Thursday, November 1, 2012

Not So Quiet On The Gloucester, VA Scam Front

For those of you who follow us on a regular basis, again thank you and we wanted to let you know that even though we have been silent for a little over a month now, we have been inundated with a lot of new evidence that does not look pretty at all for many who head Gloucester County.  We have a number of new cases we have been looking at and are now going over all the paper work and will soon be presenting our findings.  Again, Gloucester Animal Control along with Steve Baranek lead the way in some very questionable practices.  We will later invite Gloucester County officials to chime in on what we bring up.  We want to hear their answers to many of our ongoing questions.  These stories will be breaking soon.
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Hurricane Sandy America's Next Big Financial Boom And Bust- A Word To The Wise

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 31:  Firefighters stand...
NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 31: Firefighters stand among the remains of homes in the Rockaway neighborhood destroyed by fire during Hurricane Sandy on October 31, 2012 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. With the death toll currently at 55 and millions of homes and businesses without power, the US east coast is attempting to recover from the affects of floods, fires and power outages brought on by Hurricane Sandy. JFK airport in New York and Newark airport in New Jersey expect to resume flights on Wednesday morning and the New York Stock Exchange commenced trading after being closed for two days. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 31:  Flood damaged stre...
NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 31: Flood damaged streets are viewed in the Rockaway section of Queens where the historic boardwalk was washed away due to Hurricane Sandy on October 31, 2012 in the Queens borough of New York City. With the death toll currently at 55 and millions of homes and businesses without power, the US east coast is attempting to recover from the affects of floods, fires and power outages brought on by Hurricane Sandy. JFK airport in New York and Newark airport in New Jersey expect to resume flights on Wednesday morning and the New York Stock Exchange commenced trading after being closed for two days. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
Look out Henry, the wolves are already here and the vultures are already flying up above and more are quickly on their way.  While the North East was being hit by the devastating effects of hurricane Sandy, the wolves were already printing up new business cards and ordering new magnetic signs for their trucks.  The businesses?  Property recovery and contracting services.  Licensed, bonded and insured.  If you are willing to believe that.  Some just may be some or all of the above, however, not particularly in your state or area.  Others won't be at all.  With local contractors in devastated areas already being booked for months out already, your chance of getting a hold of a reliable and reputable contractor are going to be near impossible unless that contractor is a very close friend.

  Fortunes will be made from this travesty at all levels and fortunes will be lost that have not already been lost.  One may not have a choice as to whom they hire to get clean up jobs done.  The best advice we can give you is to check out each potential contractor out to the fullest and do not let them pressure you.  If they offer a lot of pressure, then let them move on and even help them to do so.  Check out where they are licensed, bonded and or insured.  Make sure that coverage also covers any job the potential contractor may do for you.  If you have no choice and there will be plenty of you who don't.  At least check out the backgrounds of the potential contractor and confirm where they presently live and get copies of their drivers license.

  We know what you are about to go through and these words are based on actual experience.  We had no choice but to hire a rogue contractor who said he was local and as it turned out later, he was from Florida.  He was supposed to remove a tree from our property before it fell and hit our house.  To make a long story short, we didn't have to worry about the tree falling on our house, the contractor made sure that it did.  While cleaning up the mess and removing the tree he dropped on our house, he and his crew were dropping tree branches on our new Lincoln Town Car.  We had the car for less than a month.  We had to sell it for scrap a few weeks later as it was beyond repair.  Of course the contractor gave us a ton of false information and we were never able to recover our loses.  Our insurance company even tried to help us find him to recover anything at all possible.  The guy just fell off the face of the earth.

  The insurance fraud that is about to be committed by many would be folks seeking gain from this travesty are going to be everywhere.  The insurance companies know this and there will be a good amount that gets paid out even though the insurance companies know of the potential fraud.  Higher premiums for us all.  Not to feel all that bad for the insurance companies, they to are going to be playing some serious games and many people are going to wake up to see just how bad their policies really are.  The insurance companies will claim higher payouts than actually paid, and will pay out smaller claims than they will actually state.  This is just the nature of life these days.  Rates for property insurance will go up all over the nation to help recover the payouts claimed by the insurer's.  Prices on many goods will also go up due to claims of loss and the loss will be lower than the claims stated.  Plus there is the real issue at present of transportation in and out of distressed areas that will raise costs temporarily.

  There will be a serious credit crises arising out of all this as many people will stop paying their consumer credit, instead opting to pay rent and for food instead.  Many are now homeless and there will be a good number who will remain homeless because of this storm.  Both car loans and home mortgages will be highly stressed as many will walk away from the payments and just let the banks or insurance companies take the hit on the loss.  Some will rebuild but it's only some who will be able to afford to rebuild.  The overall costs that hurricane Sandy will hit us with will be in the hundreds of billions if not well over a trillion dollars.

  And we have yet to discuss all of the vehicles that have been damaged by the flood waters.  Many of these vehicles will end up having their titles washed and cleared and these cars will be chopped, cleaned and resold as clean at the highest values that can be had.  Those stuck with the purchase of these vehicles will end up with a vehicle that has a very early ending or very high repair bills.  The gas tanks, gas lines, brake lines and fuel intake all need to be cleaned and in many cases replaced.  This simply will not get done.  Within the next year there will be a flood of slightly used cars all over the country that are not fit to be bought, but how will you know?  When your wallet is drained you will know and there won't be any recourse.

  The auto manufacturers should be gearing up for increased output as many people will need new transportation.  Entire fleets will need to be replaced.  Look for increased shipments into the northeast within the next three months.  Used goods of every kind will hit markets on line such as eBay and Amazon being sold as new or slightly used that came out of flooded areas and will be less than desirable.  The tremendous amounts of food being thrown away even as you read this could feed a third world country for probably about an entire year.

  Yes there are a lot of profits to be made on all of this.  Devastation is good for business.  The more the merrier.  Wait, what about the coming tax increases to offset the cleanup costs the local, state and federal government are going to have to pay.  Yes that is coming to.  And do not forget about your friendly IRS man who will be highly scrutinizing returns and claims for losses.  What each of you can do to help make it through this mess?  Help thy neighbor and also seek help from thy neighbor.  Learn to trust and respect one another again.  Don't look for or wait for the handouts.  Your going to be disappointed when they are either not there or you do not qualify or you just missed the boat or it's no where near close enough to even be considered help.

  Come together as a community.  Put your faith and trust back into God and each other once again.  Those who do will succeed.  Others will complain for years to come and still do nothing.  For one last idea.  There are opportunities waiting.  Recovery services can be a very big business.  If you can recover wood, doors, paneling, or any other useful building materials in a honest fashion without taking advantage of another's misfortune, then you could help build a business and a tremendous service to others.  What can come out of this experience can either be good or bad,  What will you make it?    
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Darrell Warren Laughing All The Way To The Polls On Tuesday

Present acting Gloucester County Sheriff, Darrell Warren was overheard in a local place laughing with his friends about his upcoming election.  Mr Warren does not really have any real threat contenders running against him in this campaign.

  Mr Warren's only contender is Clarence Bowser who has run in past elections and at best has only managed to collect about 5% of any of the votes.  We find it very interesting that Darrell Warren is going for the most part uncontested in this non race, race.  In the past, there have been a number of people who have stepped up and shown interest in the Sheriff's position.  The contest in the past however was against Steve Gentry.  Last year Steve Gentry stepped down from the position right after just having won the election.

 It was a very strange move for someone who had just won an election to all of a sudden step down.  Inside word as to the real reasons are shocking, however, we will not reveal what we know on this at this time.  We have nothing against Darrell Warren as we do not even know the guy.  We just find this race at this point and time to be highly unusual.  If you do not like either choice, write in for someone else instead of leaving the option blank.  Let your vote count.

Sunrise Donuts and Holly Cohoon In The News Again

This attached article to the left is reprinted under the fair use laws of the US.  It is an article from the Gloucester Mathews Gazette Journal from October 11th, 2012.  Just a few weeks ago.  We delayed posting a story on this so as not to interfere with the fund raising activities this was to bring about.  Now that the time has passed, we find it highly interesting that Holly would even consider something like this.  If you recall, she sent us several emails and in one of those emails she made a very strong claim that she did not like her 911 call center job at the Gloucester County Sheriff's Office and was not friends with any of the employees there.  She did not attend their parties or mix with them and could not wait to get out of that place.  Well this seems like a very cozy arrangement between the Gloucester County Sheriff's Office and Holly allowing one of Gloucester's deputies to raise funds at Holly's shop, Sunrise Donuts.  Is this more evidence from the girl who claims she does not lie, lying to us?  Sure looks that way.

  The more we dig on Holly's background, the more we see that nothing she seems to communicate is worth even a cent.  How is it that someone who was waiting for a loan, gets a loan and adds rooms onto a house and the house goes down in value, opens a business, and buys two very expensive vehicles?  Holly and her husband have matching his and hers Toyota Land Cruisers.  Base price?  $78,000.00 each.  We did the math on how much the shop has to make to break even.  From what we have observed, the shop comes no where close to the numbers needed to break even, let alone make a profit.

  Is the Sunrise Donuts shop a front?  If so, for who and who financed it?  This is just a very off the wall question we have been looking at since the math makes no sense.  We have no proof that the store is any kind of front.  Holly is welcome to comment on any of these articles at any time.
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