Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ghosts of Gloucester, Virginia

With a growing interest in ghosts and ghost stories, we are seeking information on Gloucester Counties most haunted sites and homes. So we are asking you for your stories and we would like to follow up with some in depth interviews and photography. If your story is really good, it will show up here on this site.

Gloucester High School Band Music Videos

On March 5th, the Gloucester High School hosted a Family Awareness program that featured a number of county services and businesses. Several bands played at the event along with the Gloucester high School band. We filmed and produced 4 videos from the show and are posting them right here for you to enjoy. We were very pleasantly surprised at just how good these young ladies and gentlemen were. We have a number of pictures and a lot of information we will be sharing soon as we process it all. So keep coming back to catch all the latest news.