Wednesday, March 17, 2021



  Alas for me.... here I sit in my little cubby hole trying to think up ways to awaken the "Walking Dead". You know what I am talking about..... it's not just a's for real. Don't try to pretend it isn't there because it is and it all began years ago. I hope to stay on track but you know me...everything I write is straight from the finger tips and if I feel the rant well....there's that.
     Let's start with those ADD/ADHD meds you allowed them to give them to give your child. You know, those mind altering drugs people my age try to buy so they can get a high. That's right...if an adult can get a high off of it...what in the world is it doing to our children? Think about that now... children are on Ritalin  and if you don't know the side effects let me explain them as defined on Google. Nervousness, trouble sleeping, weight loss, dizziness, nausea, vomiting or headache may occur and it may raise one's blood pressure. Now, if you'd rather do that to your child than find a nice quiet place to work with them then that's on you and your child suffers because of that. Go ahead let the village raise your child....they'll medicate them and program them to think America is the root of all their problems. Seriously though, if you have a child your school has pegged as 'troubled', I urge you to buy the book "A strong-Willed Child" By: James Dobson. Many don't realize the ability a child has to stand for ones beliefs and not conform is a quality so many people wish they had. Don't surrender your child to drugs. Where will they turn when they are grown with no way of buying it? What will they turn to? Ponder that.....
     Now, we need to get to another one of those "Walking Dead" drugs. That's right. Momma's and Papa's this one's on you! Did you know that you control your own happiness? That's right. You decide today..... if it's going to be a good day or a bad day from the moment your feet hit the floor. Why do you think I am always singing "Oh Happy Day"?  You do not need Valium, Xanax or any other anti depressant to change  your thoughts, regardless of what people tell have control of that and always have. That's right...just ask NOOM... they will tell you they use the behavior modification therapy to alter your thinking. Amazing isn't it? You don't have the strength to change your own thoughts but you will allow someone else to brain wash you. Go ahead, take another mind altering drug if you want. Sounds like you have already decided to surrender to the government plantation and just take hand outs while you cry that you are emotionally unstable. That's right.....the first thing they'll ask you is if you have had to seek mental health treatment and you will raise your hand. Do yourself a favor and put down those drugs.... they are not helping you get off the current path you are taking towards the government plantation. It's no fun being a part of the Walking Dead......  just ask those who are strung out on the next set of "drugs" they have clouded our children's minds with....but adults are just as guilty as our young adults with this. Wouldn't it be great to walk around knowing you are in control and haven't surrendered to medications just to co-exist?
     It's sad to see adults trembling for their next fix as they walk through the front door of their families homes. Sad to see children homeless because they ran away from alcoholism or abuse from something... only to find themselves coating the pain with the same drug or something worse than they ran away from. These drugs are mind altering too only they are much worse than anything imaginable. The addiction that takes over them turns them into people we do not know. We are stricken with pain as we watch loved ones rob us or others or even worse things just for their next fix. Then we read about them being left along the roadside because they overdosed and nobody wanted to call the police, I guess at some point they realized, these people were not their friends.
     So, how do we stop it? Well my friend, it starts with you. Stop complaining about your grandsons pants and take him out for an afternoon doing something you both enjoy. Who cares if his hair is green and there's a leprechaun tattoo on his shoulder..... and your granddaughter who loves mouthing off...... Well, it just might be time to take her to a spa and teach her how to relax. Yup, now is a good time to do it... tomorrow might be too late. In the mean time, educate yourselves in identifying these drugs and protect your family from them. It has become apparent that the politicians are not looking out for them..... Oregon recently legalized every drug!!!! Do you really think any of these guys cares what happens to your child???? I am not seeing it folks, I am just not seeing it. They don't even want you to protect them....why else would they want to take away your guns? And why...someone.... please tell me why we Americans are allowing this.... The Walking Dead is Woke folks, are you listening or are you one of them?