Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pink Panther Cartoon, Pink Phink, Classic Cartoon Saturdays

The egg-shaped man gets a pink makeover in The...
The egg-shaped man gets a pink makeover in The Pink Phink. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Continuing our classic cartoons Saturday, we present the Pink Panther in Pink Phink.  Watch classic Pink Panther cartoons right here every Saturday on GVLN.  Want to keep up to date with what is coming on next?  Download our free programming guide from the link above.
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Classic Cartoons - Mr Magoo, Campaigner Magoo

Mr Magoo cartoon.  For those who remember these, here is a blast from the past.  For those who have never seen a Mr Magoo cartoon, here is something to experience.  If the voice sounds familiar, it's Jim Baccus who played Thurston Howl the third on Gilligan's Island.  See episodes of Mr Magoo every Saturday right here on GVLN.

To stay up to date on what we are doing next, download our free program guide from the above links list.
Mr. Magoo and McBarker from What's New Mr. Magoo?.
Mr. Magoo and McBarker from What's New Mr. Magoo?. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Decomposed body found in Newport News shed

Posted on: 8:55 am, June 14, 2013, by  and updated on: 07:23am, June 15, 2013

Newport News, Va. – The badly decomposed body of a white male was found in a shed on Friday morning in Newport News.
The shed sits behind a house on 36th street just a few houses down from where Darren Turner lives.
“It’s been empty for quite some time. I mean you’ll see an older gentleman coming in and out like usually early in the morning or real late at night,” says Turner.
Turner thinks the man was homeless because he saw him climb through the window a few times.
A sign on the front door shows the house has been condemned since February and a large pile of clothes was right in front of the shed where police found the body.
“She fed him when he was hungry, helped him out every way she could,” says Tike Panags, a family friend.
Tike Panags says he’s friends with the family of the man who stayed in the house and that the man often stopped by his mom’s restaurant on 35th Street.
Police have not identified the body yet-
But Panags tells NewsChannel 3 the man’s sister called him the other day saying her brother had been missing since last Thursday.
He says she then asked him to go check on him.
“I came here yesterday about 3 o’clock and I knocked on the door, and I saw the window was broken over there and then I saw the condemned sign and no sign of him,” says Panags.
Police and forensics teams cleared the scene a little after 10 a.m. Police say the DNA tests will need to be done to identify the body because of how badly it was decomposed.

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McDonnell in mountains for PAC retreat

Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell speaking at...
Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell speaking at CPAC. Please attribute to Gage Skidmore if used elsewhere. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gov. Bob McDonnell is capping the week in the mountains with donors, staff and others.
McDonnell’s Opportunity Virginia PAC is holding its fourth annual retreat at the Homestead, the tony Hot Springs resort, where about 80 people are expected to hobnob for a couple of days.
A McDonnell aide says guests pay for their own accommodations, but various programs are organized, including panel discussions.
The event has, in the past, drawn an array of lawmakers and this year, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker addressed the group, according to a McDonnell spokesman.

Link to original story on Virginia Politics.
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Free Song of the day - Pr4nA - The Right Thing

Free song of the day is "The Right Thing", by Pr4nA.  Great tune.  Play it here and if you like it, feel free to download a copy for yourself for free.  No singing up, no emails, no pop-ups, no gimmicks, no kidding.  GVLN, where free really means free.

(cc) Some Rights Reserved - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-NDYou can copy, distribute, advertise and play this track as long as you:
  • Give credit to the artist
  • Don't alter, transform or build upon this album
  • Don't use this album for commercial purposes

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Recipe of the day - Stuffed Chile Pepper

chili peppers
chili peppers (Photo credit: marzbars)
Fry chile peppers until they puff under skin; cool and peel; cut out
stem, and with a spoon remove seed. Prepare a mixture of any kind of
meat, to a cup of meat, one tablespoon of chopped onion, one clove
garlic, one-half cup tomatoes, one-half cup of sliced olives, one-fourth
raisins--chopped very fine. Add one tablespoon vinegar, and cook in two
tablespoons hot lard; cool and fill the chile peppers. Beat desired
number of eggs separately, add a tablespoon flour, one of milk to each
egg, and season with salt and red pepper. Dip chile in batter, and fry
brown in hot lard, drain, sprinkle with chopped parsley; serve hot. A
prepared sauce may be served over chile or a white sauce with apple,
raisins, peach preserves or marmalades added to desired taste.
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2013 US Open Golf, NBA Finals Updates From ESPN

President Obama's Secret Papers Slated For Shredding Revealed

An often heard complaint from the right wing is that Obama is a secret communist.  His books are often sited that strongly suggests such coming from the right wing.  Well now the right wing can have a party as we have uncovered this unbelievable scandal that are within these papers.  We are calling this the spoof scandal.  (Our note:  We are neither left wing nor right wing, nor are we in the middle of the two.  Our views lean more towards libertarian but we are not libertarian either).

  You are free to download a copy of this or send it to your friends.  Embed a copy into your own website.  Have fun with it.  Spread the word.  The spoof scandal is hot.
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Friday, June 14, 2013

Classic Movie - Abbott and Costello In Jack and the beanstalk Rare color film

Abbot and Costello in Jack And The Beanstalk.  This is a very rare color film featuring Abbott and Costello as about all of their movies were all black and white.  Filmed in 1951 it was filmed with features similar to the Wizard of Oz with the beginning of the film shot in sepia mode just like the Wizard of Oz had it's opening movie scenes.  The color part of the film was actually produced byLou Costello using his own company and processed with Eastman Kodak.

  The other color film produced featuring Bud Abbott and Lou Costello was Abbot and Costello meet Captain Kidd.  With this film, Bud Abbott used his own production company to produce the film.

  Watch classic movies right here on GVLN every Friday and Sunday.

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Fallen trees condemn Peninsula homes - WAVY TV 10 News Updates

Updated: Friday, 14 Jun 2013, 6:15 PM EDT
Published : Friday, 14 Jun 2013, 6:15 PM EDT

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) - Residents across Hampton Roads spent the Friday cleaning up after Thursday's severe weather. The hardest hit areas were on the Peninsula and in James City County.
At least four homes were condemned due to storm damage in James City County. Five homes were condemned in Newport News. Several residents whose homes were condemned told they can't get over how close they were to being injured or killed by the fallen trees.
Some would look at the uprooted tree lying on Linda Roger-Johnson's home and see devastation. But Johnson and her husband can only see how fortunate they are that their loved ones are alive.
"My home can be replaced, and my granddaughter wasn't sitting in that room," Johnson said. "That tree would have hit her for sure if she was there, and she would have got it."
Johnson's 31-year-old daughter was the only one in the home on Windsor Castle Road when the storm passed through Thursday night. Johnson said she and her granddaughter were at the store when the 
tree came crashing down on her home.
"She called me and said, 'Something hit the house, and I can't breathe," Johnson said.
Johnson's daughter is on oxygen 24 hours a day. Neighbors told 10 On Your Side they could see Johnson's daughter pleading for help after the tree fell over.
"My husband and a neighbor ran over there to see if somebody was inside," neighbor Christy Smith said. "We could hear someone yelling that they couldn't breathe."
Neighbors weren't able to reach Johnson's daughter. Emergency officials arrived quickly and pulled her from the home. She was not injured, just very scared.
Even after almost losing her daughter and being forced out of her home because of tree damage, Johnson said when she looks at her condemned home she only thinks about how much she still has, not how much she's lost.
"What goes through my mind is, 'Thank God nobody was hurt. Thank God that tree didn't shift over to where my daughter was or cause any damage to break the wall down," Johnson said. "There are so many areas I can look at and see a blessing."
Johnson's family has homeowner's insurance. The family will be living out of a hotel until their home is repaired.
Tom Laveille's childhood home was destroyed by a fallen tree Thursday night as well. His home is now covered by a tarp where a large tree smashed through his house.
"When you see a tree inside your house you think a lot differently," Lavielle said.
Lavielle said you think about how much you won't get back.
"One of the rooms we lived in is basically destroyed," Lavielle said. " All the furniture and all the memories that I can relate to are gone."
Lavielle said when a tree damages your home you also think about how close your loved ones were to danger. Lavielle's mother was in the backyard with her dog watching the storm come in Thursday night when she heard a loud noise.
"She was walking towards the door and she said the tree hitting the house shook her to the ground, and it took pictures off the wall," Lavielle said. "When she got up, it was snowing installation inside the house."
His mother managed to crawl out of the home, unharmed. And, if having their home condemned wasn't bad enough, Lavielle said looters tried to steal from them overnight.
"People have tried to rob the house multiple times just in one night ," Lavielle said. "We had telephone calls from police officers saying, 'We've been at your house. People are trying to get into your house.' It's really odd that someone would really want to kick you when your down."

News story link and the rest of the story.  WAVY TV 10.
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