Friday, December 26, 2008

Hollywood Parasites New Web Site

TTC Media has just created a new web site called Hollywood Parasites and it has been designed for those with a story about parasitical people who prey on the rich and famous to get that story out. Its a new concept in reporting as it gives press time to stories that may not have been considered news worthy in the past or was considered more of a constant embarrassment by those who were and or are suffering these leaching parasites that are within our society. The terms and conditions that must be met before submitting a story and having that story published on the new site are extremely rough.

The site has just opened and does not yet contain any stories, but you may want to keep an eye out as you never know what is around the corner. Or you may have a story of your own or know of someone with a good story and have them visit the site to consider publishing that story. The story does not have to be about a Hollywood Celebrity. The person just needs to fit the bill of famous even if just famous by region. So visit the site and bookmark it now so that you can check out the stories in the future. We contacted some pretty high profile people to pass the word around, so it may not take long at all.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Gloucester Wal Mart Closed Christams Day

Because the site has had a number of hits from people looking up Wal Mart's Business hours on Christmas Day, Wal Mart has been closed all day to allow it's employees to spend time with their families. Wal Mart closed at 6:00 PM on Christmas Eve and will open at Mid Night after Christmas Day. Almost all businesses have been closed today with the exceptions of very few restaurants, the local Cinema, gas stations and some of the video stores. I was actually shocked at the amount of traffic on the road today compared to years past on Christmas day.

Destination Spain - Traveling To Europe?

Are you thinking about traveling to Europe? Here is a web site to look over to consider a destination of Spain. This site is well laid out and loaded with a lot of great information. Whether you are looking for a destination in the mountains or one by the ocean, why not have it both ways?

There is even car rental information on this site for you. You can book a villa right from the site as well. So if you are looking for a place to stay for a few days or even a few months, take a look here first. Happy Travels.

We have also added a side bar and bottom page link to this site, Mijas la Nueva!
Casa del Cielo - Mijas, Spain, with the heading, "Destination Spain".

Tough Location?

One of the first businesses you come up on coming into Gloucester on the right hand side. This location has housed an Adult book store, several Tattoo parlors, and I have no idea what was there last. To the best of my knowledge there is nothing in here right now. I always thought this would make a great brew threw site. A store that it's main business is beer. The biggest problem with the concept is that there is a very low markup on beer. The markup is so low that it's really not worth it for any store to carry except that it brings customers in. It is consistently a loss leader.

It's a tough location to get in and out of. So finding a successful concept to work in this spot is a very tough trick. So the challenge is on to see who can come up with a winning idea and can really make it work. I'll bet the ideas are many but the money not there. Those with the money are waiting for the right ideas. Wouldn't it be great if the two could meet.

Gloucester Inn Motel

The Gloucester Inn Motel. The picture of the building is the back side of the Motel. This is the first business you see on the left hand side after coming over the Coleman Bridge into Gloucester or the last business you see on the right hand side before leaving Gloucester.

An Insight As To What Is Coming

This is a bit of an insight as to where we are taking this site. If you once lived here, are thinking about living here, if you keep up with this site, you will know everything you see as you drive through here as you will have seen it all on this site.

We will be bringing you pictures of local businesses, sites of interest and we will eventually take you off the beaten paths to the hidden treasures of the area. Plus we will continue with the usual links and news stories and we will continue to track where you come in to see what your interests are.

Thank you all for your patronage.

Ocean Buffet Update

We track where hits come from to our sites that helps us to determine what is important to you. Ocean Buffet has been a pretty hot topic as of late. For those wondering, Ocean Buffet is not presently open. We have heard third party as to why and because it was third party, we will not post the reason we were given as it would not be fair. Will this restaurant re open? We do not know at the present time, but we hope so as we liked the place. If you know as to whether or not they re open, please send that to us and we will update the site. As to why they closed, we are not going to post unless it comes from an official within the company that owns Ocean Buffet or an official with the state.

Manheim Steamroller - God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman

Mad Russian Christmas Music Video

Carol Of The Bells

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Canon Rock

Santa Over Canada

Enya - Silent Night

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping

Jackson 5 Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

Latest NORAD Tracking Over New York

Santa Now IN The USA, Hope Everyone Is In Bed

Track Santa In Gloucester Virginia With NORAD

Latest NORAD Video Update

More Santa Tracking Choices For Gloucester, VA

The MSNBC Santa Tracker.
Because it's all about choice as to how you want to track Santa here in Gloucester. Our goal is to bring you plenty of choices. So have fun and see when Santa will be here so that you can be sure to be in bed when he comes down the chimney. Sure hope you have all been good so that you get what you asked for.

Gloucester County Va Santa Watch

Here is the Santa Watch site. You do want to see him leave the North Pole don't you?

Norad Santa Tracker For Gloucester, VA

NORAD Santa Tracker
And Christmas would be what without the Santa Tracker?
Let's not forget the all important North Pole web site.

Merry Christmas Gloucester County Virginia

Merry Christmas Gloucester County Virginia. We will soon be moving into a new year and in that new year, we have been working on some big changes to this site. We will begin the new changes with the start of the new year. We won't give away what we have planned for you, but we know that many of you will be very pleased with these changes. Enjoy the holiday season and we hope that Santa brings all of you the best for the new year coming.