Monday, February 15, 2021

MY RANT: Senator's should be held accountable


It happened sometime around supper time. It hit with a vengeance and I knew, yes I knew it was going to happen whether I wanted it to or not. I knew when I picked up the old pad with notes written on it every which way but right on almost every page. No worries I had enough space somewhere to jot down my thoughts and then....I began to ponder....
This a.m. I pulled out my chair and got comfortable, clearing the clutter that had built from lack of attention and immediately I knew I had to do this. Everything was going wrong! Sometimes I am up for a battle with darkness but not always.
I am about to give you seven names. I will include their states and I will direct you on how to reach out and perhaps, if anyone could offer more information. I always welcome true input.
These are the republican senators that went against the party in which have voted them in, therefore they do not represent their party and should be censured, removed or impeached. I implore each and everyone of you to reach out to your representatives and demand that these people be removed. They need to be replaced immediately by someone who speaks on behalf of the people, not the socialists. If Americans are not going to make a stand then they will surely fall.
LOUISIANA: Senator Bill M. Cassidy stated that, " I still have people back home who swear the dominion machines were rigged, even though different (fake?) news outlets have printed retractions....... But obviously the President repeated it over and over. That clearly had an impact." this is hardly, a man who supports the people "at home" who voted him in. Get him out.
NORTH CAROLINA: Senator Richard Burr stated.. "The attack on the U.S. Capitol was an attempt to undermine our democratic institutions and over rule the will of the people through violence , intimidation and force." He speaks that as though he speaks for the people who voted for him, yet he is so wrong. He fears losing power like the rest of them. Were they threatened to have their free visits to Epstein's Island taken away? Or maybe they just don't want to end up where 79 of the Clintons friends and associates have ended up. DEAD
MAINE: Your Cricket Senator Susan Collins don't even have the courage to say why. She appears to think you are too dumb to notice. She dotes on the pandemic and professes to understand your losses yet she has done nothing about it, but support spending millions that could have gone to your small businesses. And by all means get rid of that Independent Angus King. He's starting to smell like a cow.
ALASKA: Senator Lisa Murkowski...we remember that traitor from before. That's right she and Susan didn't care either time what the people wanted, now did they? Yet she says, " The vote today was not about President Trump. It was about the senate retaining jurisdiction to try a former official who was impeached while in office for acts done in office." Ponder that, they want to retain jurisdiction long after you are gone.
UTAH: Don't forget Senator Mitt Romney aka Pierre Delecto now ain't that some kind of special? I mean, special ed. Seriously folks. He really did that! You tell your twelve year old it's dangerous and he's surfing the net incognito. Scary, eh? Don't suppose he's looking for Epstein victims do you? Or maybe he is looking for another child bride. After all doesn't his faith allow him to have as many slave women as he wants. By the way, did I mention his first name is Willard.....would that be aka. "the rat"? . Just saying. But take good care of Mike Lee. I think he has your back.
NEBRASKA: Senator Ben Sasse, the man who bashed Republicans who voted against the bogus impeachment and referred to them as "a cult of personality" and "acting like politics is religion." Wow! He don't even respect his own team mates. I think he has made a religion out of it by trying to declare himself some kind of god.
PENNSYLVANNIA: Senator Pat Toomey.... last but certainly not least, he just wanted a resignation so he could "get this person in the rearview mirror for us". Maybe he could be the object in the mirror.
These rhino's need to go. They are supporting the fake news and I encourage you all to pull your stocks from these social medias and give to those who support our constitution. Support the NRA, our Veterans Administrations and our police departments directly. We don't need Joe's money. And directly fund your candidate. Do not use RNC or DNC give directly to the candidate. We don't need these people going into our voting machine rooms, we need military standing by and any and all illegals should be arrested and deported immediately for attempting to falsify American votes.
I encourage NO ONE to register their guns. Maybe clean them before Hitler orders that you surrender them but don't register them. You don't think the thugs did or will do you?.
And in closing, it's important to note that our cities have been burned to the ground by democratic run states. Just think, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris bailed them out of jail and the terrorist group ANTIFA directed their page to Joe Biden's presidential website.
There was no insurrection on January 6th people, if that were the ill prepared as the White House was.... they would have been snuffed out not sitting in a floor praying and crying. Did they really think God heard their prayers after they told God His babies had no relevance? The nerve of people! What you saw was a group of people, mostly peaceful, who walked into OUR CAPITOL and demanded their voices be heard. No one got shot, no city burned down and no churches destroyed. Yet the Mayor allowed all of that right across the street.
Patriots, I don't know what the game plan is but I sure hope you have one. Get out and about. Gather with friends talk. Get candidates that you truly trust to run. Preferably no more lawyers. To heck with that. We pay them to lie for us and think they tell the truth. Come on America.......Google your government offices and call them. Tell the White House, the representatives, the Senators. Let your voices be heard!!