Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gothic Rock, New Web Site, Discover Gothic Metal

Click Here for one of our latest sites. We like all kinds of music. Heck we will even admit enjoying a day of Polka. This new site though is a Gothic Rock Site. Something a bit different for us, but what we like about Gothic Rock is the combination of classical music and even opera like vocals mixed with rock and roll. The band we have been featuring on this new site is Nighwish. Gothic Rock has not made a big hit in the US yet but it has been raging all over Europe and Asia for years. Here is a sample of the type of videos on our new site. It's not for everyone. But it's pretty cool all the same.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Alliance At The Coleman Bridge

Here is a picture of the Alliance and the Coleman Bridge.

Jellyfish, York River

The Jelly Fish were out in full swing this evening. Here is one of the many pictures we got of some.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunset Down At Gloucester Point Beach

Here is a photo we shot tonight. Sunset at the Gloucester Point beach. The photo has not been edited at all save compressing the image to a smaller size for quicker upload.

Belle Mount Vineyards Rep Says Northern Neck Wineries Not Worth Our Time

While we were at the incredibly boring wine festival in Kilmarnock, we had a chance to talk to one of the reps for the Belle Mount Vineyards who was very convincing that the Northern Neck Wineries were not worth our time. We believe him as far as Belle Mount goes then. He claimed to speak with reasonable authority for the other winery owners in the Northern Neck as well. Well, there we do not believe him.

We had a two fold purpose for visiting Kilmarnock today. One was to check out how the area puts on events, which didn't even hit lackluster, and to stir up some interest on our upcoming project of an on line driving tour of wineries. Here is the great thing about our on line tour, it costs the owners nothing but some of their time to allow us to photograph their winery and also to give us some history and background about the winery. We designed a flyer to hand out in order to start the interest. Well we never made it past Belle Mount as the rep was not capable of listening to us and and could not see past one part of our flyer. He proved to not be worth our time. The event was not worth our time as it was a major disappointment.

So instead of talking to the few other wineries that were at the event, we just left in disgust. So now we will contact the other wineries of the Northern Neck and see if they are interested in free promotions and if they want to be included in our tour listings. Belle Mount will not be on our list from this point forward.