Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gloucester, VA Animal Control Laws Updated To Reflect Specifics

Gloucester, VA Animal Control Laws have been updated to reflect a more accurate definition of potential violations.  Going over the new site updates, it is now more clearly defined what constitutes a violation to Gloucester, VA Animal Control laws.  No longer can animal control officers just suddenly charge animal owners with violations based on what is merely a snapshot in time offenses.  Charges that fall under section 3-15 of Gloucester Animal Control must now be backed by a corresponding offense under say section 3-2 and the exact section under 3-2.  Evidence must be provided by Animal Control that shows existing offenses and that these offenses are either ongoing or are an eminent danger to the animal in question.

Simply charging an owner for a violation under section 3-15 without a more descriptive meaning is mere harassment in our view and should be fully challenged in court.  If the court sides with Animal Control, the judge should then be questioned and a petition to a higher court should be filed immediately.  There is still some very questionable material in Gloucester, VA animal control law section 3-15 that we are looking into even further that could fully invalidate it under all circumstances.

  Again we are not attorney's and only an attorney can give you legal advice.  We are merely questioning everything and looking at all the evidence we can.  The more we dig, the more questions we keep coming up with.

  In other animal control news, a case to throw out the "Chief" Animal Control officer in Dinwiddie County is fully under way.  Click Here for information on a petition drive to oust Chief Warden Broughton.  Not that it matters, this woman has been arrested and charged with embezzlement and even though details are not presently available, we pretty much know what those charges are and where they stem from.  Gloucester County officials might want to take notice of this case.  Click Here for a link to this story.  We will cover more on this soon.

  We are presently on another animal control story that will shock everyone.  One by one, no stone on-turned  a slow methodical and fully legal justice is now under way.

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