Saturday, November 16, 2019

Violet's Rant: Merle T Rutledge: Turning Virginia Back to Red

What a great day yesterday! Yep, while you all were sitting around watching Ms.Elise Stefanik make Adam Schiff look like the spectacle that he is, I had the opportunity to meet our next Governor of Virginia! That's right! I was blessed with the opportunity to sit down and get to know a gentleman I can call my new friend!
What started out as a short interview, lasted for hours over coffee and there was never a dull moment. I felt comfortable and never felt  afraid to ask questions.
Mr. Rutledge who graduated from Norfolk State University with studies in Local Science and Pre-law, will readily tell you he that he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He's worked hard and attributes his successes in life to God first. A professed Christian who has no problem admitting he falls short but his faith is unwavering.
He currently serves as President of the National Coalition Against Government and describes one of his second of three accomplishments as his high ratio in representing the people against insurance companies. Certainly something we like hearing, someone who will help us fight that fight! And one thing that really sits with me still is how he said he'd like to make our military, police officers and first responders have tax exempt homes and cars. "It's the least we can do for them."
Well, we hadn't been sitting down long when I noticed a gentleman wearing a Trump T-Shirt covered only by a neon green vest. Yea, you know me, I couldn't help myself but I had to stop him and introduce him to Virginia's next Governor! The gentleman whose name was Glen, seemed somewhat skeptical at first but within no time at all, I watched as these two men became engrossed in a conversation on child discipline, abuse of welfare and the rising costs of insurance. He seemed to be able to easily share his concerns with Mr. Rutledge and it was enlightening see how Mr. Rutledge was able to bring down the barriers and have Glen talking so freely...., discussing concerns many Virginians have today. 
It seems somewhere along the way, that expensive inquisition going on down in the basement at our White House has forgotten the people. How refreshing to have someone talking about what's important to us! Yet, that however was not all I observed yesterday while I was talking to him. When I  asked what made him the right man for the job. His first response was. "I am not afraid." Referring to the way Republicans are so frequently attacked by Democrats when they step up to run against them. "Republican's have become too complacent and I am not one to back down. If they have a problem with me then let's bring it to a debate." For this I had no doubt he'd do well since his strong stance displayed his character, not only through his answers but how, without hesitation he'd answer me with a genuine concern for Virginians. Yes, he's already thought about these things people! He has thought about them because he says he has seen and experienced them first hand. He is not afraid to mention that he started out as a Democrat, then found himself becoming an independent and now, proudly proclaims to be a Republican, who is strongly against Anti gun laws. "I will never prevent a man from being able to protect his family." And regarding his views on Socialism, his response is "I do not believe it has any place in a free society." I even felt comfortable enough to touch base on the destruction of  historical monuments taking place in parts of our state. " It is all the history of our Country and should not be removed. I always ask people 'Why do you want to take away from my children's field trips'?" He says with a smile. It's apparent he wants our citizens to understand how America was built.
We touched on various other subjects like,  schools and education . He believes teachers should be required to teach and not have the teachers opinions embedded in our children's heads. Even supporting the possibility of camera's in the classroom. Which is, if you ask no different than asking our officers to wear them for validation. "I think taking sex ed out of schools and replacing it with pro- life courses to assist in understanding the value of life is something I'd like see happen. We don't need to be confusing our children with their sexuality, that's something they should find out for themselves. Furthermore, "We are not the bathroom police." He goes on to mention that he believes parents should be held accountable for their children's behavior,(i.e., bullying, school attendance, etc)" Which puts the responsibility back on the parents where it is supposed to be. MY first thought is....., that ought to get parents involved, wouldn't you think?
We touched so many different bases, like legalizing marijuana which would assist in helping people who have certain mental illnesses and help control pain, which might steer people away from using opioids. and directing those funds to the homeless which would offer temporary housing while they learn a trade for farmers who have been suffering too long that it would be unfair for you to expect this article to tell you all that you need to know.
When I asked what his approach was for funding his campaign, his response was. What I'd like to see is the endorsement of the people. Signatures to back me up, they can donate if they wish, they can donate a penny, makes no difference to me. I seek their support and they can e-mail me at or my personal phone at 757-275-5392. They can call and ask me anything. I'd be happy to answer."
With that being said, you have the means to know more and I encourage you to reach out to him, ask questions and support our next Governor of Virginia!

Friday, November 15, 2019

Violet's Rant: While They Are Busy forgetting About You

Well, what a day! I take some time off for me and find the wicked witch of the West reared her ugly head. Geez, I wonder if she ever goes back and takes a glimpse at herself. My guess is, she probably does. That's why she needs another xanax chased down with her favorite shot. We see the lasting effects when she speaks to CNN, it appears the rest are catching on. Afterall their ratings are talking to them. I don't know about you but I find her more of a side show freak than a politician. The "reptilian woman", that's what they should be calling her!. Why isn't she in the circus where she belongs? Oh, that's right. She brought the circus to the White House and along with her she brings a rat with a human head, who nominated himself judge and jury. And every now and then that Joker who should be running from the Batmobile stands alongside of them. Snakes and jokers and rats ! Oh, my! It's a real circus show alright.
Now, pardon me for not doing my research but I am meeting our next Governor today! Yes, Republican Merle Rutledge is coming to Gloucester!!! Please remember his name! He's a strong supporter of our President and we need to take back our state!
What I keep wondering is while the democrats are busy forgetting about is turning Virginia into a democratic state going to affect us? I started to ask myself.....what is the rate of the homeless in sanctuary cities? Hmmm.... I know of a couple for sure.... San Francisco, represented by the Wicked witch of the West, Nancy Pelosi. Who, don't forget offers free housing and entitlements to illegals has over 8,000 Americans living on the streets there. Don't drop your jaw yet .... that rat with the human head, Schiff.....well, his city has a whopping 36,000 homeless! Do you see, anything wrong with that picture? They say "all are welcome" says Pelosi, yet they haven't done anything for the people but waste their hard earned tax dollars for the past three years....on a witch hunt that has no foundation.A mockery of everything our judicial system stands for! Now, let's not over look that Joker from New York City who should paint his face and yet, cackles like the Joker he is. Did you know over 63,000 are staying in shelters there? Wow! But they are a sanctuary city!!!! Now, it should be pretty clear they aren't really concerned about their citizens, now are they? They leave our own out in the cold and welcome those who have put nothing into our society.…
Yet, the three circus freaks are holed up in the basement trying to uproot the very foundation that America stands on. Don't look at me....I didn't vote for them and I sure didn't vote for Blackface Northam either. I don't know about you but I don't want to see the great state of Virginia which currently has approximately 6,000 homeless.... (less than Pelosi's city of San Francisco) to become greater when democrats starting to open sanctuary cities but Virginians beware! Richmond and Alexandria are one step away from this travesty and if Blackface has his'll be stepping over human feces as you take your child school shopping or your Mother out for dinner. This is serious business people!
Now, I won't be watching the whiny cry baby Ivanovitch today.....but I sure do plan on recording it. I can't wait to see what happens when Mr Jordan gets a hold of her....oh, Lord. If you haven't realized it's all a diversion yet..... you will soon enough!
Well, in the near future I do hope to put up all of the sanctuary cities and their rate of homelessness, I did however put up a link if you'd like to check it out.  For now though, I think my next rant is going to be directed at that group of Mansonians we seem to overlook all too frequently. Yup, it's time to look into that. It's long overdue actually. Of course, I have been saying it all along but people don't listen until they start looking for answers in desperation. Hopefully it's not too late to fix a problem Hillarys village created. Ponder that why don't you! Who know's? Maybe I'll have that up before I leave this morning. Yea, hopefully....I can open some eyes on that issue! 
Well, I'd love to talk about the rest of the circus but quite frankly, they get too much attention without my help! Afterall, they are busy forgetting about you. Maybe it's time to let them know you are forgetting about them. One last thing..... Virginians, I am not so sure about you but I don't want democrats controlling this state. I mean if you are barely making it now, imagine what's going to happen when illegals take precedence over you? Or even worse, when more Virginians become homeless? No, we can never allow that and it's time to speak up. and make that change!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Mr. Howard Mowry's Comments At November 12th School Board Meeting

1. Accountability and performance have a lot in common, without one serving the other, then one could possibly consider fraud.  This division does have some serious problems, but all schools are accredited.

Of special interest is the amount of absenteeism in the system especially the high school. Reviewing the 2019 records 329 students were chronically absent, meaning 10 per-cent or more days for the school year.

This amounts to 3,290 school days at an approximate cost of $68.31 a student or $244,740 of wasted taxpayer’s contribution to the system for one school. Combining the elementary and middle schools the total was 368 or $251,381. A grand total right at a half million for the school year not counting those with less than 10 days out.

Since the funding for the school system is divided three ways the only marker for accountability is the local contribution. Years ago, a sitting board raised the percentage by 6 points above the composite index figure where it has stayed ever since.

Recommend that to improve upon and decrease absenteeism the Board of Supervisor’s reduce funding by a given percentage point/s until attendance hits a pre-determined level of accountability.

At the same time with all these students absent, all the schools are accredited, 94 percent graduate on time. One needs to consider either the student is smarter than the teachers, or the system has been dumbed down so far even a moron is a genius. I wonder what the businessman has to say about our graduates. A survey may be helpful.

2. At the same time when we talk funding by the state, they fund under many standards unknown by the general public. If our composite index is 38 cents, then the state would provide 62 cents to meet the operating revenue fund for the county.  Wrong they only fund 52 percent, or a shortchange of approximately 2 million.

Additionally, the budget when approved may not reflect the true revenues since the funding is set on attendance at the end of September the first month of the new school year. This revenue amount is also adjusted at the end of March of the same school year, which could be a plus or minus of students, also effecting the

Development of the next fiscal budget year.

The solution is for the school board with cooperation with other boards request the General Assembly review their multiples of funding and reduce the process to a local standard percentage of revenue intake and have the state provide the rest.

If this is not possible then one might possibly perceive that in reality, we are broke or bankrupt.

I thank you for the time.

Publisher's Note: School Board Chairperson, Robin Rice only allowed 3 minutes for comments even though there were only a handful of people at the meeting. She did not allow Mr. Mowry to complete his comments.

Video Of November 12th School Board Meeting

Violet's Rant: Using Your Head For Something Besides A Hat Rack

Well, what do you know! We finally got to see two of the most crucial witnesses in the impeachment farce. I don't know about you but these two characters who resembled a duo of Red Skelton (the one with the bowtie) and Jerry Lewis (the one with the "I'm so stupid" look) didn't impress me a whole lot. If you don't know who they are, that's probably why you can't remember a civil America, but that's not today's subject. 
Nope, today we are going to put on out thinking caps! Because we are discussing the American diplomat George P. Kent serving as Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eastern Europe Affairs and William B. Taylor, the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine. You know, two men who are the star witnesses for the Impeachment Inquisition. Yea, them. Quite an impressive set of knuckleheads, if you ask me. And people, if you weren't listening yesterday, brace yourself! These two men testified to their feelings and what they heard. Yup, that's who I want running our foreign affairs. What if he gets the feeling to run.....well, sorry about our bad luck, eh?
Now, let me ask you this.... do you think you could be convicted of a crime in a court of law.....if I testified to a judge that I had a "feeling" you did it? Or how about if I said, somebody told me they heard about something you did? You're absolutely right! A good lawyer would chew me up and spit me out. And more than likely I'd face charges for a false complaint or I am sure they'd find something to charge me with but that's exactly what happened yesterday. Don't take my word for it. Look up the hearing for yourself and for Lord's sake don't watch the news media, it's designed for the weak minded who'd fall for anything. And you're much smarter than that, now aren't you. No, look up the entire session. 
Okay, now we know who these two men are, I want you to ask yourself this. Should we have knuckleheads overseeing our foreign affairs who make decisions on feelings and word of mouth? I mean, come on now..... You don't have to be a genius to figure that out, now do you?
So, Ambassador Taylor started off pretty good I thought, reading that paper he wrote up was pretty impressive but when he was questioned, his eyes began to bulge out of his head like a deer caught in headlights. He was shuffling papers around like there was no tomorrow but he wasn't looking for anything! If that's not a sign that something wasn't going as planned, I mean nothing is.
And Mr. Kent, the man who immediately claimed friendship with the ex- Ambassador of Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, you know that woman, who doesn't represent us all, but has been crying because she got fired from her job as Ambassador of Ukraine. Yea, her. Now, I won't get started on her but I will say this. If my boss doesn't like me and wants to fire me, he can! Bottom line! There are no laws against it. Whether I like it or not. Now, I may have a few choice words for him but I'd move on with my life quickly. I wouldn't be trying to destroy the man. Good grief! It's called life and doesn't always work out how we want it. But that's Mr. Kent's friend. And thank God we didn't have her going through menopause and working off of her feelings! I mean where would we be now? 
So, there you have it! Those two men are the two STAR witnesses testifying for the basement squad.. Impressed yet?
Ambassador Taylor was quick to point out that Ukrainians were being killed by Russians, he even describes how they were dying with such empathy. Now that's a little ironic since Americans are being killed by Mexicans and Islamics right here on American soil but there is no one representing us Americans like that now is there? Nope, in fact they don't even want a wall to protect us. Now, don't you feel special? 
Pardon me for asking but, can someone please tell me why....these two men who have been scrutinizing our Potus so harshly didn't do the same thing after they discovered Joe Bidens son was receiving $50,000 a month on the board of Barisma? I mean, Mr. Kent's own words were that this large energy corporation was being investigated for corruption and bribes....ummm that was under Obama's watch. Don't look at me... Mr. Biden said himself that he had the lawyer who was investigating it fired and they could call and ask the President. That's right, or they wouldn't get paid. Now, hold on! That's a "quid quo pro"! And, if you failed to put on your thinking cap, that is it's defined as a favor or advantage granted or expected for something. Hmmmm.....don't take my word for it. Here you have it...You don't have to listen to it all but do yourself a favor by starting at 44:25
But they NEVER had a "feeling" about that illegal act, now did they? Even when Mr Biden made 6 trips to the Ukraine (Mr. Kent's observation)....and that was compliments of the American people....... ummmm Air Force Two. Geez, are you feeling like somebody is leading you to the desert for water yet? I am not feeling so sure about their "feelings" are you?
Well, I won't go on about how they have been deceiving you because I get that "feeling" sometimes too. But, I do want to just take your attention to one other subject. Remember that Russian investigation that kind of showed Hilary was the one working with Russia and not the President ( hmmm...and no one had a 'feeling' about that either) Yea, that fiasco we all endured when the President took office. It cost the American people about 34 million dollars!…/heres-how-much-the-mueller-in…
Now don't look at me, I don't need a drink of water that bad....
With that being said, I could tell you about the Ambassador who was widely known for taking notes and recording texts.... Yet couldn't "recall" one of them that Mr. Jordan asked him about. Of course "I don't recall" is always the best answer when you know you've been caught, now isn't it?
Now, I know this is a lot to think about already but let me drop this little bug in your ear. While they are diverting your attention.... What's happening in..... The 13th district of Michigan? And have you checked out the 14th district of New York lately? And let's not leave out the 5th congressional district of Minnesota? There's your assignment for my father used to always say, "Use your head for something besides a hatrack." and check those things out.
Now, while you do some homework.... I am going to go work on your next quiz.....okay?
Yup, we are going to do some brain exercises for the next few rants and if you're not interested, it's not my brain wasting away on stuff that's meant to take my mind off of what's important to Americans.
 Nope, that desert doesn't look too wet to me.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Violet's Rant: Sesame Street comes to Pennsylvania Avenue

Well, well, well, looks like another day on Sesame Street. Which rumor has it..., it goes something like this...Miss Piggy got fired and she's telling on Big Bird, 'cause it "ain't fair!" And didn't you hear.... Oscar the Grouch told the Cookie Monster that Bert and Ernie said that Kermit the Frog told them that Big Bird's going down.
Yup, you heard it here first folks. Pennsylvania Avenue has become a joke. I mean, we have Adam Schiff who lied to the American people by reading a bogus transcript that was altered to fool the American people and guess what? There are still knuckleheads who believe him!
If only I could have been a fly on the wall when the bag of Schiff heard the REAL transcript had come out. Dang skippy! They leave the most entertaining parts out. 
And how 'bout that whistle blower? The Cowardly Lion who is still praying for Dorothy to show up and give him some courage. Poor thing..... the way his Attorney is blowing up his own credibility by claiming in 2017 he was starting an impeachment....doesn't help him a whole heck of a lot, now does it? Nope, the two of them will go down in history as Thing One and Thing Two. It's a shame Dr. Suess didn't give us pictures of them so we could have seen them coming. Somebody. please give them some green eggs and ham so they won't be so hungry for Big Birds blood.
Now, let's not forget those Californians, who by the way....  that bag of Schiff works alongside of .. come on now... you know who they are.... Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris....yup the modern day, equal rights three stooges. ...who have been working so hard for "the people" yet haven't even come out once and commented on the fires that have been devastating their state and the lives of their own "people". Oh yea, never ye mind the homeless who are defecating in the streets because of "Larry, Curly and Moe's undying "love for the people". Sounds like to me they forgot all about them, huh? 
I mean...... Dorothy landed down on the wicked witch of the East when the House fell on top of her but that Wicked Witch of the West has a bunch of monkeys helping her out, no I didn't say they were helping "the people" out but they're helping the Wicked Witch of the West out. Hmmmm.... if make believe can't be real, you sure could have fooled me. 
I mean, the next thing you know we'll see Chuck Schumer walking around singing, "If I only had a brain". Afterall,  his buddy, Mayor Bill de Blasio can't even walk down the street without his own citizens "booing" him and asking him to leave New York. Think that may be because of the forgotten the homeless there? Chuck Schumer sure does lose a lot of sleep for his own, now doesn't he?
 But .... but .... but..... aren't New York and California sanctuary cities? So, wait a minute.... hold on! You mean to tell me the Scarecrow Chuckie isn't scaring the crows away and can not even help his own? Well ain't that the new American way? or NOT.
Geez, people I am waiting for Rod Serling to step out any minute now and say, "Welcome to the"Twilight Zone".
Oh, well. I guess I need to go get my popcorn ready. Rumor has it for the first time in history two people are testifying at once. I guess that's the new justice system. You know.... once upon a time..... you couldn't hear the other witnesses so you couldn't make your answers coincide with the previous witnesses..... but that's what you get when you get to Sesame Street.... I sure do wish those muppets never grew up. I kind of liked them when they displayed 
character and education,  didn't you? I'd say it might be time to send them back to Sesame Street they still have some things to learn about the American people

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Have We Forgotten……

Over time, we all have seen history repeat itself.  A sneak attack on Fort Sumter in 1861, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the September 11 attack in New York and Washington D.C. and while these were attacks on our own homeland, we swore that we would never forget.  Have we?  Sailors that were never recovered in the U.S.S. Arizona forever entombed in a steel coffin surround by oil and water.  Soldier never recovered from the leveling of Fort Sumter and the thousands of people never to be found following the September 11 attacks.  Have we Forgotten?

During the civil war our own government attacked their countrymen in the south over a multitude of ideologies over fair taxation, agriculture versus industry, the expansion of slavery into the expanding western territories and the election of Lincoln to the presidency as a republican without winning a single electoral vote from a southern state.  Have we forgotten?

While the Japanese executed a well, thought out plan to destroy the Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, all for the political relations reasons between the 2 countries that had become strained.  While many mistakes were made by the Japanese such as leaving dry docks intact, this did help the country in recovering by the righting and repair of many of the damaged and thought destroyed warships at Pearl Harbor.   The saving grace was our carriers were out to sea.  Have we Forgotten?

During the morning of September 11, we came under attack by terrorist using our own commercial aircraft against us, as missiles that resulted in killing thousands of innocent people.  A country in shock and we vowed to Never Forget.  Now we vote these same people into political office.  Have we Forgotten?

2 years ago, we held a presidential election and while the person elected had no political experience, he has gotten the country’s economy back on track, unemployment under control and our trade between countries made fair to the United States.  The downside we elected radicals to office that have cursed and vowed to take down the newly elected president at any cost.  Have we Forgotten?  These people have spent millions of taxpayer dollars on a mission to destroy the very republic our forefathers established over two hundred years ago.  Again, Have we Forgotten?

Last Tuesday, Virginia set a dangerous precedence by electing people to office with felony records, twisted ideas, and goals to strip away rights, guaranteed to us by the Constitution of the United States and confirmed by the Supreme Court of this country.  Yet these people are on a path of socialism and liberal thinking that the government needs to control the population.  These are the same people we elected that are supposed to be working for the people and not to control the people.  Any time in history where this has occurred has not ended well.  Look at Nazi Germany in 1939 and the Jewish people that were being systematically exterminated.  Have we Forgotten? 

People the same government has given rights back to felons and executed by the same type liberal people that we just elected to office.  Corruption is among us, at the Federal, State and County Levels.  Have we Forgotten?  Have we forgotten, what we learned in school about history, but it seems history is doomed to repeat itself and we are seeing it occur again?  What will this outcome be this time?  War between us, riots, marches and protest, I don’t have that answer.  Before we forget our history, we need to read it and learn from this before our history is gone and forgotten.


John Tyson

Monday, November 11, 2019

Violet's Rant: The Boy With No Name

He wasn't the the best man for the job. In fact, most of the people in town didn't think he was a man at all. It seemed like it was only yesterday he was seen riding his bike up and down the street. 
An average boy who would cut grass in the summer and could be seen building a snowman in the front yard of his home in the winters.Yes, he was just an average boy who really didn't seem much different than any other boy in the neighborhood. 
Just a boy with freckles and a mischievous smile who wore a baseball cap that bore the school team's symbol and played ball in the empty lot on the corner with the rest of the boys. Occasionally he was seen marching down the street with the band in the town's local parades yet few people knew his name.
Most didn't notice he was gone when he, the empty lot no longer existed..... Now, replaced and decorated with flowers around a new home with a new family, and you could no longer hear the boys playing.
Each year, The parade still continued each year and no one noticed who was and wasn't marching in the band anymore.
Yes...., he was just an average boy that simply wasn't around anymore until the day he returned home.
All the towns people gathered together awaiting his return. Each of them remembering something good about the boy ....... it didn't seem that long ago.
As they gathered all together ..., they watched and waited for his return .... his parents were seen standing in front of the crowd holding hands and standing tall.
It wasn't until the door of the plane opened and the soldiers marched out one by one and aligned themselves along the exit of the door, saluting to the boy who became hero and was carried down the ramp in a box draped with the American flag. Now, one of America's heroes and everyone knew his name...... Thank you to all of our veterans..... all gave some, some gave all. God Bless America and you our HEROES!!!!

Violet's Rant: When The Entitlement Pot Runs Dry

With all of this confusion on "free stuff" versus "working for it", I feel compelled to speak. Yes, I know.... I throw out my opinions a lot and I have to say.....I doubt it will stop, at least not anytime soon anyways.  It's just me, it's just who I am. So bare with me.....this rants been a long time coming. When my oldest daughter was about four years old, we took her to Chuck E. Cheese's for a night out. For those of you who don't know what that was and still is a place where children were entertained with mechanically controlled dancing and talking stuffed creatures. It also offers various different types of games and entertainment for kids. 
Well, we arrived a little after dark, most likely on a weekend since dad worked the night shift. The place was pretty packed. We struggled through the crowd to find a seat and as we were doing so, my daughter looked up at me and said, " Look what I found, Mom." 
She opened her tiny hands and there she held two one hundred dollar bills! Well, my first thought was to look around and see if anyone was walking around looking for it, then I asked several of the workers if they had had anyone come to them saying they'd missed anything. After waiting a good while, we decided no one was looking for it. 
Now, the question was....what do we do with it? My daughter felt it was hers and rightfully so but as a parent you don't realistically hand a four year old two hundred dollars and tell her to go play, now do you? So, I decided to go get the tokens required to have in order to play the games and came back to the table. Offering her just the two dollar bills she had found or the 20 tokens I had just gotten from the machine. Well, her mindset at her young age was..... "more is better". Yet, you and I both know in this case, more was much less. Yet, not in the eyes of someone who had not yet been educated on the value of a dollar. Yes, she was perfectly pleased with $5.00 worth of tokens.
With that being said, it brings me to today's wonderful world of free stuff. 
Many people today, like the idea of free. I get it, times are hard and you work all week and find you still struggle. I mean, I have been to the grocery store many times feeling good about the buy one, get one free purchases I made. I won't mention the two boxes of crackers I purchased for $5.00 was priced at $2.49 a box the following week. That might steal some of the joy I got for the buy one, get one free I purchased last week. No, skip that dwelling on that..... I am going with the feel good moment. Just as many people see the political free stuff of today. 
Yup, democrats are offering free stuff and that's what we need.... is their line of thinking, right?
Now, don't blame them..... education is imperative for people to comprehend what's going on. Now, most would know in a New York minute....whatever that is, that the five dollars in tokens was by far less than the two hundred dollars my daughter willingly surrendered it for. They might even catch on to the box of crackers at their local grocery store but ...... now you want to get into the trillions and talk about welfare and taxes and who did what and why and they just stop listening. They don't get that the same concept applies. They hear, " we're going to make it better for you" and they want everyone to believe it. 
In hopes to break it down in a better format  I give you the example.....
 Now.....picture this.... the government has promised you....more benefits..... also known to many illegal immigrants as entitlements, which amazes me since they never paid one tax dollar to justify getting entitlements..... are you still with me? Okay, then....
Somebody has to put the money in the "pot" so you can get free stuff out of it. I mean you can't take something out of an empty pot, right? 
Right! See, you're catching on! I guess you already know that the rich man or woman yelling into the microphone is not going to actually take it out of their luxurious pocketbook, right? Right! So, hmmmm..... where do they go? You guessed it! They go straight to the working man's taxes! You know, the money they said you were paying in to protect you when you are old or disabled and unable to work.... Yes, that's right! That same Social Security benefit you get when you retire. Which by the way, Obama's administration says won't be available by the time we retire because the pot of collected taxes is going to be empty! Hmmmm....but how did it get empty? You paid your taxes all of your life?👀 Now, remember that free insurance they promised you.......
somebody has to pay for it and it's not just about you...... because you agreed to take care of those pitiful illegals who keep crossing our borders. when you elected them. Yup, when you agreed to that you agreed to help feed them and their families and pay for their insurance. Unfortunately, you didn't keep the entitlement pot full even if you did agree to let them to take more out of your check. Doesn't really sound fair now does it? Well, it isnt!  But that's the way it works. If YOU don't fill the Entitlement POT no one else will and don't believe for one minute that they are going to take it from the rich man. You must remember.....they ARE the rich man! For crying out loud!!! Whew! Sorry, that was an unexpected outburst.Okay,  so now we know who's going to be paying for it.
 Let's talk about your parents or grandparents. You know brttre than anyone how little they get in social security each month and you know how hard they worked all of their lives paying taxes and they can barely make it month to month. You don't need to tell me that that isn't right. Nope, I see it too. 
Here's the kicker.....those rich people who are currently locked up in the basement at OUR White House.....want to increase their pay because they live in areas with higher taxes and don't support an increase in Grandma or Grandpas Social Security unless of course they take something away from them. Which for the layman's purpose I will steer away from today.
In closing, think of the free stuff you are being offered as something your child or parent is going to have to work for to pay. Yup, you may get it free but the worker in your family is ultimately going to have to pay for it and about five others.  If you don't have any workers in your family.... well you are the problem. See, people....
nothing comes free and I really dont think you wish to see your children living in poverty also because they were forced to pay higher taxes to make your life easier. 
And here's the biggy..... sooner or later that Entitlement pot becomes completely empty since more people are getting free stuff and less people are working. I mean who can afford to keep filling a pot for everyone else to come take a handful out of it? Afterall, they the working class can't afford everybody's free stuff! 
Then guess what happens? Those people in the basement.....
who won't even let you see what's been going on in the basement
will own you.. yup, there will be no options for will live by the meager morsels they toss from their piggy bank and..... complaining....well, that won't be an option. That basement thingy is working hard so you won't be able to speak out about it, they really don't want to hear it. And don't think you're going to get your gun so you can stand up for your family if the desperatly poor (and there will be many of them) invade your home. Of course the invaders...well, they will still own their guns since theose in the basement can't find them. No, the people in the basement..... they aren't looking at the bad guy, they're looking at you. Yup, that hogwash .... going on in the basement..... is intended to rob you of rights while they have you thinking that free stuff sure would come in handy right about now.
Without you even seeing it, they are planning on owning you.Without, your guns...... you will have no voice.
 Don't look at me...I didn't vote for them.