Friday, January 3, 2020

Violet's Rant: America Is Sick Of It!

If I were the President I wouldn't go before a group of people who support an anti American way to decide if I should protect America. I mean, that's a no brainer. You don't even have to think for that one folks.
On that note, while you are calling me every name you can come up with, I will explain my stance, k?
I am not the new fangled, Christian that converted the words in the Bible to suit me. Nor am I the newfangled fruit cake that wants to replace the values of America for those of third world countries. If you have a problem with our President protecting our country, then by all means go protect Iran but please go do it on their soil we are no longer tolerant of your hogwash. I personally want to see how well you do with a towel over your head and a bathrobe on, fighting alongside of them. But that's just what I'd like to see.
You can whine, you can cry....shucks, you can even stomp your feet.... and quite frankly most true Americans are sick and tired of hearing it. You have been voting in anti-Americans who heard your cries for saving the whale, the polar bear, the Siberian tiger, the ozone and God only knows what else. And they .... well ....
they decided to use them to their advantage and you as well.... well, being the crybaby that you are, you failed to stop crying long enough to see you were being used by them.
Okay, so you say don't know God, you don't even believe in Him. Guess what? That's not the true blooded American peoples problem, it's yours. You need the heart check.
We have tolerated your whining for so long yet we refused to spank your tail and send you crying off into the local pub to drink your blues away. I mean, we can't go anywhere without hearing you whine.... But its time we did kick some butt.....yup it's time you see that my mother used to put it, "enough is enough and too much stinks." need to stop all that whining, tuck in your shirt tail, pull up your big boy or girl panties and act like the American you were born to be. Bring on the name calling, I am okay with it! Sticks and stones folks, sticks and stones.
We have watched idly by, while knuckleheads wasted our tax dollars on an impeachment they professed profusely that they had overwhelming evidence, only to send the cry baby Senator Schumer from New York straight in front of the media crying for more evidence. If I were him I would be a tad bit ticked off that these knuckleheads in the house put in me in a beggars position to start with. Shucks, I'd be so humiliated I'd be ready to change parties just so I didn't have to stand before the American people again and beg for something my party claimed to have already obtained. 
Geez, to hear him blame everyone but those who put him in that position is only indicative of what New York and California representatives do. I mean, just this week we listened to Gavin Newsom the Governor of California claim the rise of homelessness is the fault of our President, conveniently failing to mention. Pelosi, Schiff, Harris, Waters and Swalwell have been spending tax dollars on an impeachment they can't prove ( remember, Schumer said so himself?) and while doing so, neglecting the crisis in their own home state.
All the while de Blasio the Mayor of New York blames Trump for their homelessness by not giving more vouchers to them as, Yang, Ostacia-Cortez, Nadler and Jeffries participate in the 25+ million dollars wasted on the unproven impeachment. Good grief people....if you think the President should go before these people who openly display treachery towards our duly elected President and tell them our next move to protect our country....well, you are the knucklehead. They don't need to know anything... because they can't be trusted. Bring on the name calling, it's so typical of the new democratic way ....I am already deplorable, so I don't think I can get much worse than that now, can I?
On that note, I support our President as he supports us. Hilary asked "who cares?" Regarding our American Ambassador in Benghazi and our men who were killed. Let me help you with that....the AMERICAN people do and thank God President Trump does too. The message to the radical Muslims who seek to destroy us "infidels"..... we don't tolerate it anymore....we won't tolerate it and the enemy inside and surrounding us, well, they will soon find that out. When you woke the giant, you left him no choice but to .... rise and squash the disturbances from those who have no respect for the foundation of this great country.
We didn't elect another Obama who announced his attack so they could regroup.... nope, we voted for a man who's going to SHOW them our next move.
We sat back and watched Obama draw a line in the sand and say, "You better not cross over this one" and each time it was crossed.... he'd back up, draw another line and repeat himself. I guess the enemy, just crossed the final line. And my words to our President.... "Go get em and leave none of them standing!"