Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Day For Jarrett

This is a dedicated group of local citizens trying to make a difference for the children in our community with special needs. Last year they did an event called "A Day For Jarrett", in honor of Jarrett Frush. Jarrett Frush is an eight year old boy with severe cerebral palsy. The event last year had a police escorted motorcycle ride, vendors, a carnival and clowns for all the families to enjoy. The money raised was for Cerebral Palsy of Virginia located in Virginia Beach.

This year the groups desire is to build an all inclusive playground for the children in the Gloucester and surrounding communities, siting that these types of playgrounds are few and far between but are becoming a much needed asset to all communities. The playground design is for children with different abilities and they can learn, play and enjoy the interaction with others. It will be 100% wheelchair accessible.

This Year's Event

This year's event is being held on September 27th, at the Soccer Fields behind EVB and Damon & Co, Route 17, Gloucester, VA.

The event starts at 11:00 AM and will go until 7:00 PM.

There will be a "Ride with the guys II" with the guys from Rockers Originals at 8:00 AM to kick off the event and will have a police escort. To sign up to ride with this group, please go to Damon & Co.

Please visit their website by clicking the link below;

A Day For Jarrett

Gloucester County Shopping Link 2

Shopping 2
This list is a more extensive list of places to shop in Gloucester, however, it has multiple repeated postings of the same stores over and over and over......

Shopping In Gloucester County, Link 1

Shopping in Gloucester County. Here is a small list from the site.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Daily Press News Feed

we just added a Daily Press News Feed to the bottom of the page but we really do not like the way it looks and it takes up a lot of space. However, we want to know what you think. We are looking for better looking feeds for local news and will continue to experiment until we have a nice looking and practical feed. Please do not hesitate to comment.  This is an RSS Feed.  Gloucester, VA Links and News.  GVLN Website.

Gloucester Restaurants Link 2

More places to eat
Another good website with information on local area restaurants. Happy Dinning.  Gloucester, VA Links and News.  GVLN Website.

Gloucester Restaurants Link 1

Places to eat
Here is the first link for places to eat in Gloucester County. The site has some wrong postings such as Friendlys restaurant in MA, and some that have since gone out of business. Other than that, a nice place to start.  Gloucester, VA Links and News.  GVLN website.

Gloucester Worship, Churches Links 2

Another Link Site of places to Worship
Here is another links site of places to Worship on Gloucester County.  Gloucester, VA Links and News.  GVLN Website.

Gloucester County Blog News

Blog site with Gloucester County News
Here is a blog with news on Gloucester County, VA. Nice site and information on what is going on in Gloucester Politics.  Gloucester, VA Links and News.  GVLN Website.

Gloucester County Church Guide

Gloucester Church Guide
Far from a complete list, to date it's the biggest list I have seen yet.   Maybe I have to develop a new site for a more complete listing?  Gloucester, VA Links and News.  GVLN Website.

Gloucester Chamber of Commerce Site

Gloucester Chamber of Commerece
The Gloucester County, Virginia Chamber of Commerce website.  Link.  Gloucester, VA Links and News website.  

Gloucester Weather

The Weather Underground
Gloucester County Virginia Weather Underground. A great bookmark for the most current weather conditions. We loaded one of their stickers onto the bottom of this page.  Gloucester, VA Links and News. GVLN Website.

Virginia Hometown Location Link

Virginia Hometown Location Link
One of the things missing from this site is Gloucester Churches and places of worship.
Also missing restaurants, and places to shop. Other than that, a great site to dig up tons of information on Gloucester County. Four star site out of 5.  Gloucester, VA Links and News.  GVLN Website.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Coleman Bridge Opening, Gloucester, VA from YouTube

Here is a video of the Coleman Bridge opening.  Gloucester Point and Yorktown.  Found this on You Tube and thought we would share it.  Gloucester, VA Links and News.  GVLN Website.

Big Gloucester County Issue

This is a big Gloucester County issue. I do not have all the facts of the case so I do not take sides having been a para legal in the past. I will be happy to post both sides of the issue, and let both the courts and the public make their own respective verdicts.  Gloucester, VA Links and News.  GVLN Website.

Gloucester High Marching Band

Found this on YouTube. Thought it would be nice for everyone to see.  Video of the Gloucester High School Marching Band.  Gloucester, VA Links and News.  GVLN Website.
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Gloucester Wal Mart

Technically speaking, what you see in this video is a big no no. Wal Mart does not allow cameras to be used in their stores and if they had caught the person who did this, they would have made sure this file never made it to this point. My opinion? It was not done in anyway that would harm Wal Mart, so I have no issues posting it here, in case you have not seen it.

Gloucester, VA Links and News.  GVLN Website.