts. In the event you have never had true Virginia Peanuts, they are much bigger than the stand nuts you get from Planter's nuts or any of the other companies that produce bulk products.

These nuts may be more expensive, but if you are a peanut fan, once you try them you will know why they cost more. They are worth the price. You can order on line if you do not live in this area, otherwise, just stop into the store and get a batch.

Route 17 Looking North, Gloucester Point, VA

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

EVB Bank, Gloucester Point, VA

Here is the link to EVB Bank. I have never dealt with this bank so about the only comment I can make is that we appreciate the sign outside that gives us the time and temperature. We appreciate it even more when the temperature readings are correct.

Tillage Automotive, Gloucester Point VA

Tillage Automotive located at 1925 George Washington Memorial Hwy, (Route 17), Gloucester Point, VA. Phone number is 804-642-1814.

I met one of the owners a few years back while we were looking for a nice used vehicle. He offered us a more than fair deal on a vehicle that just came in. It wasn't tested or checked by them so it was an as is deal. The vehicle had a few more problems than I cared to work with, so we passed. But again, the offer was more than fair, so I have to give good ratings here. There is no web site, so there is no link to post.

Toucan Tattoo Sign - Gloucester Point, VA

Here is a picture of Toucan Tattoo in Gloucester, VA.  It's a really cool sign.  Thought we would share that with everyone.

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Car Wash Next To The Gloucester Point Shopping Center

Right next to the Gloucester Point Shopping Center is a Car Wash. We always thought the water pressure here was a bit to weak and the time for the money a but to high. But it is a very popular place. Maybe they changed all that.

E-Z Pass, FasToll, Smart Tag, Gloucester Point Shopping Center

The present name for the electronic toll system for the Coleman bridge is E-ZPass with the link in the name for the web site. This system was started as Smart Tag, then FasToll and now E-ZPass. Have no idea what it will be called next week or what name it will change to after the next name change. Only thing that has been steady is that there is nothing steady about the name. At least it is faster than stopping to pay a toll.

New Hope Baptist Church, Gloucester Point Shopping Center

The New Hope Baptist Church is located at 1807 George Washington Memorial Hwy, Gloucester Point Shopping Center, Gloucester Point, VA.
Phone: 757-963-2996

Hague Water Treatment, Gloucester Point Shopping Center

Here is the link to the main web site for Hague Water Treatment. They have a regional office located at the Gloucester Point Shopping Center.

Cox Service Center, Gloucester Point Shopping Center

Here is the link for Cox Cable. for cable TV, high speed internet and or telephone service. This is the only cable TV provider in Gloucester County. Cox offers the fastest high speed internet service on the Peninsula, much faster than Verizon and much faster than any of the Satellite internet providers. We had Verizon but now we have Cox and I prefer the higher speed of Cox. Downloads are much faster as are uploads.

We just subscribe to the internet service. We stream our TV and movies through the high speed so we forgo using the cable TV and we use two separate VOIP phone providers making the cost for our two separate phone lines a total bill of only $70.00 per year. This gives us caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, conference calling of up to 9 lines, call recording without beeps, 911 service, free long distance throughout the USA and Canada, and more for that $70.00 per year. Not per month, per year. We used to pay nearly $50.00 per month for much less service on one phone line. Consider this another in the series of tips and tricks. The trick is to use Skype and or Magic Jack for your phone service. As far as TV goes, download DivX and there's your free TV, no commercials.

The Cox service center is staffed with very helpful and friendly people. They go the extra mile to make sure they take care of you. A rare thing these days.

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Olivia's At The Point, Seafood Steak and Pasta, Gloucester Point Shopping Center

Olivia's At The Point, Seafood Steak and Pasta restaurant. No web site. Checked out the on line reviews and they were lacking. Only 2 does not qualify as a fair meter. Since we have not eaten there, we can't make any judgments, so it is on our list of places to try.

Ace Cleaners, TR's Tobacco Outlet, Gloucester Point Shopping Center

Ace Cleaners and TR's Tobacco Outlet both located in the Gloucester Point Shopping Center. We used to buy from TR's until the vendors decided what they would carry and our brand disappeared, then so did we. In fairness though, they have really good overall prices and a friendly helpful staff. Excellent selection of Cigars last time we were in there, but that was over a year ago. Neither one has a web site so we do not have any links.

Grand Rental Station, Gloucester Point Shopping Center

Grand Rental Station located in the Gloucester Point Shopping Center. Here is a link to their web site. The site is presently under construction but it looks like the plans are for it to be a very informative site. Ph - 804/642-5500. In case you want to see what kind of items they have available or to reserve an item.

5 Bucks Fresh Pizza, York River Crossing Shopping Center, Gloucester, VA

5 Bucks Pizza is a new restaurant in the Hayes shopping center located in the old Little Cesar's location. Not run by the same people or their old employees. The Pizza is by far better. The Pizza deal though is for a single medium cheese pizza. Add a topping and add another $1.50. They actually make the best white pizza I have had in Gloucester. The only other place that we have found that makes a really good white pizza is Sal's in Williamsburg.

When we went there and ordered some pizza's, we were told 20 minutes for the wait time. Not bad but it ended up being 25 minutes before our order was done. We ordered 2 pizzas. One white and one black olive. Well I made the mistake of not checking the order before leaving so we ended up with one white and one green pepper. So to avoid this issue for yourselves, just double check your order before you leave. In all fairness, we called them once getting home and letting them know the order was not right and they hooked us up for our next order.

I thought the prices were a little on the high side but then again, whenever I go shopping these days I keep getting sticker shocked anyway. But we were all pleased to see menu items such as Calzone's and Stromboli's, great selection of specialty pizza, hot wings and subs. They also offer delivery.

2272 York Crossing Lane
York River Crossing Shopping Center
Hayes, VA 23072

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Coleman Bridge Stuck Open Today, Gloucester, VA

Here is the link to the full story at the Daily Press. I heard this on the radio while traveling north. Glad I didn't have to go across the water in that direction today. Looks like a lot of people had the day off like it or not. The radio report was saying that the police were directing traffic back off the bridge because they could not get the bridge closed again. The radio report claimed the bridge was opened since 10:00 AM and the paper claims the bridge was was closed and back in operation by 3:00PM.

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Rick Nelson Blog Website

In collaboration with a person who was a close friend of Rick Nelson and Helen Blair, we have just set up a new web blog called the Rick Nelson Insider, the highlighted name is the link to the new site. This new blog is a combination tribute site to Rick Nelson and his family, a site where fans can go and learn what a typical day in the life of Rick Nelson was really like and also a site designed to set the record straight where there have been some very questionable tall tales going around about the life and death of the late Ricky Nelson. Elsewhere on this site is a few news snippets about Jamie Fresh and how he had some tall tales about Rick Nelson. We were contacted by the person we are now collaborating with to set those stories right. If you get a chance, please visit this new site.

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