Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Irene Updates, Gloucester, Virginia

Just some quick update news. For the most part Irene was not as bad as it could have been. We have seen much worse. We lost internet access to the site for posting just after we posted the video Saturday. We have tried to get back onto the site for several days but had no luck as servers were still down in numerous areas. Everything seems to be fixed now. A fair amount of trees went down along the main roads and plenty down all over. We heard that the Courthouse area was hit especially hard in relation to Isabelle. We never lost power at the command center. We have traveled all through the Northern Neck and damage overall is minimal. Not to make light of those who have suffered extensive damage to their properties, overall it was minimal for the area as a whole when compared to the damages seen by other storms and this past spring's tornado's.

This year we have seen a number of strange behaviors that are not normal to the area. Massive tornado's and numerous earthquakes. We hope we have seen the worst of the year and that we can now begin to write it all into history. We hope that those of you here in Gloucester get your power back on soon and we have learned that many of you have. There are still a few without lights and we know that this is no fun.