Friday, December 10, 2010

Salvation Army Now Caught In Lies

In the continuing saga of the Salvation Army already torturing the homeless, we have been given new information that has them steeped in lies. The so called excuse they are now claiming for why they dumped a homeless family that they had promised to help is because the landlord felt uncomfortable with the family when he met them. We decided to investigate this and found out that this was an all out fabrication on the part of the Salvation Army. We are going to continue to dig deep into this as there is something horribly amiss here. What is the Salvation Army trying to cover up? Did someone in this organization steal something and now they are trying to shift blame?

We will continue to keep you posted on this as the story continues to unfold.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Salvation Army, “Doing The Most Harm”, Torturing The Homeless During This Christmas Season For Fun

The story we are about to tell you is a Christmas nightmare. We came across a family with a horrific story. To start with are the pictures added here. These are pictures of two of the children of a homeless family. They were put up in a motel for a few weeks by several organizations. They were surrounded by drug dealers and the children were eaten from head to toe by bed bugs. The family were also subjected to very personal questions by unknown individuals whom never identified themselves and never got back to the family. The family consists of a husband, wife and two daughters. The wife works across the river and the husband is out of work. He can't even get McDonald's to call him. When we asked about his background to see where the trouble was, there isn't any, he just can't even manage to get an interview anywhere.

The story begins with this family being sent to numerous places to fill out forms with different organizations after being put into a motel. The Salvation Army was amongst them. At first the Salvation Army treated them with disrespect but then gave them a shopping cart of food. Okay, seems like a start if less than ideal. They are off the street and have food. The Salvation Army promises the family help and to find a place for the family to live, and to pay for the first months rent and security deposit. Sounds like a nice deal. Another organization is ready to help them with their upcoming bills for electric and other utilities. Things are looking up for this family. The Salvation Army calls them and has an appointment for them to go see a place to live and sets everything up. Well great this is looking wonderful. The family keeps the appointment and they agree to take the place from the landlord. The landlord is aware of the deal and is willing to accept the offer from the Salvation Army, for the first months rent and security deposit. However the place is up for sale and can be sold at any time. Hold on, not looking so hot, but let it go for now. So it's finally coming together for this family.

Two days later the family gets a call from one of the other organizations that has been working with them and lets them know that they have a number of people on standby ready to help them move in that day. The family is rather excited. They are finally getting off the streets. Their next move is to go back to the Salvation Army and see what has to happen next. When they get to the Salvation Army, they are put off and told to just wait for their call. Well the Salvation Army never calls. This family is back out on the streets where they were. They notify the other organization who tries to help but the other organization can not do a thing without the Salvation Army. The family calls the Salvation Army numerous times over several days and no one there will return their calls. The other organization can not seem to get an answer either. We stepped in and tried to contact the Salvation Army and they will not talk to us either. We had some other people try to contact them and again, they will not speak to anyone on this.

So let's sum this up, a homeless family gets temporarily taken off the streets, paid for by outside organizations who work with the Salvation Army, puts this family into a motel where the family is surrounded by drug dealers and the children get eaten by bed bugs. The family is probed and probed by people whom they have no idea who these people are and never hear anything from these people again. This family is told they will have a place to call home and that the Salvation Army will help them with the first months rent and security deposit then backs out for no known reason and puts the family back on the streets, wasting the time and money of the other organizations trying to help this family. Oh how nice. To us this looks like cruel mental torture. We verified the story with the landlord that had made the deal with the Salvation Army. He has not heard anything from the Salvation Army since and has been put off as well.

We verified that the motel where they stayed has a known drug dealer element. We took the above pictures showing the bites from the bed bugs of the young girls. We also spoke with several people from the other organizations that were trying to help this family and the offer still stands but their hands are locked until the family is in a place. We can not get any information from the Salvation Army at all. Our hearts go out to this family. They were already going through enough, but then to have to go through this on top of it? We asked if there was anything they might have said or done that would have caused this silence. The only thing they could come up with was that they addressed the issue of the place they were taking was up for sale and could be sold at any time. Gee, that's more than a fair question don't ya think?

How this family must feel is beyond belief. Makes you want to go kick one of those people ringing the bells out in front of the stores with the Salvation Army sign that reads, “Doing The Most Good”. Good for whom? We applaud the other organizations that have tried to help this family, but are mortified by the folks at the Salvation Army. I for one will no longer support this organization for any reason. Years ago I read a book written by a Senator that exposes the corruption inside of charities and can't help but wonder what this one is up to. (By the way, don't go kicking those bell ringers, they are just volunteers trying to help and have no idea). We are going to try and keep a following with this family to see how things turn out for them.