Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer Girl, 72 Ft Ship Goes Up In Smoke

We were shocked this week when we saw the new edition of the Gazette - Journal newspaper. On the front cover of the paper is a picture of Summer Girl, a 72 foot long ship that went up in blazes on Monday. We were at the Marina on Saturday and this ship had caught our eye along with a few others. We took a series of pictures of the ships that had our fancy. The above slide show starts out with pictures of Summer Girl so you can see what she looked like before the fire.

She was listed as having been from Smithfield, Virginia. Even though she was an older ship, she was still a beauty and well maintained. The 35 foot sport boat next to her we did not photograph but we did get pictures of the ship on the other side of her which was the Lazzara. That was my pick for the day as my favorite little Yacht. Our condolences to the owner(s) of this ship.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Miss Virginia, Samantha Casey, posing for the 2010 Miss USA pageant

Thought we would share this with everyone.

VSO To Play Gloucester County Concert May 15th, 2010

Hey everyone. The Virginia Symphony orchestra is scheduled to play here this weekend, Saturday, May 15th, 2010 up by the courthouse. The concert begins at 8:00 PM, so bring your own chairs or blankets. These folks always put on a great performance and we go see them every chance we get. This rare video is all we are allowed to use. You can not film or record their concerts in anyway. They have been kind enough to allow us to keep this and one other video up on line because we only use it to promote them. There are no other videos up anywhere on line of the VSO. This is a great county event that we never want to loose, so come out for a wonderful time and show your support. At the present time, there isn't a known rain date, but the present weather forecast calls for a chilly but rain free evening. So dress warmly. We don't want anyone getting chilled.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

5 Bucks Fresh "Moldy" Pizza?

This is an article I hate writing for the simple reason that I like the folks over at 5 Bucks Pizza. At one point they made the best white pizza in Gloucester. However, consistently for the past year, their $5.00 pizza taste like moldy cheese. It also smells like moldy cheese. I complained about this to them several times but they always deny it. The last few times we got pizza there, it made us sick. So we stopped going to this establishment and have been in search of a good pizza place since. There are plenty of places where the pizza isn't bad, it's just not great pizza. When we have to have great pizza, it's usually off to Yorktown. No one in Gloucester musters up that we have found yet. So our search is on. 7-Eleven's 90 second pizza isn't fully cooked in 90 seconds and is horrible. So that too is a pass. Who makes great pizza in Gloucester?

Gloucester Burger King Now Serving Rancid Food?

We decided to grab a quick bite and stopped off at the local Burger King. I ordered the fish sandwich. It was dark brown and dripping with grease. It tasted nasty. I brought it back and the staff was more than courteous and made another fresh sandwich for me. That too was just as greasy, dark brown and foul tasting. The reason for this is simple. Rancid oil. I had to bring the sandwich back yet one more time and they offered to make yet another one. I declined the offer and they offered me anything else off their menu. I accepted and got a burger this time. Not going into the deep fryer there.

The staff at the restaurant was more than friendly and kind, but what gets me is when owners of a place like this try to pinch pennies and use oil for well past it's expiration. This is not only dangerous, it's potentially deadly. (See Dr Mercola's site on rancid oils). The problem with fast food oils is it goes rancid very fast. This is a major cause behind heart attacks, strokes and cancer according to health officials everywhere. If you frequent this establishment, you may want to avoid anything deep fried until they resolve this issue. Which leads me to my next article on 5 Bucks Pizza.

Sunset At Beaver Dam Park

Here is our latest picture of a sunset at the Beaver Dam park.

Blimp For Directv Seen Over Gloucester, Pictures Posted Here

A Directv blimp was flying over Gloucester County today. It was above the old Wal Mart shopping center where Ollie's and Tech Zone are located. I would imagine that they may have picked this spot because Tech Zone is a Directv distributor. Either way it was cool to see. At first we thought it was the Goodyear blimp. But when we blew up the picture, we saw who it really was. (When you don't have your zoom lens with you. Argh!)

Vehicle Flip Accident On 17 By 7-Eleven, Across From Ollie's.

We drove by this accident at about 4:10PM today where a vehicle traveling south on 17 somehow flipped over. The above picture is fuzzy as we took it as we were driving by in the opposite direction. We hope whomever was in there is alright. This happened right next to 7-Eleven, across from Ollie's where the old Wal Mart was. This is a good time to mention how we feel about talking on a Cell Phone or texting someone while driving is a very dangerous and possibly a deadly thing to do. We are NOT saying this is the cause of this accident. We are voicing an issue we deal with every day. I have personally come close to being hit on nearly a daily basis because people are to busy on their phones to pay attention to the road and their surroundings.

I praise the people who pull over to talk on the phone if they have to. It shows a very high regard to all others. If you are going to drive, turn your cell phone off. Nothing is worth your life.