Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Salvation Army, "Doing The Most Harm", Part 4

Breaking News. We just leaned from an internal source that the local Salvation Army has inside employee theft issues. So let's see, there is something fishy about the way the homless family we have been reporting on has been treated and now we learn this. Isn't that just amazing. Could it just be a coincidence? Well when we looked at all the evidence coming from the homless family, there were just way to many coincidences there to believe that they could all be just coindidental. When you make reports like this folks, you had better make sure you can back them up with evidence or you are open to a lawsuit. We are not open to one. We have secured the information and are not in the least worried about it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Neal Steele And WXGM Radio At Crany Creek Driveway Party

Neal Steele, and a nice crowd enjoy the driveway party that was held this past Friday Night on Crany Creek. Neal Steele is one of our local on air personalities and was broadcasting live for awhile about his Christmas Celebration Driveway party. It was an okay event and we are in the process of working on videos we took while we were there. Enjoy the slide show.

Congressman Wittman's Office Responds, Salvation Army, Doing The Most Harm"

So far we have heard from Congressman Wittman's Office and they had some very helpful information which we are going to follow through with. We want to take a moment and thank Congressman Wittman and his staff for responding to our request for help for this family.

Gloucester County Christmas Lights

We traveled around the county and have taken some pictures of some of the houses and have posted them here for those of you whom are not able to get around and see them yourselves. Enjoy.

Christmas Lights On A Car

While we were going around the county looking at Christmas Lights, we came across a car in a field decorated with Christmas lights. No Joke.

Salvation Army, "Doing The Most Harm", Part 3. It Get's Worse

Since we broke the story on the one homeless family another one has surfaced and there seems that there is a pattern of the Salvation Army promising that what you tell them will remain in that office and not be reported to any outside agencies whatsoever. Well the new family that has come forward was also turned into Social Services after the family did NOT receive help from Sallie. So there is a clear pattern that whatever you tell the Salvation Army under promises of anonymous information, it just isn't so. They will report you making a bad situation worse. How do you trust an organization like this?

So now we are going straight to the source and seeing what their official policy is here. We will be contacting the Salvation Army headquarters to get the answers. In the mean time, we have contacted the offices of Virginia Governor Robert F. McDonnell, Congressman Rob Wittman and Senator Mark Warner to ask what they can do regarding this matter. We have also sent this story to the Associated Press and we will be contacting the CBN Network to see if Pat Robertson can shed any light on this subject. This is just reprehensible folks.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Toys For Tots, Am I Missing Something?

We decided we would see what we could do to help the homeless family we have been reporting on. We went to the Toys For Tots site to see if we could get any toys from that organization for the girls. Well what we found is that there is only a contact name on the web site, no phone number, no links, no nothing. Click Here to see this for yourselves. Again, who do you trust? If the time is up for requesting toys....don't you think they should have reported that?

A Great Christmas Video

Here is a great Christmas Video. We have a few of our own coming up shortly before Christmas Day gets here. These are very special videos that were made right here in Gloucester County, (Not the one above), and should prove to become Gloucester County Favorites in years to come. Enjoy.

Christmas Wrapping Song By The Waitresses

We posted this video a few years ago and it was a favorite then as well as now. The Waitresses, Christmas Wrapping. The music and the lights on the house all match. Really fun video.

Official Norad Site For Santa Tracking

The Official Norad Site. Click here to see all the fun and excitement.

Norad Santa Tracker For Gloucester, VA

Merry Christmas Everyone. A few years ago we brought you Norad so that you could track Santa's route. We are bringing back Norad for you once again. Ho Ho Ho. Enjoy.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Research On The Salvation Army Doing Harm Around The Nation

Another Report of Harm by the Salvation Army. Click Here.
Seems the Salvation Army doing harm all over. We keep going through the Internet and finding all kinds of stories on how the Salvation Army is "Doing The Most Harm". There are a number of videos on You Tube that also slam the Salvation Army for their Anti Gay stance. We do not take a position on this either way but instead are just posting it here. We are continuing to look at the stories where the Salvation Army is just harming people all over the nation and are asking what is going on with this organization? Christians? I'm beginning to wonder. Now we also see the Salvation Army using people as slaves in certain areas of the nation. Click Here for this report. Who are these people helping other than themselves?

Salvation Army Continuing Torture? Breaking Pacts

There is just no end to this story folks. Now we find out that it appears as though the Salvation Army has broken it's vow of confidentiality with the homeless family we have been reporting on and has reported this family to Social Services. One would think that the Salvation Army is here to help people. Here is an organization purposely harming people. Breaking confidentiality agreements, and purposely harming the homeless. The family has left the state due to this cruelness. I guess it's one way to solve the problem of the homeless. Shift them somewhere else. Even if they are still contributing to society. Is there any end to the corruption of the Salvation Army? This is down and out right mortifying. Did these organizations just use this family to raise money for themselves? One has to ask. Desperate times people and organizations do desperate things. But the Salvation Army? Who do you trust these days?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Salvation Army Now Caught In Lies

In the continuing saga of the Salvation Army already torturing the homeless, we have been given new information that has them steeped in lies. The so called excuse they are now claiming for why they dumped a homeless family that they had promised to help is because the landlord felt uncomfortable with the family when he met them. We decided to investigate this and found out that this was an all out fabrication on the part of the Salvation Army. We are going to continue to dig deep into this as there is something horribly amiss here. What is the Salvation Army trying to cover up? Did someone in this organization steal something and now they are trying to shift blame?

We will continue to keep you posted on this as the story continues to unfold.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Salvation Army, “Doing The Most Harm”, Torturing The Homeless During This Christmas Season For Fun

The story we are about to tell you is a Christmas nightmare. We came across a family with a horrific story. To start with are the pictures added here. These are pictures of two of the children of a homeless family. They were put up in a motel for a few weeks by several organizations. They were surrounded by drug dealers and the children were eaten from head to toe by bed bugs. The family were also subjected to very personal questions by unknown individuals whom never identified themselves and never got back to the family. The family consists of a husband, wife and two daughters. The wife works across the river and the husband is out of work. He can't even get McDonald's to call him. When we asked about his background to see where the trouble was, there isn't any, he just can't even manage to get an interview anywhere.

The story begins with this family being sent to numerous places to fill out forms with different organizations after being put into a motel. The Salvation Army was amongst them. At first the Salvation Army treated them with disrespect but then gave them a shopping cart of food. Okay, seems like a start if less than ideal. They are off the street and have food. The Salvation Army promises the family help and to find a place for the family to live, and to pay for the first months rent and security deposit. Sounds like a nice deal. Another organization is ready to help them with their upcoming bills for electric and other utilities. Things are looking up for this family. The Salvation Army calls them and has an appointment for them to go see a place to live and sets everything up. Well great this is looking wonderful. The family keeps the appointment and they agree to take the place from the landlord. The landlord is aware of the deal and is willing to accept the offer from the Salvation Army, for the first months rent and security deposit. However the place is up for sale and can be sold at any time. Hold on, not looking so hot, but let it go for now. So it's finally coming together for this family.

Two days later the family gets a call from one of the other organizations that has been working with them and lets them know that they have a number of people on standby ready to help them move in that day. The family is rather excited. They are finally getting off the streets. Their next move is to go back to the Salvation Army and see what has to happen next. When they get to the Salvation Army, they are put off and told to just wait for their call. Well the Salvation Army never calls. This family is back out on the streets where they were. They notify the other organization who tries to help but the other organization can not do a thing without the Salvation Army. The family calls the Salvation Army numerous times over several days and no one there will return their calls. The other organization can not seem to get an answer either. We stepped in and tried to contact the Salvation Army and they will not talk to us either. We had some other people try to contact them and again, they will not speak to anyone on this.

So let's sum this up, a homeless family gets temporarily taken off the streets, paid for by outside organizations who work with the Salvation Army, puts this family into a motel where the family is surrounded by drug dealers and the children get eaten by bed bugs. The family is probed and probed by people whom they have no idea who these people are and never hear anything from these people again. This family is told they will have a place to call home and that the Salvation Army will help them with the first months rent and security deposit then backs out for no known reason and puts the family back on the streets, wasting the time and money of the other organizations trying to help this family. Oh how nice. To us this looks like cruel mental torture. We verified the story with the landlord that had made the deal with the Salvation Army. He has not heard anything from the Salvation Army since and has been put off as well.

We verified that the motel where they stayed has a known drug dealer element. We took the above pictures showing the bites from the bed bugs of the young girls. We also spoke with several people from the other organizations that were trying to help this family and the offer still stands but their hands are locked until the family is in a place. We can not get any information from the Salvation Army at all. Our hearts go out to this family. They were already going through enough, but then to have to go through this on top of it? We asked if there was anything they might have said or done that would have caused this silence. The only thing they could come up with was that they addressed the issue of the place they were taking was up for sale and could be sold at any time. Gee, that's more than a fair question don't ya think?

How this family must feel is beyond belief. Makes you want to go kick one of those people ringing the bells out in front of the stores with the Salvation Army sign that reads, “Doing The Most Good”. Good for whom? We applaud the other organizations that have tried to help this family, but are mortified by the folks at the Salvation Army. I for one will no longer support this organization for any reason. Years ago I read a book written by a Senator that exposes the corruption inside of charities and can't help but wonder what this one is up to. (By the way, don't go kicking those bell ringers, they are just volunteers trying to help and have no idea). We are going to try and keep a following with this family to see how things turn out for them.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gloucester County Christmas Event and Food Drive, December 17th, 2010

Christmas is fast approaching and so is a big event on Crany Creek Dr. Many of you are well aware of the house with all the incredible lights, Christmas decorations and displays. In fact, it's a Gloucester County institution at this point. Well on December 17th, 2010 starting at 5:00 PM and going until about 9:00 PM there will be food and entertainment available to the public.

There is going to be top notch entertainment from around the area and also from around the nation. So we seriously recommend you mark this date on your calendar. A food collection drive event will also be held at the same time. This year's goal is 3 tons of food. So please bring food if you can to donate to the local charities of this community. This is a free event. A truck will be on site to pick up any and all donations.

We will be there on the 17th posting live feeds. These feeds will be posted on this site instead of an alternative site so stay tuned here if you can't make it out of the house. Pictures and postings will be in real time. Video will have some delay though.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Motor Medic Mobile Repair, New Business Service Here In Gloucester

Motor Medic Mobile Auto Repair. A new business here in Gloucester County. Owned by Mike Brosemer. Mike is a Master auto technician and ASE Certified. The services offered range from scheduled maintenance, tune ups, CV Axles, timing belts, computer diagnostics and so much more. Motor Medic comes to you whether it's your house, place of business or even on the road side because you are broken down. A great service in this day and age. No reason to take off from work anymore to have your vehicle worked on. Just call Mike at Motor Medic and he will work with you to get your vehicle in top running shape.

Do we recommend him? Well to be fair, we just had him do a complete front end brake job for us and we are very pleased with his service. So yes, we highly recommend him. His rates? Well we checked around town before going to him and let's just say he is very fair and easy to work with. He also has a shop here in town so you can always make an appointment and drop off your vehicle. You can reach Mike by calling 757-651-8496. This is his cell phone number which is why it does not look like a local phone number. Mike is also licensed and insured so there is never a worry.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Education And Religion

Education and Religion;

Education and religion is the third article in our series being presented. Now I promise not to argue whether or not religion should be taught in our school systems. That is not within the scope of this article and I am a Jeffersonian when it comes to this subject in that I believe that each and every person has the right to believe what is best for them and that no other has the right to invade that belief. So why then the subject of religion coupled with education? To make a point. Wars for centuries have been fought over religion and religious views. Why? The answer is very simple. Religion is conceptual. No one can or has seen God. God is strictly left to us as a footprint within us all as a concept. Arguments ensue as to the correct interpretation over even a single verse of a bible or as to which bible is the correct or closest to the correct one. Which denomination is right and why all others have it wrong. It's all based on conceptual beliefs that none of us have a picture for nor can we create one.

Remember in my last article I pointed out that there is no picture for the word no or stop and others. It's the same thing here. Battles, wars, fights, arguments, are all the result of one persons picture of a concept opposed to the next persons picture of the same or similar concept. Mans biggest struggle is over building the right image or picture of a given concept. The most successful people in the world are the ones who are best adept at imposing their image or picture of a concept to another with the highest level of accuracy. The bloodiest battles have always been in opposing views of an image or picture of a concept. Again, concepts have no pictures to them. They are our biggest hurdles and our most successful triumphs.

Right and wrong are mere concepts again that we have built pictures for. What one day everyone thought to be right, was later proven wrong. A great example of this is when someone decided to stand on top of a building with the concept and picture in mind that they could fly. The person jumped off and the natural laws of gravity caused that person to land smack down on their face. Well man can't fly. The image is now fully ingrained throughout society based on natural law. Well gravity is defeated by reversing the polarity of magnetic poles. This to is natural law. While man struggled to build a better picture for the ability to fly, we developed planes, helicopters, gliders, even jet packs. (Somewhere out there are reversed polarity machines). So the concept of the right picture that man can not fly was proven wrong.

So what is right and what is wrong one day, are proven to be opposites the next. (Is there any wonder why there is so much turmoil in the world today)? Can we standardize concepts to a correct picture? Should we even really consider doing so? If we do, we are all at a lose. If we don't we can rest assured of more fighting, battles, war, arguments and more. (This could explain why I do so much photography and video, I constantly create images of my world as I see it and wish to see it). Different versions of the bible or different versions of religion create different images and pictures in the minds of the end user. So they are never going to be the same between two people no matter how close you try to make them. Only through understanding of this process can one achieve peace.

Truths lie within all religions. Falsehoods equally lie within all religions. Throughout my years of study, I even ran across the Satanic bible and read it. I even found truths in there as well as falsehoods.
Here is a direct quote, “pictures and how people view the same exact image, are not seen in the same way from one person to the next”. This was one of Satan's ways of proving his superiority. When opposed to man, he is right on the money on that level as he understands this concept all to well.

(Hey, I did promise this would be a hot topic). Let's see how many people remember this from their old school days. You set up a line of people. You tell the first person in line a story. Each person then tells the story to the next and it goes all the way down the line. The last person repeats the story and it does not sound anything like the original story. What happened? The story kept changing it's image in the mind of each person. Now had the story been something along the lines of “It's a green elephant”, then the story would probably remain the same all the way down through the line as the picture was very accurate and simple. If you can consistently convey your concept into an image and keep it as simple as it's a green elephant, then you will do by far better than 95% of the rest of the people in the world.

This is how you teach. Convey a simple picture or series of pictures through words and direct hands on action using the best principles as we know them today until proven wrong. Will you always be right? No, someone else has a different picture from you. But with an open mind, that could expand to something great.

Our next article will be, “What IF”. What if we could find the best teachers and have them teach all the children? Remember, I'm shooting for 21st education. My what if already has an answer.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Education Phase Two

Education Phase Two;

By; Chuck Thompson

Some years back I took courses in Mega Memory and how we learn. The spoken word is a language of creating pictures and images in our minds for us to understand. Without these pictures, we can not understand what is being conveyed to us by another person. In other words, we think in pictures, not words. Yes you hear words in your head, but there is an underlying part in your brain that is translating all those words into pictures. Now not all words have pictures to them. Some are conceptual words such as no, stop, and don't or do not and not. Try for a moment to think of a picture for no.

Okay, no picture there. Now how about for stop? Well we have the Stop signs all over our roads so we do have a picture for that, or do we? Well no we do not. Again, the stop sign had to be created and is still a conceptual piece with no picture that can be attached to it. This is why parents have such a hard time with their children. Children do not understand conceptual language as there is no picture in their heads for this. Concepts such as time out, scolding or even a mild spank of the butt sends the message to a child trying to teach a concept. In the event you care to argue this, do NOT think of a pink polka dot yellow elephant. (Aha, got ya didn't I). Yes even today at your present age, you still do not have an image for a conceptual word. If you come up with one, the world will pave more gold at your feet than you know what to do with.

Conceptual learning is the toughest subject to learn and also to teach. A child who does poor in math has a conceptual learning disability, not a learning disability. There are no pictures for math. There are symbols that we call numbers for learning, but no pictures. The nice thing about math is that pictures can be applied to the numbers. This does become a problem though when dealing with multiple numbers and subjects such as multiplication and division. I have a son who is conceptual learning handicapped. At 11, he still can't figure out the basic concepts of simple math as he can not apply pictures to it. He still has issues with no, stop, do not and so forth. He isn't at all stupid, he reads like a champ and understands what he reads. He understands and applies picture language very well. Move him into the conceptual world and he is just lost.

Now is he a total lose? Not at all. We have taught him to use an abacus and he flies with it. It's something he does understand as the image is right in front of him. Take the abacus away and he is once again lost. I do a tremendous amount of photography, video production and I build and own a large amount of web sites. He understands all of this and loves it. Now I have to use creativity and conceptual processes in my work to make my work stand out from the crowd. It's what separates average from great. While conceptualizing a shot or video, I am able to explain what I am doing and he gets it. He can see the process and the end results so he understands why I did what I did and how.
We have worked together on creating videos that he conceptualized and created. Some of them are incredibly good, but I am able to see him still getting lost in the process and then recovering as he understands what the end results will be.

So again, even in the conceptual stages of learning it's the hands on experience that make all the difference in the world. My son understands concepts that do not have pictures attached to them when he can do it as a hands on project. Take away the hands on aspect though and he is perpetually lost. In my first article on “The State of Education”, I talked about, “The Cone of Learning”, and at the top of that cone was the actual hands on doing as the number one way people learn. It is equally so in the arena of conceptual thinking and applications. How this can be applied to those with conceptual learning disabilities I have yet to master when it comes to subjects such as math unless the abacus is used and taught to those with such disabilities. This is not an area that is presently addressed well in our present educational system. Let's hope this changes and that is part of what I am seeking to do. My next article will continue in the line of conceptual issues and this promises to be a very hot topic that I am sure everyone can get something out of.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ghosts of Gloucester County Virginia - Pictures

Title got your attention now didn't it. Well these photos were all taken at the Split Enz shop on Gloucester Main Street. They did an incredible job decorating for the season. Enjoy the slide show.

The State of Education Today

The State Of Education Today;

By; Chuck Thompson

I just recently finished reading a book by Donald Trump and David Kiyosaki entitled, “Why We Want You To Be Rich”. A section in the book, David talks about his father who was in charge of Education in Hawaii, and how corrupt the educational system is. The corruption that David goes on to explain was how his father had noticed that when he was a young man in high school, he noticed that a lot of his friends were dropping out of school left and right. When David's father, who was then the class president asked about the subject, he got the run around. Then one day he finally got the real answer.

A Shocking Truth;

The truth of why all his friends were all disappearing from school was a real shocker that changed David's father's life forever. The truth of the matter was that the school board had a deal with all the sugar plantations in the state to fail, yes I said FAIL, 20 percent of all the students before graduation no matter how well or poorly they were doing. The reason? The sugar plantations wanted to ensure that they had a steady supply of uneducated or under educated people to work the sugar fields. This way they could also keep the wages low for these workers since the chances of them getting better jobs wasn't very good.

What is also interesting in this book is the fact that a major theme for why this book was written is because of how poor our present day education system really is. David presents a diagram called, “The Cone of Learning”. This diagram has been known by Boards of Education throughout the US since the 1960's. Exactly how we learn and how we retain what we learn is well documented in this diagram. At the top of the cone and in this order is how our learning works best to worst.

After 2 weeks we tend to remember;

90% of what we say and do
1.) Doing the real thing
2.) Simulating the real experience
3.) Doing a dramatic presentation

70% of what we say;

4.) Giving a talk
5.) Participating in a discussion

50% of what we hear and see;

6.) Seeing it done on location
7.) Watching a demonstration
8.) Looking at an exhibit watching a demonstration
9.) watching a movie

30% of what we see;

10.) Looking at pictures

10% of what we read;

11.) Reading

As one can see, at the top of the list is doing the real thing. Art class is where children learn more in school as they are actually participating in a hands on experience. Now if you could combine art class with history, and you can, then you have a superior teaching tool than what is presently at hand in our school systems. Reading is at the very bottom of the list. To send a student home to read and then turn in a report on what they read is not at all conducive to education. A better model would be to send a student home with a manual on how to do something and give them the tools and goods to produce the end result, or to build a product and then to go home and write the manual on how the product was built. These are real skills that would serve us all much better in the future as well as the present for learning and doing.

This is real hands on and not passive learning. These are skills that will last a life time. The first objective for a child going to school is to learn to read. After that, the skills must then be applied and enforced in children. Once this is firmly established, then the schools should move on to conceptual skills of mathematics and the sciences.

Today we spend more money on education than just about any nation, yet the failure and drop out rate for our country is deplorable. Our SAT scores are some of the worst in the world. Is this by design like David's father experienced? My best guess? Yes it is. Should we do something about it? Absolutely. This is part one in a new series I am presenting and hope everyone enjoys it.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Watch TV On Your Computer, Free Simpsons TV Program

Here is a free TV program for you to watch.

Blue Grass Music From The Last Muster, Civil War Days, Gloucester Courthouse

More blue Grass music from the Last Muster event here in Gloucester.

Last Muster Of The Civil War, Gloucester Courthouse, Video

Some more video from the Last Muster of the Civil War at the Gloucester County Historic Courthouse Circle. Next year's event will be held in May and down at the point on the water. We are already scheduled to be there and will be doing a lot of early promotions on this.

Hip Expressions Tribal Dance, White Marsh Shopping Center

The nice folks over at Hip Expressions gave a grand show at the event this past weekend at the White Marsh Shopping Center. Aela Badiana and her crew performed some tribal dance moves for the crowd. One of the events best shows. Hip Expressions has their studio at this shopping center, so for you ladies interested in learning more about his art form of dance or maybe taking off a few pounds and having fun doing so, this is a great place to consider. You can visit Aele at her web site as well by Clicking Here.

Last Muster Of The Civil War, Gloucester, Virginia

Some more video from the Last Muster. We will get slide shows up and a lot more video soon. Enjoy.

Last Muster Of The Civil War, Gloucester Courthouse

We have a lot of catching up to do. This past summer we shot so much video and an incredible amount of pictures, processing all of it has proven to be a major job. Also with a death in the family, we had to take a break and travel out of town for awhile. Now we are trying to play catch up on so much that we are sitting on. Here is a music video we shot at the Last Muster, August 17th, 2010, Civil War Days at the historic courthouse circle. This was a great event put on by the county. We have a ton of pictures and video from this event that we also plan on sharing. So hold on everyone as we catch up on all the news.

World Famous 1,900 Year Old Log Home, VA State Fair

Another great site at the Virginia State Fair was this 1,900 year old log home. The wood work inside was spectacular. This log home is only 3 rooms. But you would be surprised just how much room 1 or two people had in it. Now for a family of 3 or more, it would not work, but for one or two, it was comfortable. Not something one could really live in though. No bathroom or showers. Otherwise it was nice.

Pig Racing From The Virginia State Fair

We went to the State Fair on the 3rd day of opening. We have a number of pictures to share as well as a number of videos from the event. This video is of the pig races that were held there. Very funny. This was one of the shows that made the trip worth while.

AWE At The White Marsh Shopping Center

On Saturday, October 2nd, 2010, there was an event at the White Marsh Shopping Center. We managed to get there for awhile and captured some of the highlights for you. This is a slide show of the AWE's first two matches. We were not able to stay for the entire event as we had other commitments. We have other slide shows from the event that we will be posting very soon. It was a great time.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kings Creek Timeshare Resorts In Williamsburg Virginia

We decided to spend the afternoon over at Kings Creek Timeshare Resorts over in Williamsburg yesterday, Monday, September 20th, 2010. The resort has been under development for over 10 years now next to Water Country, USA on route 199. Development is expected to go on for another 1o years according to the sales team. Situated on a very picturesque setting and close to everything yet at the same time, isolated enough to keep the community private, this place has a lot going for it. 5 pools are presently built on the property with one of them being an indoor pool. Tennis courts, basketball court, an outdoor food court and a complete workout room. Wifi throughout the entire property. The houses here are beautiful.

Coming very soon are more outdoor pools, another indoor pool, a 2,500 seat amphitheater, restaurants and children's playgrounds. Activities are held every day so there is never a shortage of things to do at the resort. There is also a full day spa and hair salon too. We did take the sales tour as it is the best way to learn about the entire property. (Okay, we know you are waiting to see if we bought..... we are not telling). Having worked many years ago in the timeshare industry and with experience in both deed weeks as well as points, the folks at King's Creek have a very refreshing approach to how they are marketing this property.

Deeded weeks were thought to have gone out with the stone age in the timeshare industry, but not here at King's Creek. Deeded weeks are the only way you buy your vacation home. The tax and financial benefits make much more sense this way. Hats off to the management and owners of this resort as they have developed a way to split your home, from a one week unit into a three week unit by the way they lay out the houses. The house we were looking at was a two story 3 way split home with 4 and a half total bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, 3 sleeper sofas and 3 full kitchens. Each of the first floor units had private decks. The TV's were LCD's with DVD players in each unit. Also to our surprise, the resort supplies both laundry detergent as well as dishwasher detergent.

Instead of this resort using RCI for banking and exchanging your timeshare home, they use the very exclusive Interval International network. They are also tied into ICE which is a membership into the cruise ship industry where you exchange points for discounted rates on cruises or bank one or all of your weeks with ICE in exchange for an incredible cruise or multiple cruises. King's Creek is one of the top 25 resorts in sales in the nation. Beat out last year for the number one spot by a much larger company with incredibly deep pockets. (That does say a lot).

In the past I wasn't a very big fan of the timeshare industry. But having done a lot more traveling in the past year and knowing what present costs are, timeshares are making a lot more sense now than ever before. Especially considering the way that the folks over at King's Creek have laid out their program. CLICK HERE to visit their site. You can also rent out any one of these timeshare units anytime as long as they have the openings. These are much nicer than the local hotel rooms so you won't go wrong.

Major Traffic Tie Ups This Morning On Commute To Work

We had some major traffic tie ups this morning on route 17. Delays were attributed to the bridge closing all night last night for repairs plus an accident on 17 this morning. Reports coming in to us had an extra 45 minutes added on to our local commutes for anyone traveling from the courthouse area to the bridge. One person had told us it took over an hour to go from the courthouse to the bridge. Local businesses were re routing their own workers going across to Newport News sending them up through West Point to get to their destinations.

Traffic looked like a nightmare out of DC. Everyone was bumper to bumper and going no where fast.

Gloucester County Board Of Supervisors Meeting At The Gloucester County Library Tonight

The Gloucester County Board of Supervisors are meeting at the Gloucester County Library on Main Street tonight. Sheriff's Deputies are guarding the doors during the meeting.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Gloucester County, Virginia's Own Social Network

Welcome Center, Gloucester, VA - By Chuck Thom...
Welcome Center, Gloucester, VA - By Chuck Thompson of TTC Media (Photo credit: Battleofthehook)
CLICK HERE to go to Gloucester Counties Newest Social Network. Designed for you to discuss anything that's on your mind. Share pictures, video, stories and more. Come and check it out. We just opened it up.

Updated:  There was a lack of interest at first then we didn't have time to keep up with it so the project was canceled.  Sorry.
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Customize Your Vehicle With L and D Dezigns of Gloucester

Want to customize your car, truck, van, suv or even your RV? Come to L and D Dezign of Gloucester. Located at the Stagecoach Market on route 17, north. Just 7 miles from the Coleman Bridge. Custom decals for any reason. See this web video commercial. To send an email to L and D Dezign please CLICK HERE.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is Gloucester County Water Fluoridated?

One of the many questions we have and already are pretty aware of the answer, is Gloucester County water fluoridated? Here is a video to consider when it comes to you and your families health.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Temporary Web Site Complications, Our 3rd Year Up And Running

Hello everyone. Sorry about the site being down for a few days. We had to go out of town due to a death in the family and missed re registering the site. But it's back and we are now in our 3rd year. This year will be filled with more video than ever before. It's become our hottest item and you the folks who visit this site have voted that you want to see more of them through your views of the videos, are getting what you request. We want to take a moment and thank everyone for visiting this site and supporting it.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Gloucester County Virginia, History Not Often Told

Battle of the Hook video clips as well as some very important history are in here. We were not aware of this video until today. It's one that every person in Gloucester County should see as well as everyone in the nation. It's about our nations history and Gloucester County's silent contributions to it. The video is 10 minutes long and very well done.

Gloucester County Renaissance Fest, Magic Show #1 And The Entire Show Posted Here

From the Gloucester County Renaissance Festival that was held here at the Historic Courthouse Circle in July, here is Mars Mandrake performing his magic act for those of us who attended. If you missed this festival, here is your chance to at least catch Mandrake's magic. This is a 6 video series and the entire show is posted right here on this site. This year was the 4th annual Renaissance Festival and it was yet another good one. Despite the small area in which it is performed in, these folks have a way of transforming time and taking you back to an era of old. We have more video from this years event and plenty of pictures which we are still working on. Some of it shot in HD and that takes a lot of time to process.

We even have a live interview with the King and Queen of the event and finally found our lost pictures from last year. So we have a lot to catch you up on. Enjoy the show.

Gloucester County Renaissance Fest, Magic Show #2

#2 in our video series of Mars Mandrake the Magnificent Magician. Gloucester County Renaissance Festival. July, 2010.

Gloucester County Renaissance Fest, Magic Show #3

#3 in our series of Mandrake's Magic. From the Gloucester County Renaissance festival. July, 2010. Gloucester County Historic Court House Circle.

Gloucester County Renaissance Fest, Magic Show #4

Here is number 4 in our series of Mandrake's Magic. Mars Mandrake the Magician. Live at the Gloucester County Renaissance Festival. July, 2010.

Gloucester County Renaissance Fest, Magic Show #5

#5 in our series of Mars mandrake the magnificent magician.

Gloucester County Renaissance Fest, Magic Show #6

This is the last in our series of 6 videos of Mars Mandrake the Magician from the Gloucester County Renaissance Festival. We hope you enjoyed the show and make the festival next year.

Gloucester County Renaissance Fest, Belly Dance Video

We are a bit late getting these up for everyone. Here is a video of Aela Badiana performing a belly dance at the Gloucester County 4th annual Renaissance Festival at the Historic Courthouse. Aela has a dance studio right here in the county is one of the most prolific dancers in her class. You can visit her web site and learn more about her and belly dancing by visiting her site. CLICK HERE.

Gloucester County Civil War Weekend, Early Pictures

The Last Muster Of Gloucester Militia, or the Civil War re enactments held at the Gloucester County Court House this weekend was a successful event for the county. A very nice showing from the community, supporting this event went over very well. As usual we were there taking a lot of pictures and video. We have a very rare and exclusive interview coming to this site soon, of General Robert E Lee. We will also be putting together some other videos and slide shows from this event for those of you who missed it. This was the counties second event. Next year's event will be held down at the point on May 8th, 2011. The Alliance will be included in the event as a ship that comes up to bombard the shores of Gloucester.

We will be promoting this event and have already made the arrangements to do so. Parking for next years event will NOT be available, everyone attending the event will need to be bused in to the event. This is for the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. So expect this to be very big. The county is already working with the state on this and the promotions should be much better than past promotions for county events. If we can, we will be shooting a number of promotional videos and getting them up in all the right places. These will be done in full HD. So clear your calendar for next year and plan on attending.

Gloucester County Public Service Announcement, Smokers

This is our own public service announcement. Please, please be very careful where you throw your cigarettes out when you are smoking and driving. The above pictures are at the local Wal Mart parking lot, the main drive into the lot, someone threw a cigarette out the window and into the mulch. The result was a mulch fire that damaged a bush and the roots of a young tree. Now legally, this is considered littering whenever you even throw a cigarette out the window, but just about every smoker does this, so I am not picking on smokers here. Where you throw your cigarette butts does make a difference. Especially in this heat with little rain. So let's have a little more consideration out there for everyone else. Thank you.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gloucester County, VA Civil War Weekend, August 14th and 15th, 2010

Hey everyone. We are having a Civil War Weekend up at the Historic Courthouse. August 14th and 15th. Each day will be contain different events, shows and history. This is one we missed last year and don't want to miss it this year. On Sunday, there will be a concert at the Historic Courthouse Circle starting at 5 PM. Plus the weather is looking very promising for this weekend, so make sure to make time and take time to attend.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gloucester County Virginia Government Poll

Hello everyone. We just put up a new poll to see what you think on an important issue. Should local elected officials answer to the people, like you, who voted them into office? Should they be held accountable for their work and or actions? We want to know what you think. The poll is on the right hand side of this site. Please take a moment to fill this out. It will make a huge difference in our future as to how you answer. Thank you to all who take a moment to do so.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The R B Rock Band, Live At The County Fair

The R&B Rock Band that played here at the Gloucester County Fair. Here is one of the videos we shot of them for you.

Video From The County Fair

This year's county fair was probably the lowest attended fair in the 40 year history of the county. What a shame. Part of the problem is the lack of advertising and promotions done by the county. Though the county does have flyers they distribute at area outlets for county happenings, and the posting of the event on the county web site, there is a strong lack of billboard and sound News Paper advertising. Question is, would it have really mattered or is the economy getting so bad that people are not even attending local events in their own back yard? On this side, I would venture to say that it was a lack of advertising and a weak economy. Both issues had a bearing on the low turn outs.

So the question becomes will next years County Fair even be here or are we about to loose it due to a lack of interest and a bad economy? Either way, enjoy the video and get an idea of what you missed. We have a lot more coming from both the county fair and also the Ren Fest held here in July. We have been publishing and posting videos as fast as we can, but we are heavily loaded with more than one could begin to imagine.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Auto Accident On 17 by Guinea Road Today At About 11:00 AM.

An auto accident occurred in the early afternoon hours on route 17 when a car and a small truck ran head on into each other. We do not have information as to who is at fault and or if there were any charges. These are the pictures from the scene.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gloucester County Fair Kicked Off last night and goes until Saturday Night.

The Gloucester County Fair kicked off last night to a minimum crowd. Here we took a video of what looks to be the best ride of the fair. This year the rides are cut down from several years ago. We didn't make last year's fair as we were in Florida and went to Disney instead. We were hoping to attend tonight but the rain kept us away. So much for the Miss Gloucester Pageant. We have some pictures to post yet of the fair. Looks like Saturday will be the best day for anyone interested in attending.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Gloucester Renaissance Festival Starts Tomorrow, Saturday, July 17th, 2010

The Gloucester Renaissance Festival begins tomorrow morning at the Courthouse circle. Saturday, July 17th, 2010. This is the 4th season for the festival and the company that puts on this event, Medieval Fantasies Company, has done a fantastic job to date. For the small area they have to work in, they pull off a large presence and create a great feel of days of old.

We attended last years event not expecting much and were very delighted with what we experienced. (That is a tough feat to pull off with us too). So this is an event we highly recommend. Everyone has a chance to get out and have a great time this weekend with all the choices there are out here. The Kalmar Nyckel in Yorktown, The Alliance in Yorktown, This festival, so much to do, so little time to do it. We will see you around these events as we will be everywhere this weekend.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Interview With Captain Greg Lohse of the Schooner Alliance

Take a moment to step back in time when you sail on the Schooner Alliance located over at the River Walk in Yorktown. Captain Greg Lohse takes a moment to tell us about his ship.

Kalmar Nyckel Interview With Captain Morgans

Live interview with Captain Lauren Morgans of the Kalmar Nyckel. She is only in Yorktown for another few days so we recommend you come down and see this incredible ship and maybe take a sail with her.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cap'n Pern, aka Pernell Taylor Gives Us An Interview

One of our favorite pirates, Cap'n Pern aka Pernell Taylor takes a few moments out of his busy schedule to give us an interview at the end of the Hampton Blackbeard Festival. This was the kick off to Hampton's 400 year anniversary. A major show it was to. We have over 30 gigs of pictures and videos to produce yet and we will be expanding the world's largest site based on the Hampton Blackbeard fest. Visit the site at to see the site.

Kalmar Nyckle Now Docked In Yorktown, July 12th, 2010

We were down at the Hampton Blackbeard Fest this past weekend and once again got to board our favorite ship, the Kalmar Nyckle. As of yesterday, July 12th, 2010, she docked over at the Yorktown River Walk dock. If you have not seen this ship, get over to Yorktown and visit her as she is an incredible ship with an outstanding crew.

We plan on taking a number of pictures of her while she is here and she will only be here until the end of this week and leaving on Sunday. She only visits us once a year, so do not delay. We plan on getting some interviews this year. So look for them soon.

Fireworks Show From The 4th Of July, Part 2

The local paper can't bring you this show. The local news stations won't bring you this show, but we can and do. Here is the complete show of the fireworks from Yorktown as seen from Gloucester Point Beach this year, 2010. Plus you can watch this any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for as long as it's on here and we are not taking it off.

Part One Of The Fireworks As Seen From The Beach On The 4th Of July

Blues Band Played At The Point Beach On The 4th of July

This took a bit longer than expected due to other commitments such as a 4 day intensive video and photo shoot at the Hampton 400th Anniversary kick off with the Blackbeard Pirate fest and starting with the Pirates Ball. This was a local blues band that played at the beach on the Point on the 4th of July.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Live Feeds From Hampton Blackbeard Festival This Weekend

Live feeds this weekend from the Hampton Blackbeard Festival. It's Hampton's 400th anniversary and we are there to help them celebrate the occasion. So join us on our live feed site and watch what goes on only moments after it happens. This starts Saturday, July 10th, 2010 and is for this day only.

Senator Mark Warner Takes A Moment To Speak With Us

Senator Mark Warner takes a moment to speak with us from the Hampton 400th Anniversary celebration during the Pirates Ball at the Crown Plaza hotel. Thursday evening, July 8th, 2010. A very gracious senator.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ceol Leinn The Featured Main Band At The Hampton Blackbeard Festival This Year

Ceol Leinn is the main featured band for the Hampton Blackbeard Festival this year. They put on such an incredible performance last year that they were the easiest selection for this years number one pick. The video above has been the number one song for the band on You Tube this past year. Ceol Leinn is also the band for the Pirates Ball at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Hampton this Thursday night. (Maybe we will see ya there. We will be behind the cameras). To see more about the band, visit one of these web sites. or

The Ceol Leinn Info site is the main multi media site with the most pictures and videos. The Ceol Leinn dot com site is the official band site. So check them out and make plans to see these folks live. They really put on one hell of a show.

The Hampton Blackbeard Festival Is Coming

Get ready everyone. The Hampton Blackbeard Festival is about to take place. In fact, it starts this Friday. July 9th, 2010. Place, well you should already know it's in Hampton. Time? Starts at 12:00 PM on Friday and runs straight through Sunday afternoon until about 5:00 PM. This is an incredible event folks and one you really do not want to miss. Pirates from all over the nation will be here along with ships and bands and all. Visit the worlds largest site from last years fest by clicking here.

Monday, June 28, 2010

New Site For Gloucester County Live Feeds Postings

We have just finished building a new site for our Live Feed Postings. CLICK HERE to visit the new site and bookmark it for future events you want to follow. This is still in the experimental stage and we ask that you support it and let us know how we are doing. Thanks Everyone.

Help Save The Edge Hill Service Station

The Fairfield Foundation has purchased and will be restoring the Edge Hill Service Station on Gloucester's Main street and the corner of route 14 going towards Mathews. The foundation has a sign up in front of the building to Help Save The Edge Hill Service Station and has a web site address you can visit. CLICK HERE to visit the Fairfield Foundation. We have learned that the Fairfield Foundation is in contact with the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust and both can always use your support through donations as this is how these foundations stay alive and maintain our history and past. We look forward to the day when the old service station is restored and brings more appeal to Main Street.

Coleman Bridge Opening This Morning At 10:00 AM, New Pictures

We grabbed some pictures down at the beach this morning of the Coleman Bridge opening at 10:00 AM. A Navy ship coming into dock at the Navel Weapons station. Thought we would share a few of the pictures with you.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Live Feed Posts And Cutting Edge News

If you have been watching us of late you are starting to see new trends in what we are doing. We are moving into new areas of bringing you news before anyone else or bringing you news no one else is even touching. We are also moving into bringing you live feed posts. The live feed posts are exactly as stated. We post events and bring you pictures and if possible, video, while an event is going on. Part of the reason for this is we hope you will join us at the event, but if you can't, you can see what is going on at the time of the event. Radio can't show you what is going on and TV is being ignored even more by the day. We are now searching for a good way to stream live video as an event goes on but so far, the costs are rather high and with this being new, we can not yet justify the costs.

The video we are posting at the time of the event is about 40 minutes old into the event. We are working on kicking that time up. The posts with pictures run about 10 minutes as we have to shrink the pictures before posting for faster loading times. We will now start giving you notice 24 hours in advance of our next live feed postings so that you may join in and see if this event is one you should not miss and hurry on down to join us. We are working closely with a number of people in the county to ensure we know about all the events ahead of time and working on keeping our calender clear to be at them all. Modern technology. You have to love it.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Charles Braxton of Gloucester and his Snakes

Charles Braxton who lives right here in Gloucester had some of his snakes out and showing them off at the Gloucester Court House Library during the Cruz In Car Show. This is a live post and he is still here if you are reading this before 8:30 PM. Here is a slide show for your enjoyment. Charles will be going around the county and showing off some of his snakes all summer.

Charles has a total of 9 snakes in his collection. None of them are poisonous so there are no worries. Some of his snakes range up to 9 feet long. Charles really loves animals and it shows.

Cruz In Car Show At The Gloucester Court House Library

We are posting live right now at the Gloucester Court House Library and giving you an idea of what is going on here. This is every Friday night starting at 6:00 PM. So come on over.

What To Do In Gloucester On A Friday Night, Live Post

We are here live at Cruz In at the Library in the Gloucester Court House Circle at the time of this post. Every Friday night we we have a classic and antique car show. The show is actually open to all cars and trucks so you will also see the latest Camero or even a Corvette. Don't have anything else to do? Well come on down and check out all the great cars.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The United States Blue Aces Live At The Gloucester Court House Circle

They just finished folks and this is what you missed. Catch the concert next week though.

What to do in Gloucester, Thursday, Live post

What to do in Gloucester on a Thursday evening? Join us at the Gloucester Court House Circle. This is a live post as this Air Force band is smoking and everyone here is having a great time. So come on out. They are playing a great mix of Jazz and Classic Rock. Tomorrow we will broadcast live at Cruz In at the Court House Library. Stay tuned.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wal Mart Shoppers Treated To Smoke Sewer Test Today

Shoppers at the Gloucester Wal Mart and Home Depot were treated to a smoke sanitation sewer test this morning at about 10:15 AM until about 11:30 AM, June 18th, 2010. The test looked like smoke bombs going off all over the place and the stench was pretty bad. I for one question the safety of such testing as one could smell the sewer waste and it gave me a sore throat despite the fact I never went into the direction the smoke was blowing. If one can smell the sewer waste, then a certain amount of waste contamination is entering the atmosphere.