Thursday, December 29, 2011

MS Media aka North American Bancard Potential Scam Alert

MS Media aka North American Bancard aka ??

Recently I put my resume up on a number of sites including Linked In and have since been bombarded with a number of questionable business proposals. The most outstanding one is by people claiming to be MS Media aka North American Bancard. First I want to point out that what I have been able to trace so far is that North American Bancard is a legitimate company but has recently been hijacked by some very clever scam artists. I'm going to detail all the information here and I want to point out that the CEO, Mike D Menzel also from the legal department by the way, (Yeah, sure why not), has threatened to sue me if I write this article. I'm sending him a link now that this is posted.

Here is the deal, someone named Skyler Weitzel, aka Jason Troup contacted me via a phone call, his phone number is 303-219-6399 and was pitching me about selling merchant card services. The claim that this person made was that MS Media was contracted by Wells Fargo Bank as Wells Fargo Bank's only contractor and provider of of merchant credit card services. He claimed that Wells Fargo was not handling their own merchant accounts. I sent him a screen shot photo of the Wells Fargo Bank's merchant services credit card processing systems and the tune changed to that the contract was that MS Media aka North American Bancard had an exclusive contract from Wells Fargo Bank on the nation's lowest rates.

(Let me interject that the potential scam here is that they try to collect a $500.00 fee for training, 1,000 leads and back end support. I offered them a 24 hour 2 new accounts in exchange for the $500.00 fee. Nope, they needed the $500.00 fee. So then I offered them a 24 hour 2 new accounts plus 4 days to add 5 more new accounts in exchange for the fee. Nope, they tried to get me to pay at least $250.00 up front).

When I explained to him that I had a friend at Wells Fargo Bank and wanted to verify the claim that MS Media aka North American Bancard was making, the conversation got real ugly real fast. (Not a good sign). He hung up on me after calling me a few choice words. Thinking that this may be a legitimate company yet, someone higher up in the company would surely want to know about how rude one of their sales people was to me. I sent an email to the company complaining about this guy and that if I were to do a story on this, it would not look good for them.

Then I received the voice mail message, (CLICK HERE to download the actual message from the CEO) threatening me with a lawsuit if I actually post a story on this. He then called me a second time and threatened me yet again saying that it would cost me at least $20,000.00 to defend myself against his lawsuit and that he would take me for everything. I told him to go ahead. I'm saying it here as well, go ahead. I have filed complaints with the Virginia Corporation Commission, the FTC, and the USA Better Business Bureau. Then I contacted Wells Fargo Bank's national headquarters. Gee, to my surprise they never heard of MS Media or North American Bancard. Neither was listed as a partner, a 3rd party vendor or any type of corporate relationship.

I went back to the site for MS Media. The first page is still the same but they have changed the look of their secondary pages that look stolen from a legitimate site. (It's easy to do, you just have to bounce a web page and copy the code, then re post it on your hosting site). The site no longer matches up. These guys are running ads over on Sales Gravy and I have contacted a friend over there to report a potential fraud from these guys.
Here is a list of email addresses and names as well as phone numbers from these guys. I am also sending this info to the FBI next. I am 90% convinced that this is a scam. Not 100% convinced as I do not have all the details yet. On my last check, I called one of their phone numbers late at night and got a generic answering service. Skyler Weitez aka Jason Troud (CEO and Legal Department) James Shepard phone 814-515-9526 and 814-217-6795

Now even though that Mike, the CEO also from the legal department said that he was from the legal department and also the CEO??????, He also told me that I would be hearing from his attorney, Warren Domanque. A cross reference of attorney's throughout the nation did not yield one result for any attorney with that name. Another surprise. Now take a look at the above email addresses, do these look like email addresses that professionals would use in business? The Info at mymsmedia is very generic, so again, no it does not.

Other phone numbers for this group;

303-570-0478 Skyler Weitz Cell Phone

Again, I am 90% convinced that this is a scam, there is still a 10% chance that maybe it isn't, so I am continuing my research and following up on all the complaints to get to the bottom of all of this. I do not want to see people being burned on well crafted scams, so I will report on anything that really stinks. This one sure smells nasty too.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Gloucester VA Social - New TTC Media Site Preview
Click the link to see a preview of our newest site now under construction. This is a preview and we are not done with all of the design work yet or the uploads of free stuff we are offering to everyone. The official launch is coming in 2012. But we are happy with where we are that we are ready to let people start viewing the site now. We will be adding more games, software downloads, video downloads, apps, tools for your cell phones and more. We are working at designing the future site for Gloucester's social media. These two sites will be cross linked and between these two sites, you will get more than you could ever hope for. Cool stuff for free and more cool stuff for free. We hope you enjoy the new site.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gloucester, VA Best Christmas Eve Entertainment

We have put up the best Christmas Eve entertainment for you here on Gloucester Links and News. Santa tracking, Trans Siberian Orchestra and Jeff Dunham videos for your entertainment. We could do this all night but it's time to go spend time with our own family. Merry Christmas everyone.

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Gloucester, VA Links and News – A GVLN Website.
We cover what no one else will.

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Jeff Dunham Holiday Tips For Gloucester, VA

Merry Christmas.  Enjoy the Jeff Dunham Video Gloucester.

Jeff Dunham and Bubba J Christmas Carols For Gloucester, VA

Taking Christmas to an all new level right here in Gloucester, VA.

Achmed The Dead Terrorist, Christmas Song, Gloucester, VA

Achmed The Dead Terrorist sings Christmas songs for us.

David Bowie and Bing Crosby, Little Drummer Boy

I hate to age myself, but I remember the original broadcast airing of this piece. It' still tugs at my heart every time I hear this version.

Joan Jet, Little Drummer Boy

Always liked this version of the Little Drummer Boy, by Joan Jet. Very hard to impossible to find. Glad someone posted it on You Tube.

Gloucester, VA Trans Siberian Orchestra Live Concert Footage, 2011, Christmas Canon Rock

Christmas Canon Rock is the title of this song. This is not one of our videos, but it's worth sharing during this festive season.

Wizards In Winter, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Gloucester, VA Christmas

A great number by the Trans Siberian Orchestra. Wizards In Winter is a major hit. One of the many songs we enjoy during the Christmas Season.

Trans Siberian Orchestra, Faith Noel, Gloucester, VA Christmas

The Trans Siberian Orchestra is amazing and here is some live footage of them playing Faith Noel. Enjoy and Merry Christmas.

Gloucester, VA Santa Tracking Live Video, Covering The World

As usual every year, we are bringing you the most Christmas spirit we can put together for you to enjoy. More ways to track Santa than any other site on the Internet.

Santa Tracking For Gloucester, VA And The Rest Of The World, 2011

Welcome to the Santa Tracker for 2011. Each year we help you to track Santa's location so that the children know when they had better get to bed or possibly miss getting presents from Santa. Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Poll Results Show Elected Officials Should Answer To The People

Poll Results Show Elected Officials Should Answer To The People

These are the results from the poll we had hosted here for about a year. We are now conducting a follow up poll both here on this site and other sites to get a broad picture of the American political landscape. Thank you to all who previously participated and thank you in advance to all present participants. We appreciate your feedback.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Social Media Issues Segment 2

Here we are presenting segment two of Social Media Issues. What you as a small business can do to start tracking your presence on the web.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Social Media Issues, Segment One

We are launching a new series on social media issues and the first segment is being posted here.

Crany Creek Christmas Lights A Bust This Year As Is Franktronics Christmas Light Show

We recently learned that there will be no grand lighting displays this year at the Joyce residence on Crany Creek. The Joyce family sent a letter to the Gloucester Mathews Gazette Journal back in November stating that due to health issues, they were not going to set up the lights. They expect to set up the lights again next year but this year is a bust. We still have a few videos from last year's event that we have not posted in here, so we will get them up soon for everyone.

Also, Franktronics will not be putting on the Christmas lights show at the campgrounds this year either. Instead Franktronics is only doing a small display outside of their retail location on route 17. Either way, their lights make a very strong showing on 17. They are hard to miss. Gloucester Main Street is a major pain in the you know what with all that construction so visiting the Christmas tree at the circle is very difficult.

Also with the weather having been as warm as it is, few people have caught the Christmas spirit. With the drop in the above circles of what many people looked forward to this time of year, it's going to be a tougher season here. I used to be amazed at all the people who did NOT put up Christmas lights in the past. This year I am amazed at all the people that have put up lights. We put up ours as both my wife and I come from families that have always done so. It's just part of our tradition. We just scaled down how much we do now.

While I have you reading, check out the Gloucester Mathews Gazette Journal web site. Updated and upgraded and looking very nice. More professional with a lot more information. Well done.

Bay Transit Web Site And Information

If you have been looking for Bay Transit's web site, at the present time they do not have one. Edited in at the last minute, they now have one, So we are going to post here all the information we can to help everyone understand the service Bay Transit offers. Bay Transit does not just serve Gloucester County, it also serves West Point, Middlesex, Lancaster counties as well as Tappahanock. Now it does not serve Richmond county as they have their own service for Warsaw and surrounding areas.

Times; Bay Transit serves each community from 6:00 AM until 6:00 PM Monday through Friday. Sorry, no weekend runs. Holidays are also not serviced.

Cost is $1.00 per person per one way trip. Each time you get off and then get on again represents a trip. Some transfers from one bus to another are possible without having to pay between the two buses, however, if you are traveling from one county to another, then you will have to pay between each county bus you ride. In other words, if you are traveling from Gloucester to Middlesex or West Point, you have to take multiple buses to be able to get around. Each county bus will cost you a fee.

How to lower your cost per ride. Bay Transit sells tickets that allow you to ride for 80 cents per ride instead of $1.00 per ride. You can buy books of 10 tickets for $8.00. You can buy them when you get on a bus or when you get off a bus or in advance at one of their offices.

The service is available to everyone in each of these counties. You do not need to qualify by being elderly, disabled or poor. You qualify by wanting to use the service. There are plenty of reasons why you might need to use it. Car broke down and it is in the service station for repairs? Have a lot to do and do not want to wait at the service center all day? If you know in advance that your car will be down all day, you can arrange to be picked up at the service center where your car is and then go to wherever it is you need to go to. When you are done, you can get picked up and delivered back to the service station. There are a lot of reasons you might find why you could use the service.

Scheduling to be picked up. Bay Transit requires that you call at least 24 hours in advance for service. What to expect. It's not cut and dry here. Just because you want to be picked up at say 9:00 AM does not mean that they can actually have someone pick you up at exactly 9:00 AM. They will do their best to try and have someone pick you up at 9:00 AM but keep in mind, this is a bus service handling the entire county, not a taxi service. Now let's say that they actually schedule your pickup for 9:00 AM, they also have a 15 minute window in which to do this. What that means, the bus could be there at 8:45 to get you or at 9:15 to get you. It's 15 minutes from either side of your scheduled time.

Now let's go a bit further. If you have to be somewhere at 9:30 AM, you live in Gloucester Point and are heading to the Court House area, what normally takes you 20 minutes to drive, could take over an hour on the bus. The reason is very simple, you are not the only one on the bus. The driver has other pickups and drop offs along the way. It could take as long as one and a half hours to get to your destination because of all the other passenger's.

It's not a first on first off service. You have to wait until you get to your destination. People with special medical needs are going to take a priority as well. So if you are going a fair distance and need to be there at 9:30 AM, you may have to be ready to leave at 7:00 AM to be there. The person who schedules your pickup will let you know when they can pick you up in order to get you to your destination by your scheduled time. It's still not a guarantee that they will be able to do so once you get on the bus. On the other side of the coin, it sure beats walking.

So please keep in mind, if you need the service, you need to keep these factors in mind. There are no scheduled bus routes or pickup points. They pick you up at your house, business or wherever you specify as long as the bus is able to get there. Each county served is huge and each county has a lot of dirt back roads that are very hard to travel and Bay Transit travels these roads every day. Delays happen all the time trying to pick people up and drop people off on these back roads. If you have made arrangements to be picked up and then get a ride, please cancel your pickup. It helps prevent delays for others. If you do not cancel, the bus driver still shows up at that destination delaying everyone else on the bus and the driver spends valuable time trying to ensure your pickup. This happens every day and it's very hard on the entire community that depends on this service.

Bay Transit performs the impossible every day running a bus service similar to a cab service. The teams in each county work very hard at providing the best service they can. Though not perfect, it can't be made perfect considering the circumstances they work in.

Would Bay Transit benefit by having a web site? We can justify just about any business having a web site but in this case, I would say not. Bay Transit would benefit from increasing or presenting a strong social media presence on the web, but a web site in their case could actually harm them. The reason is simple, if you see a web site for them, you are going to want to schedule a pickup or multiple pickups on the site. In this business, the scheduling staff already performs the impossible on a daily basis, trying to work in scheduling through a web site on top of this would prove to be a nightmare that could end up closing down the service as integrating the two would be beyond reasonable costs and extra unjustifiable expenses.

A good and strong social media presence however would communicate the difficulties and triumphs this company has. Bay Transit is served better by sites such as this presenting their business to you than to try and do it themselves. Last minute edit, as predicted, you can not schedule a pickup on that site. We strongly recommend the service should you need transportation and support Bay Transit for the impossible work they perform each day.

To Schedule Pick ups call - 804-693-6977

This is the central phone number for all areas served by Bay Transit

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Judy Pancoast At Crany Creek, Live - 2010 Christmas Special Guest Neal Steele

From our archives, Judy Pancoast live at Crany Creek during the Christmas season of 2010. We just published this video a couple of months ago. It was lost in our huge files database. She really did an incredibel job and was a lot of fun to be around. A wonderful personality with great talent to boot. Now as you get towards the end of the video you will actually hear Judy say that the performance of her and Neal Steele doing the Travolta arms will end up on You Tube. How little did she know that she was so right.

Gloucester VA Christmas Parade

Here is last year's Christmas Parade in it's entirety. At the time we had limitations on how long the videos were that we posted. Enjoy.

Crany Creek Christmas Lights

Tis that time of year again and we know Dan and his family have put out the lights. If you have not made the trip to see his house yet, here is the preview and you can map out the exact location on the Google map on this site if you would like.

Scrooge - Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

Well we are fully into the Christmas season now so it's time we begin posting our Christmas videos and we have just finished posting a number of Christmas music for free downloads all over the site. We have posted 3 full MP3 albums and a bonus MP3 song. All of it is 100% free and 100% legal. We break no laws here and give you a license with each album or song downloaded. We still have Popeye up for a short while longer but will soon replace that with a Christmas video. We will be posting more Christmas Videos very soon here.

Monday, November 21, 2011

New Easter Eggs

New to the site. Easter Eggs. We are starting off with one Easter egg though. Easy to find but we are still going to make you look for it. What is an Easter egg? An Easter Egg is a hidden little gem found on DVD's,, Software and Operating Systems. It all started back in the 1990's with Windows 98 SE being one of the best known examples. If you know to look for them, you can find all kinds of neat stuff embedded on all kinds of media. Your present OS, XP, Vista or Windows 7 has Easter Eggs embedded in them.

The Easter egg we just embedded on this site is another entire album of music. It's a jazz/rock/metal fusion and the band name is "Diablo Swing". Again it is in a zip file and if you need the software to open it, it's on this site. And again the file contains a license for the music. Happy hunting.

Gloucester, VA Free Stuff Updated

Okay everyone. The free stuff is all updated once again. We have also made a number of new changes. We have removed all ads from all of our sites. We are getting sick and tired of seeing ads everywhere we go that we decided we didn't want to be a part of the problem as well. So no more ads. We also removed our last attempt of any kinds of groups. We took down the for sale site. Seems no one in Gloucester is interested in selling anything so we removed the option. We also removed a number of other sections that no one seemed to care about, so the calendar of events is now gone as well.

This weeks new offers are an entire album by "Epic Soul Factory", and is 100% free. 12 songs in all. Even comes with a license in the zip file. If you can't open the zip file, you can download our free software of 7zip also available on this site. We also put up a new video which is Popeye in "Patriotic Popeye". Want more free stuff? Tell us what you want and we will see what we can do. We are looking at ring tones and cell phone wallpaper. Maybe even wallpaper for your computer. Nothing final yet. But we are working on new stuff for you.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Abbott and Costello - Who's On First Video

We have had a number of requests for this clip and we just acquired it. This is a world famous clip that had the everyone in stitches for many years. If you have never seen this clip, it's a must. For those who have not seen it in years, here's a great version of the clip. Enjoy.

Bank of America 1950's Commercial

We have been doing a lot of work with some historic media. This is one of our latest pieces we just finished publishing and thought we would take a moment to share it here with you. By the way, this week's bribe is a classical music piece by Vivaldi and is from the Four Season's suite titled Summer, Mvt 1 Allegro. It's really a great piece and John Harrison is the featured violinist in this particular recording. Well worth your time. And it's 100% free and legal too.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Welcome Back Sheriff Steve Gentry

We couldn't say it before because it was not official. Now we can say it as it is official. Welcome back for another term Sheriff Steve Gentry. We were right on the nose calling this election, amazing? Not really. We call elections all the time with 100% accuracy and come time for Presidential election, we will call that one yet again one month out before actual election time and get into trouble once again with the fed's for doing so. Our posts will either be yanked down or as in the last presidential election, the date of the post will be removed. (Funny how that happens). Either way, time to get back to Occupying Gloucester, VA.

Occupy Gloucester, VA

Occupy Gloucester, VA. We are starting Occupy Gloucester, VA. Only we are doing something very different here. Our version of Occupy is that you do not have to leave your house, your business, your seat or your computer. You can just stay right here on this site. No standing in the cold all day or night. No harassment from the police or anyone going by. You do not have to worry about entertainment, in fact, we provide plenty of it right here. For that matter, we will bribe you to Occupy Gloucester. You can download free music, free software and even a free video. You can read our archive posts, watch slide shows and or videos, listen to music and read to your hearts content. It does not matter if you live here in Gloucester, VA or Gloucester, England. In fact, you can be a high level politician from any country in the world and you are welcome to have your head counted right here in Gloucester, VA as part of our Occupation. Vote on the side panel on the right hand side of this site to show you are here as part of Occupy Gloucester, VA. The police are welcome here, the military is welcome here, in fact everyone everywhere is welcome here.

No one will get into trouble or even potentially face being fired for participating in Occupy Gloucester, VA. No one will even know you were here participating in this cause. But you still get to make your voice heard by voting on the side. Viva de Revolution! Occupy Gloucester, VA every day.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Tomorrow Is Election Day, Welcome Back Steve Gentry

Tomorrow is election day and by the end of the day you can welcome back Steve Gentry to the Sheriff's post. I'm not saying it won't be a good race, he has some good competition on this round, but we can tell you he is back in the seat. Either way, make sure you get out and vote. We'll be watching the returns from our office. The margin we think will be pretty fair though.

Gloucester, VA Free Stuff

We just can't seem to stop wanting to give you folks free stuff. So we have added more to this site. Free software and free videos. That's right. We are giving away free software and free videos on top of the free music every week. How can you beat free? This month we are giving away a Betty Boop cartoon and on the software side we are giving away 7-zip. We recommend you download the free 7-zip software as we will be giving away entire MP3 albums here soon.

Now to get your free video and free software, go down towards the bottom of the site and in the right hand column next to some videos, you will see the free stuff section and each one is marked for what they are. Go have a blast and tell everyone else about the free stuff we are just giving away. Scandalous isn't it?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gloucester, Virginia Swamped In Massive Bribe Scandal

As incredible as it is, we have uncovered a massive bribe scandal right here in Gloucester County. Is it happening at the county government level? The Sheriff's department? Public Works? Or is it something else? The answer is something else. We are the guilty party of this scandal. You see we are now going to bribe you to come here each and every week. How? We are going to start giving away free stuff. That's right. We are going to give away free stuff each and every week. Each week will be something new and different. Each week we will take down the old bribe and offer you a new bribe. And we are going to start bribing you right now with a free download MP3 song. Click Here to get your first weekly bribe. We know, this is scandalous.

We are putting a sidebar section in where you can pick up your weekly bribe. Each week the bribe will change and can be anything from cool software to a great video, cartoon, movie or another MP3 file.

This first bribe is some Gothic style heavy metal from a band in Germany called Chronique. The music style isn't for everyone so you just have to watch each week as we bring in new stuff to see if the bribe is for you. Enjoy.

John F Kennedy, Walter Conkite and Edward R Murrow

As we continue to work with old video content, we have a lot of great stuff to share. In this video we have re mastered a number of old commercials into an historic news broadcast all featuring famous people such as John F Kennedy, Walter Conkite and Edward R Murrow. This is just another great piece that we hope you will enjoy.

Andy Griffith Show Re Mixed With Period Commercials

We have been working with a number of old time radio shows, TV shows, movies and commercials. We are very proud of this episode of the Andy Griffith show as we have re mastered it to include period commercials in all the right places. It gives you a replicated view of what TV viewing was once like. We hope you enjoy it.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Pure Paisley Consignment Shoppe, 17 South, Next To The Tidewater Inn

An updated web commercial of Pure Paisley located at 3682 George Washington Mem Hwy, 17 South, Next to the Tidewater Inn. This is a great shop with wonderful furniture consignments, home decor, a holiday section, hand made jewelry, custom ladies handbags and much more. Stop dreaming about that great look you want in your home and come in and start creating that look. Open Wednesday though Saturday, 10:00 AM til 6:00 PM.

Mr Magoo Classic Cartoon #2 Robinson Crusoe.

TGIF and you worked hard all week. This deserves another dose of Mr Magoo to take out some of that stress. Enjoy the weekend and relax for once.

Mr Magoo Classic Cartoons - Eagle Eye Magoo

For our older readers, remember the Mr Magoo cartoons from when you were a kid? Well we are bringing these back along with a host of other cartoons and movies on top of our old time radio shows. So take a break from that hard stressful day you have been having and treat yourself to this cartoon. We have more going up and will continue to put up as much as we can. So enjoy.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

You Tube Playlist For TTC Media

This is just a sampling of some of our early works on You Tube. Our second and our largest channel on You Tube now with well over 600 videos and climbing. The total length of time for this video is about 40 minutes. We now have about 8 video channels on You Tube and climbing.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Charlie Chan Old Time Radio Series Now On Our Sister Site

This is one of the episodes from our Old Time Radio series now up on our sister site. We just posted 4 Charlie Chan episodes on that site and You Tube. So if this is your kind of thing, go check it out.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween On Main Street Dates And Times

Halloween On Main Street is on actual Halloween day, October 31st, 2011, or this Monday. The start time is 5:30 PM until 8:00 PM. You want to come earlier than that however as the area and parking fill up very fast and Main street is closed to all traffic.

Chupacabra, The Nightmre Begins - Our Second Halloween Video

Our second Halloween video is the, "Chupacabra, The Nightmare Begins". With multilayer d special effects, it is rather chilling especially when combined with the background music.

Nightmare of the Bones - Just in time for Halloween

We made a few videos just in time for Halloween. Here is the first in our series called, "Nightmare of the Bones". Not for the faint of heart. It is nightmarish. Everyone be safe out there and have fun. Not to much candy now.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Old Time Radio - A New TTC Media Site

We just launched yet another new web site and will be launching another two very soon. Our newest site is an Old Time Radio program site. We just launched it with 4 old time radio programs and have a large library of shows and episodes that we are now re engineering and re mastering. We kicked off the site with a classic Red Skelton show and the other 3 shows are from the Beyond Midnight series. Click Here to check out the new site. New sites coming are video hits of the 80's and videos of yesteryear. We have already published Charlie Chaplin and the Three Stooges for that new site. We will post links on here as soon as they are up.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Virginia State Fair

Here are some of our pictures from the Virginia State Fair. We just finished getting this up.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Event Productions - Gloucester, Virginia And Nationwide

We are now launching our event productions on a national level. We have contracted numerous people and groups ranging from magic shows to mermaids, music in just about every category, actors and actresses covering pretty much whatever you can think of, models, and more. We have worked out some deals with vendors and have even worked out deals on stages and land use for all kinds of productions. We offer events for any reason, corporate parties, product launches, grand openings and nearly everything else. Our people are in areas from Pennsylvania to the Keys in Florida. Some of our people do limit their travel as they have day jobs. However, our list of contracts is growing so if one of our people or groups can not cover your needs, we should have another who can.

We are also opening up an office in Pennsylvania to handle jobs in our Northern region. Let us entertain you.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Gloucester, Virginia Events And Attractions
The above is a link to our newest web site that is just under way. It is to become our events and attractions site. On this new section you will be able to view what past events looked like to see if going to the new ones would suit your tastes or not. It's loaded with videos and will be loaded with pictures and any additional information we think you may be able to use. It's the first site of it's kind and will be very extensive. We are kicking it off with 36 videos from the Renaissance Festival held here each year. Plus we will be embedding a slide show of new updated pictures into the site very soon.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

AWE Wrestling In Gloucester

This is one of two videos we just finished and published of the AWE wrestling from an event here in Gloucester. Enjoy.

Gloucester Antique Car Show

Well if you don't know about it by now then where have you been hiding? Every Friday night at the parking lot by the library on Main Street is the Gloucester car show. Sometimes it's a bomb and other times a treasure trove of automotive delights from yesteryear and today. This video is just a small part of our collection on some of the vehicles seen at this weekly event. Let us know if you want to see more. We have a huge collection of vehicles from numerous events here.

Gloucester Historic Courthouse Circle, Video

We just finished this video on the historic courthouse circle and are posting it here. We have just produced a large number of videos of Gloucester and are in the process of producing many more. Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New World Order Has A New Dawn

One can not ignore the important work that Jordan Maxwell has contributed to the world, but one must look at both how and why he has made these contributions. The same can also be said for Alex Jones. Both give you unbelievable information as to what is going on in the world, the question is how are they getting away with telling these secrets and who is funneling this information to them? And why have they not been stopped by those with interests in not having this information get out?

Well the answer seems pretty clear. These people, like Jordan Maxwell and Alex Jones, are used to help bring in the new world order like it or not. You see, those above realize that we need what seems to be champions on our side, even when they are not. The works are important coming from Maxwell and Jones, but not always in the way that they are presented and or with the meanings that are on the surface of their contributions. One must ask what their real motives are and what they are trying to get from us, or are they trying to get us depressed and in a state of despair.

Watch them and study them, but realize that they have two agendas. They reveal some important truths but also impart us with lies and deceit to further the agenda of the new world order.

Interesting Video On Horses

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sheriff Steve Gentry Election Call

During certain elections we have a habit of calling the results before they are actually in. Well the one for local Sheriff is no different. We are already calling present sheriff Steve Gentry the winner of the upcoming election. Now we are not saying he does not have some tough competition on this round because he does. We just have a good inside track. We can't say congrats to him yet, but it's coming.

Monday, October 3, 2011

How Money Really Works Or A Brief History Of The World

You Can Set The Mind Free, Everything Else Costs Money!
Chuck Thompson of TTC Media

Let's have some fun today and set up a model society. Let's create a small independent town of say 100 people to keep it simple. Everything needed to maintain the town is in and around it, however, there is no money for trade. So what we are going to do is come into this town and set up banking so that this little town can trade amongst each other. We are going to infuse the town with an initial $100.00 for one year to handle all trade. No trading can be done without the official money our little bank creates. Everyone in town is thrilled with the idea.

So business goes about throughout the year and everyone is happy. The end of the year comes and it is time to call in all the money for the year so that we, the banker can get our interest on the money we put into the community. For the $100.00 we put up, the people of the town owe us $105.00. That means that some of the folks in town are going to have to give up a few things such as a car or a house or something to make up that difference. So we as the bank take over possession of these things and put a debit on the town for the $5.00. The next year we put the $100.00 back into the town and yet the town still owes us $5.00 even though we took possession of goods from several people. That possession is just collateral. The year goes by again and again we have the same results. Only now the town has a $10.00 debt on the books and we have more collateral.

Let's make this game a lot more interesting shall we? Well we want the town to think they are all doing well so we put the $100.00 back into the town and decide to add the original $10.00 debit back into the town to help fuel the economy. All of a sudden the town has extra cash for commerce despite lost collateral and a growing deficit. No one notices what is going on nor does anyone care because there is now extra money in the economy to trade with. Well those who have lost cars or homes are complaining so we decide to set up a care office for them that we finance the initial structure of to collect donations for those poor souls who have lost their goods. We blame them for poor money management and set up an administration fee for the care office that will go against the town's money. We charge the town $2.00 for this care office and we collect goodwill from the town's people to offset the poor saps who lost their place.

So another year ends and now the town owes us the usual $5.00 for the $100.00 plus they owe us an additional 50 cents for the extra $10.00 we put into their economy plus an additional 50 cents for the debt still owed on the first two years of non payment, plus $2.00 for the care center we set up. So on year three the town owes us $18.00. More people have to give up collateral. Now keep in mind that collateral does not pay the money debt, it simply stands on the books as money owed to us and we take possession of the collateral. Well in our little town, this isn't going to stand very good on year three if we keep taking away the town's resources so we decide to allow people to keep what they have and we set up a new savings and loan. Well that's at a cost to the town of another $2.00. The savings and loan allows people to maintain their collateral at a small additional cost from their yearly input.

Now we also decide that we want the town to grow so we put the $100.00 back into the town and add an additional $25.00 this year really firing up trade. At the end of the year the town owes us the usual $5.00 plus last year's $18.00 plus the $2.00 for the savings and loan and the $2.00 for the care center and an additional $1.25 for the additional $25.00 we pumped into the economy plus the interest on the $18.00 which equals $.90. So let's see, on year 4 the town owes us $29.15. Well most everyone is really happy with how the town is going so we begin year 5. So now let's make it really interesting. We put the usual $100.00 back into the economy plus the additional $25.00 plus we kick it up a notch by adding yet another $25.00 into the economy.

Because we are really kicking things up we also start to charge fees at the bank for these extra loans. The fees are above and beyond the usual interest rate and we justify the charges because we can. We also impose a new tax on the land that everyone must pay. Plus we have to set up a new office to collect the taxes. We charge the town another $2.00 for the set up and also charge the town $1.00 for the town employee that we must extract from the town. We pay the employee 25 cents per year on the $1.00 fee we collect for that person. We also have to extract another person from the town to run our savings and loan so assess the town yet another $1.00 for that employee and pay that employee 25 cents as well. We also charge the town yet another $1.00 for the employee we must have for the care center and we pay that person 15 cents per year. So we have removed 3 people from the towns commerce production creating a retail trader status of these new employees.

Well even though this is all starting to get a little confusing, remember, we have created the confusion and we are doing so by design. The people of the town are ecstatic about all the new capital in the town and growth is moving along despite the growing debt and collateral looses. End of year 5 we are not going to do the math above, we will just say that you now own half the town's resources. So now we are going to make it really interesting for year 6 and everyone is going to love us for it.

Year 6. We decide we really don't want you to know just how bad we have taken advantage of you so we are going to make you really happy over the next 4 years. We build an entertainment center and an art center all of which have fees to them and we also have to take more people out of the town's production system. We also start numerous news organizations that are designed to keep you occupied and off the track of what we are doing and all of these organizations promote us at every level. Yet more people out of the town's production system. We also start to infuse the town with new comers from some foreign town to help pick up the town's slack production. The town is growing. By year 10 not only is the town in debt for the usual $100.00, it also has more than tripled the original debt and the town now owes you over $300.00 above and beyond the usual $100.00 infusion for trade you began.

Some people are really starting to complain as they have figured out what has been done but no one hears them as they are all to busy with all the new games, entertainment and news. Year 11 begins with even a lot more fun. You create trade with other foreign towns and set up offices all of which costs each town the usual $2.00 and is assessed on each town the same. You also set up laws for trade and set up new offices for the governance of those laws and charge the people who earn fees from acting as middle men the foreign trade offices you set up and call them lawyers. These lawyers run the trade and pay you for the privilege. Remember you are also getting your money on the offices as well.

We can play this game to no end at every level. Welcome to our modern world. We can set inflation wherever we want and create economic downturns and upswings all by how we choose to infuse the economy. It isn't rocket science after all. It's just a matter of keeping good books to see who owes you what at any given time and playing the game as you want to play it. You created the game and you control every aspect of it. You create the growth and the destruction of growth. All the while you are taking more collateral out of thin air. But it still gets more interesting. Some of the towns you want to add into this game do not want to play, so you invade them and force them into the game. All done incrementally. Each invasion you set up new winners and new losers.

You determine and manipulate who gets the biggest piece of the pie in each town and who gets nothing. You decide what percentage of the town gives up housing, cars, resources of every type. And yet they still love you because you created all these great things to keep them occupied. You steal every part of their minds by controlling every aspect of entertainment, art and education. No one dares speak against you for fear of being the next victim. You have managed to take over the entire world by manipulating this game to no end. Those you have put at the top of the game keep everyone else in check should they dare challenge the game. You have even set up levels of conduct expected of your new slaves so that they can police each other at no further costs to you. Life is good if you rule the game. It sucks if you have been manipulated to the bottom. But in order for there to be winners, there must be those who lose everything. The ones who no longer have anything have been manipulated out of what they once had.

This game requires the takeover of everything in it's path. You can play this game forever. You can even justify removing the majority of the planets population to get them off the land and out of the resources you now own through manipulation and theft. After all, you worked hard to create the game and manipulate all the rules. Does this sound familiar? Unlike the game of Monopoly, where anyone can win through good luck and fortune, this game is stacked in one direction only. There must be poor people in order to have what looks like some winners and the rest in the middle. The ones in the middle have one end result only, to go straight to the bottom eventually. Even those at the very top of this manipulated game end up eventually at the bottom once all those in the middle have been wiped out. The one left standing is you the banker.

What is so amazing is that even those at the top of this game have yet to figure this out. If they have, they hope and pray that those in the middle do not get wiped out before they are gone or game over for them as well. Once you wipe out the middle, you may as well wipe them off the books for good to get them out of the way. Then you start an all new game with the few who were at the top of the last game and it all starts over again only this time with all new rules and you as owning pretty much everything. The question is, how is this one going to be played? You can bet the rules are not going to be as nice. By the way, how do you wipe the slack off the books for good? You destroy it through the most efficient means and bury the waste. That's why you need that top tier to remain. Someone needs to clean up after wiping the books. Looks like the new game is going to be a lot more fun for those left. Are you really interested in being at the top knowing what that means? The new game begins with clean up and then starts all over again which will require the last batch of winners all eventually going to the bottom. Your job if you are in the top tier at the end of the first game is to remain in the top tier of the second game and the third game. What no one ever figures out is that this game can not go on forever.

Yet here we are, all playing until it is our turn to be cast out. Once out, it's nearly impossible to come back. The cards have been stacked against you and you have been coded to remain at the bottom unless you have a magic card. But magic does not exist, just luck at that point. Now you know how the world really works. Banking, politics, commerce, trade, labor, entertainment, art, education and everything else under the sun is manipulated from the top of the banking empire and is directly controlled. Anything can be moved anywhere and any section of the world can be vastly changed over an incremental period of time. Entire nations can be built and destroyed at will. Entire processes from religion to work can be manipulated with ease over a period of time. It is those who control the banking empire who control the world and you gave them permission. Now they own you and you have no clue on what to do. Who gave them this power? We all did because we never learned the game.

Now that we know the game, they took everything already and now we are powerless against the machine we built at our expense and gave to them. Even the most intelligent amongst us did not figure this out until it was to late because they lied or covered up the rules they were going to play against us. The beauty of this game is that it uses a sense of honesty against ourselves. We are taught and are expected to be honest at every level yet those are not the rules they play by. Even knowing what has been played against us, we fight within ourselves as to what to do about it wanting to remain honest and fair. They know this and manipulate this to their advantage too.

Again the game is very simple. It is made complex to keep even the smartest person from ever figuring out the real rules. It does not matter how you do the math. In fact, the more complex you make it, the better. The end results are still the same. Your ownership of debt and collateral just continues to grow every year and those out in the towns continue to decline and give up what is theirs. What is not seen is that this game eventually leads to total destruction of all life on the planet, even by those who rule this game. They are manipulated into thinking the game can be played forever.

Either way, this is the game that the majority of the world is presently under and the rest of the world is in conflict over. Or in other words, why wars are really being waged. The majority of people really do not care what form of government, banking, trade or commerce is in place as long as they are left alone to have some sort of comfortable living not realizing that they are part of the game and are manipulated in it at every level and the exact reason why everyone should know and understand this very simple game. Once you understand the basics, you can see how easy it is to manipulate everything in sight. If you have an answer on how to stop this game, the world is waiting and really can not afford to wait any longer. The world answered this once and only once. It's called the United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights. Now only memories as it has all been supplanted by other laws that have taken over and rendered it a distant memory that will soon disappear forever. You won't even learn about it in the history books as it gets removed. This system depends and thrives on the destruction of people's live in order to succeed. Without it, the system would collapse.

Fools, aren't we all. Play ball.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coming Economic Collapse Is Being Stated Everywhere

This video explains what we have been saying if you watch it all the way through.

Occupy Wall Street, A Closer Look

A look inside of what is really going on down at the Wall Street location in New York City. This is the beginning of a world wide revolution. What we all must be careful about is triggering World War 3. I say this as I see it as part of the lead in to it. The NWO wants these protests to happen and turn into world wide violence. It's part of their protection plan designed to take away the remaining liberties and freedoms we have left that will be offered as the financial markets worldwide collapse.

This is all by design and carefully manipulated by the same people who are going to offer you their protection from what they are putting us all through. These are the same people who tell you that capitalism is still alive in America but is in serious trouble. Capitalism was destroyed over 50 years ago and the present state is the collapse of Socialism just before it turns into communism. It has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats. Those are Hollywood parties designed to keep you off the real issues. Now you don't have a choice as the world around you is caving in from every angle.

It's time to pay attention and start looking at what is really going on and what is about to take place. You are being lied to from the Main Stream Media and you can no longer afford their poor services.

Euro About To Crash, Dollar Only Three Weeks Away

Well now you have not been seeing this on the local or national news. You have to travel outside of the America's to get this news by an American. If the Euro does in fact crash, the dollar will crash within 3 weeks of the Euro. Afterwards will be the announcement of the NWO coming to eveyone's rescue. Don't you believe it. See our earlier post on the 21 protocols of world domination and then you will understand what is coming.

It's The Alternative Media That Is Now Breaking The News, Occupy Wall Street

It's sad that it now takes the alternative media, which we are a part of, to break the news. It also takes us all coming together to get the news out to you. SO we are bringing you the news that the main stream refuses to view as they want to control what you know and what you do not know.

You Can Not Trust The Main Stream Media

The above video just goes to show that you can not trust main stream media. They know what is best for you. Your to stupid to know any better so just sit back and let them do the thinking for you. They constantly and obviously lie to us all but hey, it's on TV so it must be true.

Ron Paul Explains The Constitution Once Again

It's a sad day when you only have one political leader who knows the law of the land and has to explain it to everyone else.

More Inside Dirt On Rick Perry

If you want your vote to count, do not vote for one of the New World Order nominee's. Those picked to be president before you even get to vote. Obama winning the election was foretold long before an election was even held and we even went on line and reported this. We had our post dates removed while the posts stayed up. This is unheard of. It's already been said that Rick Perry will become our new President. Your vote does not count. He's been picked for you. Is that acceptable to you?

What's The Deal With Rick Perry?

Anyone buying into the Rick Perry deal? This guy is just another puppet of the masters. No thanks.

News You May Have Missed. Ron Paul

Ron Paul. He just makes sense. Rick Perry? Run for the hills and as fast as you can.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Descendants of Pocahontas
Many claim to be descendants to Pocahontas, above is the link that prove whether they are or not. Chances are very high they are not. Thomas Rolfe was the only son of John and Rebecca Rolfe. Rebecca being the Anglo Saxon name of Pocahontas. So the link will take you to John Bolling who was the only son of Robert Bolling who married Jane Rolfe, the only offspring of Thomas Rolfe. It's not hard to trace folks.

Gloucester, Virginia In The Civil War

Gloucester, Virginia played a significant part in the Civil War. For those who are not aware of this, it was here in Gloucester that the first shots of the civil war in Virginia were fired and they happened down by the Gloucester Point beach. The above video is from the 150th anniversary event held here in Gloucester back in May of 2011 showing the event. Enjoy.

Jordan Maxwell Explains A Great Deal About Our Legal System In This Video

Change is happening all around us and many feel that it is not in a good direction. Part of our own missions is to help you sort through all the information and get news you just will not find on the main stream media news channels. Why not? Because they are complicit in the change.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pocahontas Link On Wikipedia
The above is the link to Pocahontas on Wikipedia. We used this site and this page as part of our early research along with some others.
The research on this site is deep and plausible with plenty of links to other sites as well. In the mean time we will continue to do our research and bring you our findings.

Pocahontas, Moving Closer To The Truth?

When one starts digging through all the information out there, one begins to build a new picture of what really happened in earlier times. This video was also well researched and kicks the movie done about Jamestown, Pocahontas and Captain John Smith. But again, digging must continue until we are able to establish the best possible picture based on the best possible evidence. Links will be coming soon so that everyone can follow and build their own conclusions.

Pocahontas And Jamestown Alternative Historical Views

Here is an interesting video also found on You Tube that has a different take on early English history. Unless you have documents in front of you that are authenticated as original of the period, who can actually say what is true? We ran into a great deal of difficulty when just drafting our brief history of Gloucester. There are conflicts all over and a multitude of alternative stories to the one's we have been taught in school. It is not to suggest that the information in the above video is not correct, it was obviously well researched and produced. It also makes a lot of sense and does not fit into our own history books teachings. If there is anything we have learned in life, everything is subject to interpretation and somewhere in the middle the truth of one person lies but proves to be the lies of another.

It was all the conflicts that we found while doing our tiny piece that has prompted us to further investigate Gloucester history and present as much information as possible about it. We have also found that sites that once existed and was a part of our research are no longer active and have been abandoned. If we are able to, we will pick up those areas and create new sites and tie them together.

Some of the major issues that we face today in our research is that Jamestown was burnt to the ground by Nathaniel Bacon, destroying valuable records. Not all of early English American history were destroyed but a great deal was. Piecing it all together has been a very difficult task at best and the task is still ongoing. What is interesting is that Jamestown was not the first settlement tried in North America. Many attempts were made and were failures, but that in itself is food for yet another article.

A Brief History of Chief Powhatan and Pocahontas Video

Here is a brief history on Chief Powhatan and Pocahontas found on You Tube that was sponsored by the folks over at Jamestown.

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Brief History of Gloucester, Virginia - Notes

Below this post is a story on the Brief History of Gloucester, Virginia. We have posted a link at the very bottom of this site to a copy of the original work. It is on line and can be sent anywhere. You are free to copy and use it in it's entirety without alterations to it whatsoever. You may add notes to it when you send it to others, but you may not change any of it's contents. We will be dedicating a larger part of this site to the history of Gloucester with more stories and links. We hope you enjoy the site.

A Brief History of Gloucester, Virginia

From the earliest of English history in the US to modern day technological advancements, Gloucester County, Virginia is in the forefront of the silent history that impacts the world.
This brief history will show you how and why.

By; Chuck Thompson of TTC Media

United States English American history begins with the landing at Jamestown, Virginia. Less than 30 miles away from what is now known as Gloucester, Virginia. The new English frontier begins in Jamestown but is superseded by native American history of Gloucester, Virginia where Pocahontas was born in 1595 to chief Powhatan. Pocahontas, aka Matoaka, her real given name, was responsible for saving the life of Captain John Smith and building the first bridges of understanding between the Native American's and English settlers. Pocahontas married John Rolfe in Jamestown, Virginia and lived with him on his tobacco plantation in Henrico County, Virginia until they moved to England where she died a year later from small pox.

Gloucester County or Werowocomoco, was the seat of Powhatan's Confederacy of 30 tribes or about 12,000 to 15,000 Native Americans until around 1609. The location of Powhatan's chimney in the area of Wicomico in Gloucester County, was first thought to be the site of Powhatan's seat of power, but has since changed to further north in the county around Ark and Purtan Bay area.

It is hard to pinpoint exact present locations of early American history as land values have changed dramatically throughout time. Counties such as Gloucester were once part of York County which was also a part of James Citti an area that held Jamestown as the seat of government and encompassed land all the way out to West Point and included Williamsburg, Yorktown, Gloucester and others at one time. Present day Mathews county was once a part of Gloucester County. So again, even early Gloucester history is partially skewed by past and present day boundary lines that did not exist in earlier times.

Early history shows that Gloucester was a part of the tobacco trade and plantations flourished throughout the county taking advantage of this lucrative business. Fairfield Plantation was established in 1642 by Lewis Burwell and was a part of the many tobacco plantations of the early colonies. Tobacco back in that era was as good as cash.

1651 – Gloucester County is formed off of York County and established. The county is named after Henry Stuart, Duke of Gloucester, third son of King Charles 1st of Great Britain. Daffodils are planted around the county that later become significant to future history.

1657 – Warner Plantation is established by Augustine Warner, the grandfather of George Washington.

1667 – Fortifications are built at Tyndal Point to serve as a protection location of the York River. Tyndal Point is presently known as Gloucester Point.

1674 – Nathaniel Bacon begins his famous “Rebellion”.

1676 – Nathaniel Bacon burns Jamestown to the ground. He and half his troops run for cover in Gloucester, Virginia while the other half run to nearby Surry, Virginia to hide out. On October 26th he dies of Dysentery in Gloucester County. Where is not known.

1715 – 1773 World renowned botanist John Clayton comes to Gloucester, Virginia with his father from England. He also serves as clerk of the county. Many books today still site his research.

1725 – Mann Page begins Rosewell Plantation in what is presently known as the Rosewell Ruins. The Page family is considered one of the first families of Virginia. Rosewell is considered the most elaborate home ever built in the colonies and was designed to exceed the Governor's Palace that was just built in Williamsburg in every level of luxury and amenities. The home, (now ruins), is of tremendous historical importance in our nation's history. John Page, grandson of Mann Page went to the college of William and Mary in Williamsburg and was close friends with Thomas Jefferson who spent a great deal of time at this site. It is said that early drafts of the Declaration of Independence were created here.

John Page went on to become Governor of Virginia and also served in the American Revolution attaining the rank of colonel. Meetings between John Page, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were a normal occurrence.

1781 – Battle of the Hook takes place here in Gloucester that essentially hinders Lord Cornwallis's escape route from the coming American and French armies. Surrender by the British occurs both in Yorktown and in Gloucester.

1851 – Dr Walter Reed is born here. Dr. Reed is famous as the medical hero who discovered the cause for and cure of Yellow Fever.

1861 – The first shots of the Civil War in Virginia are fired from Gloucester Point. It was well understood that protecting the York River from a northern invasion was very important as the York is an easy access point to Richmond via West Point. A northern ship trying to sail up the York River was fired on and rendered helpless moving over to the York County side of the river staying away from further enemy fire.

1930's and 1940's. Gloucester is named the “Daffodil Capital of America”. Annual festivals are still held each year celebrating this vibrant flower.

1940 – VIMS or the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences is founded here. Part of the college of William and Mary, VIMS impacts the world with it's research findings and it's work is much sought after around the globe.

1952 – The George P Coleman Bridge is opened to traffic. Rebuilt in record time in 1995 to create more lanes for traffic, this bridge once it was finished was the largest in the world at the time. Today it ranks largest of it's kind in the United States and Second in the world but it's about to become third place. It is a double swing span bridge that extends almost 90 feet above water at it's highest area.

Present day. Gloucester as one can clearly see, has been at the forefront of history that has had great effects on both the nation and the world around us and yet it's all in the background of the history books if mentioned at all. Gloucester continues this great tradition today and who knows what the future holds? If history is a key indicator, then Gloucester will continue it's greatness but maybe, just maybe, no longer in the footnotes of the history books but instead at the front of the history books.

Gloucester County government sponsors events throughout the year celebrating it's great history and now you know what pride exists amongst it's residents.

Halloween and Christmas Countdown Clocks Now Here

We just installed countdown clocks on the site that tell you how much time is left before Christmas and another one that tells you how much time is left before Halloween. They are towards the bottom of this site on the right hand side. The time is ticking so make sure you have everything you need before these all important dates. Once Halloween is over we will install one for Thanksgiving. It's all in fun.

Save The Chesapeake Bay! From..... What?

Efforts to save the bay costs all of us money.
The question is, are we actually doing any good?

Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

We here the banter all the time and have plenty of government interference in our lives in very seriously flawed ways in which we are all held responsible for saving the bay. Yes I said we are all held responsible and we are all forced to pay for ways that are said to save the bay. The problem is that these injuries inflicted on us have nothing to do with saving the bay whatsoever and only serve to cause potential serious health issue later on down the road. Something else we will be forced to pay for it's clean up but not until after a serious health crisis ensues. What am I referring to? The watersheds being constructed all over. Every business being put up must build a watershed so that water does not run off the property and potentially contaminate the bay. What a seriously flawed plan that is. You are actually being blamed for nature.

How dare you be born and live on the earth you dirty rotten piece of filth you. It is you that is contaminating the bay just by being alive. A government run amok that very often accuses it's citizens for the ravages of nature or the destruction of corporations on the planet is a well thought out and played plan used against the people all the time. But getting back to the serious flaw of the watersheds is the fact that these watersheds are breeding grounds for bacteria, the kind that cause dysentery and potential death should we try to drink that water. That isn't the worst part. It is also a breeding ground for mosquito's that could very well bring back the dreaded Yellow Fever, bring in malaria and a host of other serious life threatening diseases. What guineas came up with this idea of building watersheds all over was either incredibly nave or horribly guilty of understanding these issues all to well.

Watersheds that prevent run off from land where the bay is potentially poisoned is plain old insane. Run off from land is the least of the problems for the bay. Over a century of industrialization and modernization are more responsible for the bay's ill health than ten thousand years of water run off from the lands. All one has to do is look at the tributaries that feed the bay to see where the real problems are coming from. In today's modern technological world, this is now very easy to do. All one has to do is trace what is along the tributaries to the bay on Google Earth and one will find a plethora of industries producing everything under the sun. There are numerous nuclear power plants along the tributaries, old leather tanneries, chemical plants, and all kinds of manufacturing plants.

Let's look at a close tributary manufacturing plant's contributory impact on the bay. In West Point, Virginia along the York river is a paper manufacturer. Outside the plant are thousands of log trees that have to be chipped down to saw dust in order to create pulp for paper. The chipping of the wood creates a very acidic environment in the water that is extremely intense. Let's examine how this works. If a tree dies or gets knocked down by a storm and falls into a river, there is a slow progress in breaking down the tree into it's organic compounds and only creates a very low acidic level over a long period of time in the water. When a tree is chipped, it's compounds are released much faster and in a more concentrated form. Looked at another way, if you took a sugar cane stalk and dipped the entire stalk into a large bucket of water, only a small amount of it's sweetness would be released into the water over a period of time. The moment you grind up the sugar cane stalk into a powder, you can quickly release much higher levels of sweetness into the water at much faster rates.

The paper plant is creating very high levels of acidity in the water around the plant and that water works it's way all the way down the York river wrecking havoc all along it's path and this river is a tributary to the bay. Now in fairness to the paper plant, I want what they produce and it's products that this plant produces that many people throughout the nation use and may not even realize it. It's a trade off that is part of the process of industrialization and modernization. Yes there are trade offs that must be made. Is it possible to stop any and all organic pollution of wood chips going into the river and causing high levels of acidity on the water that destroys plant and fish life? Yes, but at a cost that no one is willing to pay. A smarter way to offset the acidic conditions the paper plant create is to lime the local area.

Now again, this is only one plant along one tributary feeding into the bay and this one is a mild case where the pollutants are organic. There are other plants along the tributaries that produce synthetic pollutants that are much more destructive. Again, all one has to do is travel along the tributaries using Google Earth to see more than you could ever handle. What you also will learn that even if you built watersheds all over the nation, you have a zero sum chance of ever stopping run off into the tributaries of the bay that have more impact on the bay than those who live along the bay. We should all be concerned? Let's look at present news that are now on the headlines. This article has been in the works for several weeks and now is the best time for us to release it as there is now a major mud problem stemming from the tributaries that are now impacting the bay and will consume the entire bay over the next few weeks.

Run off from properties all along the tributaries of the bay are causing issues that have many concerned for the bay's health. It's called nature. Yeah, let's worry about that. Let's blame all of Virginia and Maryland for the issues of nature and industrialization and modernization. Let's put the costs and blame on the citizenry of these states for the havoc nature and manufacturing plants cause. Let's blame everyone and everything else. The bay is polluted, welcome to the effects of the 19th and 20th centuries on present day life. Over fishing has been a mild contributor but not to the effects blamed. But a bad guy is always needed in every good story and you are it. Welcome to the Green World of Environmentalism. Where you are the problem. Why we are part of the Orange movement and are one hundred percent anti green. The world works from the bottom up, not the top down. You can fool some of the people some of the time. You can not fool all the people all the time. We are not fooled and will continue to blast the insanity that surrounds us. History is replete with revolutions that always start from the bottom and work their way up removing undesired leadership. The new information revolution is alive and growing.

It's time to remove the insane restrictions put upon the people whom live along the bay and it's tributaries and put the blame of it's ill's on the real areas. It's time to stop signing the songs of the Environmentalists who are the biggest environmental polluters. Go orange not green.

On a final note about the watersheds being placed and the issues of growing bacterial concerns. Won't these contaminants run down into people's own wells? If the contaminants do seep into people's well water, who is going to pay for new wells or fixing the issues? Old problems are not being solved, instead new problems and higher costs are being implemented with no answers for the coming issues and impacts of poor planning.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Great Time To Avoid Buying A House

Well this post should prove to make a lot of Real Estate professionals very upset with us. You are being sold everywhere that now is the best time ever to buy a house. Interest rates have never been lower. I would rather pay higher interest rates on a property that I know will appreciate than to pay a lower interest rate on a property that will continue to depreciate especially in light of the next market bubble burst that only so called experts will tell you they saw coming after the fact. Yes there will be another bubble burst. It's already under way but gets little to no press coverage at all. After all, everyone still wants your cash.

On average, homes have fallen fifty percent of their value of a 2006 high price point. That's the national average. Prices have yet to fully fall here in this area. Don't fool yourself into thinking they won't despite stories in the press otherwise. Rental prices are at all time highs and continuing to go up as more people continue to get kicked out of their homes. There will be market adjustments in a few years here as well. Most people these days are upside down in their mortgages on their houses. Jobs are still being lost and not replaced at an alarming rate with no fix in site.

Many people are walking away from their houses and letting the banks take the eat the negative balance. Problem here is that the banks are making a profit on these homes and on foreclosures. So it's no nothing to them that you walk away. It's just your credit that takes the bath. The banks can sell these newly acquired homes in the red and still make a profit from them as you the tax payer are already paying these bailout costs. Your crying because of presently proposed tax increases? Who do you think is footing all these bills? They are coming one way or another like it or not.

Smart investors are picking up these houses for pennies on the dollar that is well below a fifty percent reduction in present prices. How long do you think this can go on before it hits the value of your home? It is without question a buyers market and a buyer can easily walk away from any deal or make offers that dramatically call into question the present value of your home and it is. You just do not know it yet. County assessments are artificially inflated to maintain the present tax base otherwise you would be screaming at the new hikes in taxes you are paying now anyway based on the real value of your home.

Want to have some real fun? Challenge your assessment with the county on your present home value. If enough people do this, values will be re done to reflect the actual value of your home and tax hikes will kick in to maintain present levels. Opps, no one else is explaining any of this to you now are they? So again, you must look at all the market forces that make up a homes value, an important one is people with enough income to pay what you are asking. Something that no longer exists as it once did. Jobs that allow enough people to make enough money to buy a home have gone into major decline with no new ones to replace them. So how long do you think it will be before a market correction on present over inflated prices hits and your home value crashes? Well Alice, you can live in dreamland for as long as you want, but you can't escape what is going on around you.

The only way we can see buying a home in the present economy is if one pays cash for it and buys it with the intent on living there and it is a dream house. Otherwise you are going to end up upside down in the home with no hope in sight. This of course is not the news that the real estate brokers want you to read, and they will do everything they can to disprove this storyline or show you the flaws. Use your own common sense and look at the economy around you asking the tough questions, then ignore what the broker has to say unless the broker is retired and has no financial interests in selling you anything.

Free $200.00 Dinner

If you think it's really free then we need to talk

Today's investment climate is sure to make you poor
Chuck Thompson of TTC Media

You are invited to a free dinner at Crystal's Diamond Palace. The catch, you must own your home or must at least be actively and presently looking to buy your first home. Plus you must have an asset portfolio of one hundred thousand dollars and have an additional thirty thousand in cash conversion equivalents. (How else do you expect to pay our fees?) Welcome to the money store jingles raging across the nation. Self proclaimed financial experts implying they know money better than you do. Well at least they know how to get their hands on other people's money better than you do anyway.

If you are a sucker enough to buy into the storyline, you can expect a great night of constant low pressure sales techniques designed to show you how dumb you are and how smart they are. You will be sold on concepts that show you how to part with your money under the guise of making and keeping more of your money and building a sounder nest egg for when you retire. Good luck on that. One recent person we heard was advocating taking your 15 year mortgage and turning it into a thirty year one to free up monthly cash flow. Wait there is more. If you roll your high interest credit card debt and even your car payments that is not tax deductible into the new 30 year mortgage and it now becomes partially tax deductible, you will save a fortune.

Sounds smart huh? Wait there is more, but you have to come to the free dinner to get the entire scoop. Have you figured out the con yet or are you hungry for more? If you are hungry for more, go git yer free dinner. We have freed up over $500.00 monthly cash for one of our clients using this technique alone. (Costing that poor sap a huge fortune). Let's break this down just where we are now and see how you will loose a ton of money on what sounds like a very smart idea. First off, re structuring your mortgage is going to cost money. I don't have to have any financial interests in any mortgage company to make a big fat fee from steering you towards them.

Second, extending any credit, even at longer and lower terms costs more than paying them off sooner. You think buying a house is a wise investment? You bought that house thirty years ago for fifty thousand dollars and now it's worth two hundred and fifty thousand dollars? Smart investment huh? Until you add up all the monthly payments you paid during the lifetime of that mortgage and found out that you paid three hundred and twenty thousand dollars for that two hundred and fifty thousand dollar house. What? You didn't think the bank understood appreciation of assets when they wrote that loan thirty years ago? So you are still upside down in your smart investment. You would have been better off buying that corvette.

A fifteen year loan does not carry as much of an interest bearing burden as a thirty year fixed lower interest loan does. The sooner you get rid of any loan, the better off you are going to be. What is more profitable, a four year twenty five percent loan or a thirty year four percent loan? Answer, a thirty year 4 percent loan is more profitable to the bank and more expensive to you. Higher interests rates are charged for depreciating assets. Lower interest rates are charged for appreciating assets. So rolling over a depreciating asset and refinancing it into an appreciating asset insures the bank against loss while you pay more.

But hey, after paying those refinance fees that just put you deeper into debt, you have more cash to play around with. So now these financial experts are going to show you how to make money with your new found money. (Ah, more finders fees paid to them). You are shown the way to financial freedom and are instructed to cut up all but maybe one of your credit cards. Smart no matter what your situation is. I recommend cutting them all up and not even saving the one. So now you are directed into the investment market. Account setup fees and transaction fees abound. But you are building your nest egg now in sound financial instruments. How smart you have become and how good it's been for you to listen to these folks.

And the choices. Not one when truly researched sound no matter how good they look on paper. Let's look at market portfolios that invest in everything from pork bellies to stocks to bonds. All spread out over an entire array of fields. Cuts the risk. Well, it cuts the risk of the managers, not yours. These portfolios may make a huge amount of money, but by the time everything is cut up and their fees taken out and costs divided up, you are lucky if you stayed just below inflation. Turns out what is on paper is not what actually comes down to you. But now you have more fees to pay that are not covered by your meager profits that eat further at what you are trying to build. Those fees are your account fees and have nothing to do with your investments except where your investments are held. But hey, next years market will be better. And remember, your investment friends can not be held responsible for market corrections that are going to wipe you out next year before you pay more administrative fees to your broker along with account fees.

Your new mortgage in the mean time has been sold several times to other companies that have created derivatives out of it. Your last payment as it turns out went to the wrong company and now you are a month behind on your mortgage and your credit takes a hit. More fees and higher rates because of this. But hey, your investments will pick up the difference. Now that you are in the hole deeper than ever before, at least you had more spending money and still have some of it left over even though you have gotten even deeper into credit debt and are now potentially facing being laid off as your company moves operations overseas. But hey, your a smart perso0n and these strategies came along at a great time, so maybe there is hope for some new strategies. Well I have just the perfect opportunity for you. Turns out there is this bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

So let me just finish by saying that I am more than happy to spend two hundred dollars up front to show you that I am smarter than you with the use of charts and knowing that by the end of the night I have you hooked into bringing me about two thousand dollars in fees all the while selling out your future. Yup, your a pretty smart person for buying into this. By the way, that two hundred dollar dinner only costs me thirty five dollars and I have just structured a deal to pull an additional eight hundred dollars out of one in five that I get on board. Cheers.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Scott Petty With The US Coast Guard Update

We have just learned that Scott Petty with the US Coast Guard, a division of Homeland Security, works in the legal department in Norfolk, Virginia. This is the guy we have been reporting about with all the illegal fireworks and the way he uses them as well as our last report where he tried to pick a fist fight with a female neighbor. Here is a guy that should obviously know better based on the fact he works in the legal department. Apparently this guy thinks he is above the law? This is frightening.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gloucester County man arrested for soliciting sex from a minor on Facebook, Story From WTKR News

This Story from WTKR News

A Gloucester County Sheriff's Office investigation led to the arrest of Werter Gregory Wright, 43, who has been accused of communicating with a minor on Facebook and making inappropriate, sexual comments to the teen.

He was arrested at his Newport News home in the 12700 Block of St. George Street and has been charged with three felony counts of use of a communications device to solicit a minor for certain sexual offenses.

A 16-year-old female told police that she had been communicating with Wright, who took school pictures at several schools on the Northern Neck, through Facebook. The teenager indicated that Wright made several inappropriate comments of sexual nature to her.

Police went undercover and started communicating with Wright where several conversations between and undercover investigator took place.
Authorities searched Wright’s residence and seized several items including a computer, external hard drive and a cell phone.

Wright is now being held without bond at the Gloucester County Jail.

Wright was using the Facebook account “” and the Yahoo Account

Anyone with information on Wright or has had any juveniles who may have had contact with him on any of these accounts is asked to contact Lt. Little at Gloucester Sheriffs Office at 804-693-1100 or Investigator Taylor with Richmond County Sheriffs Office at 804-333-5646.

Man Charged In burglaries, Story From The Virginia Pilot

By Cindy Clayton
The Virginian-Pilot
© September 14, 2011


A 24-year-old man has been charged in connection with several larcenies and burglaries last month.

Christopher Michael Hatton, of the 4100 block of Cappahosic Road, was charged with two counts of burglary, two counts of grand larceny, two counts of misdemeanor credit card fraud and one count of petty larceny, a news release from the Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office says. He is free on a $10,000 bond.

Cash, credit cards and GPS units were stolen during overnight larcenies and burglaries in the 6700 block of Havers Hall Road and the 6700 block of Paramount Court on Aug. 21, the release says.

Surveillance cameras later captured video of the stolen credit cards being used at area convenience stores.