Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dr Lianis Bidot: More On Energy Medicine

You might ask what is energy medicine and what it does. Our bodies, everything that surrounds us, the world and the universe are made of energy. Sometimes the channels through which this energy travels gets blocked or misaligned giving different symptoms in each person. Energy Medicine is one of many ways used to remove these blocks and or try to balance or align these energies.

In a routine new visit I will look at your history and discuss the most pressing problems. On that day just a simple energy treatment will be performed to let your body get used to the modality. You might notice some improvement immediately or it might take a few days. Treatments can be given weekly depending on the response of your body and how you are feeling. There are 15-20 different treatments depending on the symptoms and complaints of the client and which one is more pressing.

During a session the client might fall asleep or get very relaxed. Many can feel heat being transferred from my hands to their body and sometimes can also feel a pulsation. For the majority of the clients it is very relaxing and painless. The session itself might last 15-30 minutes.

Energy medicine can be used on people of all ages and can also be used on animals. It is not a replacement for medical care but can improve or expedite health improvement or cure. It does not require taking medications or being cut on. Just try it to see what it can do for you.

Doctor Bidot will soon be opening a church, Healing Hands Ministry, at 3682 B George Washington Memorial Highway, Hayes Virginia.  Next to the Tidewater Motel in the same building as AAA Small Engine Repair.  She will be available to assist people Monday through Friday from 10 until 6 and Saturday from 10 until 2.   

Americans Very Quickly Losing Their Freedoms, An Oration at Gloucester Might Help Restore Them

Oration at Gloucester, July 4th, 1827 from Chuck Thompson

Today the mass media is doing a bang up job propagandizing everyone into the philosophies of the left or should we say the collective mentality.  Where you no longer have freedoms.  Wait, most of you know the word freedom but have no real clue what that means.  Its more than free to drink a beer if you want or free from being in jail.  Its about what you are free to do without having to pay someone else for the privilege that may grant you a license to do what you want.

  Owning a business is not a privilege.  It is a right.  Zoning is not a privilege you have to meet requirements for.  Zoning is for County owned or state owned or Federal owned properties only.  They do not apply to you.  But you think they do so you allow yourself to be fooled into paying fees and hoping to get approval for what you already have the right to do.

In a recent discussion with a friend, he explained to me that Gloucester officials would not let him do what he wanted to with his land because officials told him that whatever the state does not give permission for, it's simply not allowed.  Can anyone read the 10th amendment to the bill of rights above and show me how anyone could come up with such an insane statement?  What is not granted to the Federal Government by the Constitution is reserved for the states, or the people.  That means if the Commonwealth does not allow it, then its already a right of the people.  Permission does not need to be sought.

  But even that is going way overboard.  I really do not care what the state allows or does not allow.  As long as its lawful within the confines of the Common Law, then that is all that matters.

The eBook above was an oration given to Gloucester by Thomas Stephenson back on July 4th, 1827.  Mr Stephenson explained to the people of Gloucester what their rights are as people of this country.  Most people would be hard pressed to understand it these days thanks to all the years of brainwashing by the mass media.  Although you may understand the words, you won't understand the meaning or how it applies to you.  Now that is very sad and why American freedoms are being taken away at lightening speed.  You are giving them up without even a fight.

Gloucester, Virginia Civil War, Andrew Jackson Andrews Autobiography

Civil War Account - Gloucester, Virginia Andrew J Andrews

An autobiography from a Gloucester citizen from the time of the American Civil War.  A first hand account of what the war was like in this area.  A very rare book.  We have had a copy of this for several years but it had a lot of issues and we spent numerous hours trying to clean it all up only to get about three quarters of the way through it.  We found this copy so now we do not have worry about finishing up that last quarter.  Slideshare members can download a free copy of this book any time.  Its a really great read with some very interesting information in it.

Perfect for the Civil War historian and local re enactors and anyone else with an interest in local history.  

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

When Public Officials Use Private Emails

Gloucester, Virginia Officials Using Personal email Addresses from Chuck Thompson

Its been all over the news about Hilary Clinton and her use of private email addresses to conduct public business.  We have had it here as well about how local officials use private email addresses for public business and the types of problems that this can cause.

  So what we are going to show you is exactly how much of a problem it really is as we got our hands on a number of private email addresses from Public officials and how they use them for so called conducting public business.  You may want to read through these but please be advised, public officials won't like it.  There is some very embarrassing content in here.  But you go through it and decide for yourself.  

Monday, June 22, 2015

Mark Warner On "On Demand" Work Force


I wanted to let you know about a significant issue I’ve started to focus on: the big shifts occurring in the workplace and among the workforce as more and more people work “on-demand” in what’s called the "sharing economy".

Whether by economic necessity or by choice, as many as one-third of American workers now piece together several on-demand opportunities to make a living. And with continuous advances in technology, that number continues to grow, especially as the Millennial generation enters the workforce.

Today, online platforms such as Airbnb, Uber, TaskRabbit and Etsy can provide easy-to-use digital platforms to match supply and demand for goods and services. These innovations are changing the traditional employee-employer dynamic.

The sharing or on-demand economy, where people are contract or freelance workers, provides exciting opportunities in terms of freedom and flexibility in hours and work-life balance. But many of these on-demand jobs do not provide traditional safety net protections for workers: unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation for injuries, or pension and retirement planning.

Yet Washington has mostly remained on the sidelines as the U.S. economy, its workforce and the work place, have undergone perhaps the most dramatic transformation in decades. As policymakers, we have a role to play with this tremendous shift.

Earlier this month, I delivered a speech about the potential impacts of generational and technological changes on the American economy. My recent op-ed in the Washington Postexplored some ways that policymakers might begin to address these challenges.

Finally, as I work to find solutions to make this sharing or on-demand economy work better for more people, I’d like to hear from you. If you are working in this on-demand economy, tell us your story: Is it working for you? Could it work better? What are the advantages of this type of work? Do you see any downsides?

Please email your thoughts to:

Thank you,

Mark R. Warner

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dr Lianis Bidot: Healing Hands Ministry Opening Soon

My name is Dr. Lianis Bidot. I am a trained medical doctor and surgeon. I was born and lived in Puerto Rico until 1987. All my training was in Puerto Rico at an American Medical Association approved school and hospital. I became an active duty Air Force surgeon in 1987 and served until 2001, including serving in Desert Storm. After this I had my own practice followed by working in a hospital and nursing homes. I saw how our medical system was only geared to make money for everyone except for the ones caring for the patient directly. The patients were getting much less care for their money every year. The health of the patients I was seeing was getting worse. Most of the patients in the nursing home were on 5 or more medications daily but their health was getting worse despite the medications. I decided that I wanted to improve the health of my patients without medications. I did a 3 year training on Energy Medicine at the Rhys Thomas School of Energy Medicine and finished in 2014. I am also a certified Passion Test Facilitator, to help you identify your passion and make your life happy and worth living. I am currently training to be a Spiritual Life Coach and Emotion Code Facilitator.

Our body has the capacity to heal itself given the right energy, nutrition and physical changes. We are living in a time in which the earth and our bodies are not cared for but just patched to solve the immediate problem without regard to the consequences in the future. My passion is to help you reach your full potential without drugs or patches, naturally with what the earth and your body provides. There are many things you can do to improve your health without medications but you have to be willing to make the changes and spend the time.

Your body did not deteriorate to a state of poor health over night. With that in mind, you will not recover your health overnight either. It takes time to rebuild your health to a stasis of proper balance. I will help you with nutritional support, herbal, mineral and vitamin supplementation, energy balancing and counseling. Working as a team we can greatly improve your health and life, for the extraordinary life you were meant to have.

Dr Lianis Bidot will be opening a new location here in Gloucester, Virginia very soon.  Location of her new church will be 3682 B George Washington Memorial Highway, Hayes, Virginia, 23072.  Phone - 757-690-3333.  Next to the Tidewater Motel.  

A Whirlwind of Events

The past several months have been a whirlwind of spectacular events all around the Hampton Roads and surrounding areas.  Above is a picture taken Friday evening, June 7th, 2015 of the L'Hermione in Yorktown.  It was the maiden voyage from France to the United States and Yorktown was the first stop.

L Hermione at Yorktown, Virginia 2015 from Chuck Thompson

We scanned in the brochure that was given away at the event as well as a copy of the boarding pass.  Take a look to learn more about the L Hermione.

We spend 4 days in Yorktown taking pictures of all the events and shows going on.  We took over 3,000 pictures and some HD video that we still need to process and get up.  The above is some art we created from the event.

The weekend before that was the Hampton Blackbeard Pirate Festival.  3 days of non stop entertainment.  We only went on Sunday for a few hours but still managed over 700 photos from the event.  We have them up on Google + and Flickr.

If you are a history buff, the events are non stop fun.  Pirates are the most fun to work with when it comes to photography.  Many of them are real hams.  Above is a few of the folks from the Motley Tones.  The female is Ring Tone pictured above and in the background purposely  messing up the photo is Flintz Tone.  I love those names.  They have real character.  You can visit their website at

The weekend before that was several great events for history buffs.  Civil war reenactments in Yorktown and American Revolution reenactments in Gloucester at the Courthouse Circle.

We managed over 1,500 photos between these two events.  Talking about a lot of shooting.

And a few weeks prior to these was a Pirate invasion in Yorktown.

At this one we only created about 300 photos total.  We were there more for the enjoyment of the event than to shoot anything.  But I just can't resist taking a bunch of pictures anyway.

Virginia is graced with a host of incredible places to visit and events to attend throughout the entire year.  For us, we love history so that is usually where you will find us the most.  We make a lot of friends at these events and share our works as much as possible.

And then there is always the fun of taking pictures where ever you are.  Events or not.