Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gloucester Court And Attorney's Collude In Conspiracy

Gloucester Court And Attorney's Collude In Conspiracy

As we see from the presentation above, Judge Shaw, Monique Donner, Esq, Edwin Wilmot, Esq, and local attorney Michael T Soberick were all involved in the above. Each one of these people had a legal obligation to throw this case out before it even went into the courtroom. To allow this case to have been argued in the slightest is a complete disregard for the law and is a mockery of the judicial system.
These people have made up their own laws outside of actual law. Your hard earned tax dollars paid for this mockery. As we pointed out before, Judge Shaw and Michael T Soberick were once law partners. It was more than an observation that we pointed this out in the past.

This is shear collusion with the intent to defraud. Michael T Soberick took money from the victim in this case and then proceeded to feed her to the wolves. He did not represent his client, he betrayed his client. Monique Donner, Esq, Edwin Wilmot, Esq, both for Gloucester County and Michael T Soberick covered up what they knew were fraudulent recordings and evidence along with a fake search warrant, they helped each other out in this courtroom to hang the victim. There is a lot more in the court transcripts that we will continue to publish that prove this point. All of these people still have their jobs. Does that worry you? It worries us. Also, to date we have not heard a single word from even one of the Gloucester Board of Supervisors on any of this. That too worries us. So now we have to move above them in order that proper investigations and action take place.

See the entire story here.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Gloucester VA News New Web Site - Chronological Order Of Our Stories  Is a link to our newest site.  This site is a chronological order of the story we have been reporting on for the past month now.  We just finished all the updates on the site and now just need to go back in and fix a minor issue in a few areas.  It's ready for public view though right now.  We will be updating that site as often as we update this site.   We will be adding this into our side bar as a link very soon.

USERL Thinks You Are Stupid

Take a look at the above video and please pay special attention to the fence around the horses on this property.  Now we are going to show you pictures from the USERL site claiming that the pictures on their site are the horses on that same farm.  Notice the background fences in their own pictures.  They do not match.

I see a lot of issues here.  Is it possible that USERL is trying to con everyone to pull in funds?  Why is there such a disparity in the video and these pictures?  Do they really think we are all this stupid?  You decide.
Here is a link to their site with these pictures.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Gloucester Animal Control Audio Audit Testing Shows Serious Issues

The above audio shows some very serious issues with the Gloucester Animal Control file DW_C0152 and Steve Baranek's claims about the audio.  We were granted permission by the victims in this case to go back to their property and conduct a number of simulation tests.  Our objective was to see if any area of the audio could be even considered somewhat authentic.  All of our simulation tests failed to show any accuracy with the audio, DW_C0152, as could have possibly happened the way the audio claims it did.  We loaded the audio onto one of our tablets and tried numerous recreations to validate any area of the audio.  Every simulation we tried just did not stand up.

  Let's start with this above audio.  Steve Baranek would have you believe he is driving down a road and then into the driveway of the victims property.  Yet you do not hear any motor running nor do you hear any tire road noise.  In fairness, we cut out tiny sections of audio file DW_C0152 where the victims names and later address was used.  In our own simulation, we used a pocket recorder like Steve was using.  It's a Sony digital recorder.  We did not talk during the taping as we were just looking to see if we could even pick up any road noise.  Sure enough we picked up all the road noise, the turn signal used to turn into the driveway, the difference in the road noise between the main road and the driveway, all the sounds of turning off the engine and opening and closing our doors.  We were in an SUV for our tests.

  What we also find very interesting is the photographic evidence above.  If Steve was the first person at the gate, as he states when he is pulling up, that the gate looks like it is locked, why is the first car in this picture a Gloucester County Sheriff's Office patrol vehicle?  Also, how could Steve see the gate with this patrol vehicle in the way?  Super human powers?  So just within the first thirty seconds alone, we see evidence that Steve Baranek started manufacturing false evidence.  He was not driving in a vehicle as he would have others believe.  That means everything beyond the first thirty seconds is without question garbage.  It's meaningless.  Has no use and no value.  The moment Steve Baranek started recording was a complete sham.    And still we have so much more on this.

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