Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gloucester, VA Best Christmas Eve Entertainment

We have put up the best Christmas Eve entertainment for you here on Gloucester Links and News. Santa tracking, Trans Siberian Orchestra and Jeff Dunham videos for your entertainment. We could do this all night but it's time to go spend time with our own family. Merry Christmas everyone.

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Jeff Dunham Holiday Tips For Gloucester, VA

Merry Christmas.  Enjoy the Jeff Dunham Video Gloucester.

Jeff Dunham and Bubba J Christmas Carols For Gloucester, VA

Taking Christmas to an all new level right here in Gloucester, VA.

Achmed The Dead Terrorist, Christmas Song, Gloucester, VA

Achmed The Dead Terrorist sings Christmas songs for us.

David Bowie and Bing Crosby, Little Drummer Boy

I hate to age myself, but I remember the original broadcast airing of this piece. It' still tugs at my heart every time I hear this version.

Joan Jet, Little Drummer Boy

Always liked this version of the Little Drummer Boy, by Joan Jet. Very hard to impossible to find. Glad someone posted it on You Tube.

Gloucester, VA Trans Siberian Orchestra Live Concert Footage, 2011, Christmas Canon Rock

Christmas Canon Rock is the title of this song. This is not one of our videos, but it's worth sharing during this festive season.

Wizards In Winter, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Gloucester, VA Christmas

A great number by the Trans Siberian Orchestra. Wizards In Winter is a major hit. One of the many songs we enjoy during the Christmas Season.

Trans Siberian Orchestra, Faith Noel, Gloucester, VA Christmas

The Trans Siberian Orchestra is amazing and here is some live footage of them playing Faith Noel. Enjoy and Merry Christmas.

Gloucester, VA Santa Tracking Live Video, Covering The World

As usual every year, we are bringing you the most Christmas spirit we can put together for you to enjoy. More ways to track Santa than any other site on the Internet.

Santa Tracking For Gloucester, VA And The Rest Of The World, 2011

Welcome to the Santa Tracker for 2011. Each year we help you to track Santa's location so that the children know when they had better get to bed or possibly miss getting presents from Santa. Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Poll Results Show Elected Officials Should Answer To The People

Poll Results Show Elected Officials Should Answer To The People

These are the results from the poll we had hosted here for about a year. We are now conducting a follow up poll both here on this site and other sites to get a broad picture of the American political landscape. Thank you to all who previously participated and thank you in advance to all present participants. We appreciate your feedback.