Saturday, January 17, 2015

Gloucester Pawn Shop Theft Video From WAVY 10 News

Gloucester Pawn Shop located at the 4900 block of route 17, George Washington Memorial Highway was robbed a few nights ago by a group of at least 3.  Above is the video from WAVY TV 10 that shows some of the surveillance video of the robbery while it was in progress.

  The Sheriff's department is not claiming to have any leads on this at the present time and is asking for help in solving this crime.  You can report any information yo have on this to the Sheriff's department here in Gloucester or if you are one of the culprits, you are free to turn yourself in.

  If you are not comfortable with reporting any leads to the Sheriff's department, you may contact us with any information and we will act as a go between while not revealing your private information at any time.  You can contact us through our email that is linked above in the contact us section of the site.