Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Writ Quo Warranto; Judges Beware?

The Line in the Sand - Breaking News November 10, 2014 Unified Common Law Grand Jury in every State files writ_quo_warranto.pdf in every Federal District Court, United States Supreme Court and served upon every Federal Judge and all 9 US Supreme Court Justices. Information in the nature of a quo warranto. A proceeding against the usurper of a franchise or office. Jarman v. Mason, 102 Okl. 278, 229 P. 459, 460.; An extraordinary proceeding, prerogative in nature, addressed to preventing a continued exercise of authority unlawfully asserted. Johnson v. Manhattan Ry. Co., N.Y., 53 S.Ct. 721, 289 U.S. 479, 77 L.Ed. 1331. watch the Video.

The above video and information come from the National Liberty Alliance.  The pdf is available above as it is live linked here and it is covered in full detail in the above video.  Will this work?  Will judges just stop being thieves and sell outs?  Not likely.  There is way to much money and power in what they are doing now.  They are not going to give up that power and corruption without a fight.  

  What I will say is that I do like what these folks are doing and I have decided to join.  So I am a member of NLA and cover Gloucester, Virginia.  Now I have many hours of training to go through.  What kind of impact will all of this have?  Hope for the best, expect the worst.  It's the right stand no matter what.  Standing for the rights of the people is always the right decision.  I need two more people for Gloucester to have 4 people covering this county.  Each county should have 4 representatives.  I already have a second person.  May already have a third, but waiting on their answer.  Who will step up to be number four?

Please visit the NLA, National Liberty Alliance at the below link