Thursday, October 6, 2011

AWE Wrestling In Gloucester

This is one of two videos we just finished and published of the AWE wrestling from an event here in Gloucester. Enjoy.

Gloucester Antique Car Show

Well if you don't know about it by now then where have you been hiding? Every Friday night at the parking lot by the library on Main Street is the Gloucester car show. Sometimes it's a bomb and other times a treasure trove of automotive delights from yesteryear and today. This video is just a small part of our collection on some of the vehicles seen at this weekly event. Let us know if you want to see more. We have a huge collection of vehicles from numerous events here.

Gloucester Historic Courthouse Circle, Video

We just finished this video on the historic courthouse circle and are posting it here. We have just produced a large number of videos of Gloucester and are in the process of producing many more. Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New World Order Has A New Dawn

One can not ignore the important work that Jordan Maxwell has contributed to the world, but one must look at both how and why he has made these contributions. The same can also be said for Alex Jones. Both give you unbelievable information as to what is going on in the world, the question is how are they getting away with telling these secrets and who is funneling this information to them? And why have they not been stopped by those with interests in not having this information get out?

Well the answer seems pretty clear. These people, like Jordan Maxwell and Alex Jones, are used to help bring in the new world order like it or not. You see, those above realize that we need what seems to be champions on our side, even when they are not. The works are important coming from Maxwell and Jones, but not always in the way that they are presented and or with the meanings that are on the surface of their contributions. One must ask what their real motives are and what they are trying to get from us, or are they trying to get us depressed and in a state of despair.

Watch them and study them, but realize that they have two agendas. They reveal some important truths but also impart us with lies and deceit to further the agenda of the new world order.

Interesting Video On Horses

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sheriff Steve Gentry Election Call

During certain elections we have a habit of calling the results before they are actually in. Well the one for local Sheriff is no different. We are already calling present sheriff Steve Gentry the winner of the upcoming election. Now we are not saying he does not have some tough competition on this round because he does. We just have a good inside track. We can't say congrats to him yet, but it's coming.

Monday, October 3, 2011

How Money Really Works Or A Brief History Of The World

You Can Set The Mind Free, Everything Else Costs Money!
Chuck Thompson of TTC Media

Let's have some fun today and set up a model society. Let's create a small independent town of say 100 people to keep it simple. Everything needed to maintain the town is in and around it, however, there is no money for trade. So what we are going to do is come into this town and set up banking so that this little town can trade amongst each other. We are going to infuse the town with an initial $100.00 for one year to handle all trade. No trading can be done without the official money our little bank creates. Everyone in town is thrilled with the idea.

So business goes about throughout the year and everyone is happy. The end of the year comes and it is time to call in all the money for the year so that we, the banker can get our interest on the money we put into the community. For the $100.00 we put up, the people of the town owe us $105.00. That means that some of the folks in town are going to have to give up a few things such as a car or a house or something to make up that difference. So we as the bank take over possession of these things and put a debit on the town for the $5.00. The next year we put the $100.00 back into the town and yet the town still owes us $5.00 even though we took possession of goods from several people. That possession is just collateral. The year goes by again and again we have the same results. Only now the town has a $10.00 debt on the books and we have more collateral.

Let's make this game a lot more interesting shall we? Well we want the town to think they are all doing well so we put the $100.00 back into the town and decide to add the original $10.00 debit back into the town to help fuel the economy. All of a sudden the town has extra cash for commerce despite lost collateral and a growing deficit. No one notices what is going on nor does anyone care because there is now extra money in the economy to trade with. Well those who have lost cars or homes are complaining so we decide to set up a care office for them that we finance the initial structure of to collect donations for those poor souls who have lost their goods. We blame them for poor money management and set up an administration fee for the care office that will go against the town's money. We charge the town $2.00 for this care office and we collect goodwill from the town's people to offset the poor saps who lost their place.

So another year ends and now the town owes us the usual $5.00 for the $100.00 plus they owe us an additional 50 cents for the extra $10.00 we put into their economy plus an additional 50 cents for the debt still owed on the first two years of non payment, plus $2.00 for the care center we set up. So on year three the town owes us $18.00. More people have to give up collateral. Now keep in mind that collateral does not pay the money debt, it simply stands on the books as money owed to us and we take possession of the collateral. Well in our little town, this isn't going to stand very good on year three if we keep taking away the town's resources so we decide to allow people to keep what they have and we set up a new savings and loan. Well that's at a cost to the town of another $2.00. The savings and loan allows people to maintain their collateral at a small additional cost from their yearly input.

Now we also decide that we want the town to grow so we put the $100.00 back into the town and add an additional $25.00 this year really firing up trade. At the end of the year the town owes us the usual $5.00 plus last year's $18.00 plus the $2.00 for the savings and loan and the $2.00 for the care center and an additional $1.25 for the additional $25.00 we pumped into the economy plus the interest on the $18.00 which equals $.90. So let's see, on year 4 the town owes us $29.15. Well most everyone is really happy with how the town is going so we begin year 5. So now let's make it really interesting. We put the usual $100.00 back into the economy plus the additional $25.00 plus we kick it up a notch by adding yet another $25.00 into the economy.

Because we are really kicking things up we also start to charge fees at the bank for these extra loans. The fees are above and beyond the usual interest rate and we justify the charges because we can. We also impose a new tax on the land that everyone must pay. Plus we have to set up a new office to collect the taxes. We charge the town another $2.00 for the set up and also charge the town $1.00 for the town employee that we must extract from the town. We pay the employee 25 cents per year on the $1.00 fee we collect for that person. We also have to extract another person from the town to run our savings and loan so assess the town yet another $1.00 for that employee and pay that employee 25 cents as well. We also charge the town yet another $1.00 for the employee we must have for the care center and we pay that person 15 cents per year. So we have removed 3 people from the towns commerce production creating a retail trader status of these new employees.

Well even though this is all starting to get a little confusing, remember, we have created the confusion and we are doing so by design. The people of the town are ecstatic about all the new capital in the town and growth is moving along despite the growing debt and collateral looses. End of year 5 we are not going to do the math above, we will just say that you now own half the town's resources. So now we are going to make it really interesting for year 6 and everyone is going to love us for it.

Year 6. We decide we really don't want you to know just how bad we have taken advantage of you so we are going to make you really happy over the next 4 years. We build an entertainment center and an art center all of which have fees to them and we also have to take more people out of the town's production system. We also start numerous news organizations that are designed to keep you occupied and off the track of what we are doing and all of these organizations promote us at every level. Yet more people out of the town's production system. We also start to infuse the town with new comers from some foreign town to help pick up the town's slack production. The town is growing. By year 10 not only is the town in debt for the usual $100.00, it also has more than tripled the original debt and the town now owes you over $300.00 above and beyond the usual $100.00 infusion for trade you began.

Some people are really starting to complain as they have figured out what has been done but no one hears them as they are all to busy with all the new games, entertainment and news. Year 11 begins with even a lot more fun. You create trade with other foreign towns and set up offices all of which costs each town the usual $2.00 and is assessed on each town the same. You also set up laws for trade and set up new offices for the governance of those laws and charge the people who earn fees from acting as middle men the foreign trade offices you set up and call them lawyers. These lawyers run the trade and pay you for the privilege. Remember you are also getting your money on the offices as well.

We can play this game to no end at every level. Welcome to our modern world. We can set inflation wherever we want and create economic downturns and upswings all by how we choose to infuse the economy. It isn't rocket science after all. It's just a matter of keeping good books to see who owes you what at any given time and playing the game as you want to play it. You created the game and you control every aspect of it. You create the growth and the destruction of growth. All the while you are taking more collateral out of thin air. But it still gets more interesting. Some of the towns you want to add into this game do not want to play, so you invade them and force them into the game. All done incrementally. Each invasion you set up new winners and new losers.

You determine and manipulate who gets the biggest piece of the pie in each town and who gets nothing. You decide what percentage of the town gives up housing, cars, resources of every type. And yet they still love you because you created all these great things to keep them occupied. You steal every part of their minds by controlling every aspect of entertainment, art and education. No one dares speak against you for fear of being the next victim. You have managed to take over the entire world by manipulating this game to no end. Those you have put at the top of the game keep everyone else in check should they dare challenge the game. You have even set up levels of conduct expected of your new slaves so that they can police each other at no further costs to you. Life is good if you rule the game. It sucks if you have been manipulated to the bottom. But in order for there to be winners, there must be those who lose everything. The ones who no longer have anything have been manipulated out of what they once had.

This game requires the takeover of everything in it's path. You can play this game forever. You can even justify removing the majority of the planets population to get them off the land and out of the resources you now own through manipulation and theft. After all, you worked hard to create the game and manipulate all the rules. Does this sound familiar? Unlike the game of Monopoly, where anyone can win through good luck and fortune, this game is stacked in one direction only. There must be poor people in order to have what looks like some winners and the rest in the middle. The ones in the middle have one end result only, to go straight to the bottom eventually. Even those at the very top of this manipulated game end up eventually at the bottom once all those in the middle have been wiped out. The one left standing is you the banker.

What is so amazing is that even those at the top of this game have yet to figure this out. If they have, they hope and pray that those in the middle do not get wiped out before they are gone or game over for them as well. Once you wipe out the middle, you may as well wipe them off the books for good to get them out of the way. Then you start an all new game with the few who were at the top of the last game and it all starts over again only this time with all new rules and you as owning pretty much everything. The question is, how is this one going to be played? You can bet the rules are not going to be as nice. By the way, how do you wipe the slack off the books for good? You destroy it through the most efficient means and bury the waste. That's why you need that top tier to remain. Someone needs to clean up after wiping the books. Looks like the new game is going to be a lot more fun for those left. Are you really interested in being at the top knowing what that means? The new game begins with clean up and then starts all over again which will require the last batch of winners all eventually going to the bottom. Your job if you are in the top tier at the end of the first game is to remain in the top tier of the second game and the third game. What no one ever figures out is that this game can not go on forever.

Yet here we are, all playing until it is our turn to be cast out. Once out, it's nearly impossible to come back. The cards have been stacked against you and you have been coded to remain at the bottom unless you have a magic card. But magic does not exist, just luck at that point. Now you know how the world really works. Banking, politics, commerce, trade, labor, entertainment, art, education and everything else under the sun is manipulated from the top of the banking empire and is directly controlled. Anything can be moved anywhere and any section of the world can be vastly changed over an incremental period of time. Entire nations can be built and destroyed at will. Entire processes from religion to work can be manipulated with ease over a period of time. It is those who control the banking empire who control the world and you gave them permission. Now they own you and you have no clue on what to do. Who gave them this power? We all did because we never learned the game.

Now that we know the game, they took everything already and now we are powerless against the machine we built at our expense and gave to them. Even the most intelligent amongst us did not figure this out until it was to late because they lied or covered up the rules they were going to play against us. The beauty of this game is that it uses a sense of honesty against ourselves. We are taught and are expected to be honest at every level yet those are not the rules they play by. Even knowing what has been played against us, we fight within ourselves as to what to do about it wanting to remain honest and fair. They know this and manipulate this to their advantage too.

Again the game is very simple. It is made complex to keep even the smartest person from ever figuring out the real rules. It does not matter how you do the math. In fact, the more complex you make it, the better. The end results are still the same. Your ownership of debt and collateral just continues to grow every year and those out in the towns continue to decline and give up what is theirs. What is not seen is that this game eventually leads to total destruction of all life on the planet, even by those who rule this game. They are manipulated into thinking the game can be played forever.

Either way, this is the game that the majority of the world is presently under and the rest of the world is in conflict over. Or in other words, why wars are really being waged. The majority of people really do not care what form of government, banking, trade or commerce is in place as long as they are left alone to have some sort of comfortable living not realizing that they are part of the game and are manipulated in it at every level and the exact reason why everyone should know and understand this very simple game. Once you understand the basics, you can see how easy it is to manipulate everything in sight. If you have an answer on how to stop this game, the world is waiting and really can not afford to wait any longer. The world answered this once and only once. It's called the United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights. Now only memories as it has all been supplanted by other laws that have taken over and rendered it a distant memory that will soon disappear forever. You won't even learn about it in the history books as it gets removed. This system depends and thrives on the destruction of people's live in order to succeed. Without it, the system would collapse.

Fools, aren't we all. Play ball.