Monday, June 3, 2024


 Well, here we are folks, paying outrageous prices to accommodate the illegals that are swarming over our borders and feeding our kids deadly drugs. You watch idly by while you pay for it. Kind of like an overrated movie, eh? Only you don't like the theme or the high cost. In fact, it's too violent, drug filled and shows your children things you would never teach them. Yet, you vote for the guy who was your cousin's uncle's sister. You don't know the first thing about him but he's a 'familiar name'. Now don't you?

Let me ask you you know what he/she (for the sake of this article I'm using he) has done for the community? Could you recognize him if you saw him? Is he interested in school and community events, and does he want the same things for your town or county that you do? Think about the statistics I'm about to share with you. Think about the drug problem in your community and research to see how many young adults have died in your own area due to open borders that allow more and more of these deadly drugs in. Are they mad about it? or are they supporting it? If they are supporting it, THEN.... THEY DO NOT HAVE YOUR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART!!!

If you haven't been affected by the high gas prices, the rising food costs and the outrageous costs of entertainment outside of your home then you must be an illegal, because the rest of us have been impacted and we have Joe Biden and the open borders to thank for it.  Now, let's talk about what else those borders have done for you and your children.

According to the National Health Interview Survey.... 6.3% of children between the ages of twelve and nineteen years old are on one or more medications for behavior. In 2019, 19.2% people had "treatment" and 15.8% of them were medicated. 23% were Caucasian non-Hispanic, 13.6% were Black non-Hispanic and 12.9% Hispanic. Look at those numbers!!!! Correct me if I'm wrong but that looks like a good portion of people walking around in a 'duh' crowd. Interestingly, the counseling decreased as the drugs increased. Guess they didn't want to get better after all. Being stuck in the cloud keeps them out of the rat race, wouldn't you say?

Now, let's talk about our street drugs...According to NCDAS: Substance abuse /Addiction Stats for 2023....50,000 deaths a year are attributed to Opioids. Responsible for 7 out of ten deaths. Now, as terrible as that sounds fentanyl, which seems to be the drug of choice of late only takes about .0007 of an ounce to kill you. Isn't it wonderful that we have opened our borders to those who wish to corrupt your loved ones with it? Isn't it wonderful that our children are polluted by street gangs and physicians who want the world to conform and not discover who you are? After all, discovery might mean recovery and they can't have that while they have your head in the clouds. Now, can they?

I could go on and on, but I don't want to lose your attention if I already haven't but people, this is the crossroad. You can't just run to the polls and vote for one person you want and leave the others who don't want the same things. They are voting against you; it doesn't matter who their daddy is!!!!!!! Get ready for election day now, tell your friends about the children we're losing to those who cross our borders. Remind them of how much they are paying for gas and by all means ask them how much their grocery bill was.... then remind them it's up to us to change this now. You can beat the rat race without coasting through life and missing out on the good things in life. Be wise folks, get rid of the liberals who have made us susceptible to inside attacks and replace them with those who love our Country and are trying to save it. 

On that note.... How can you have a part in saving America? It's simple.... clean house this November.... TRUMP 2024!!!

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Sunday, April 21, 2024

MY RANT: What they really want BY: VIOLET



If y’all are thinking about buying apartment complexes and fixing them up. Perhaps, you should ask yourself who’ll you’ll be housing. Yea, that. You don’t get rich off of vouchers, but prices are so high you won’t get rich off of young people who can’t afford it either. They'll likely leave owing you something. Not to mention court procedures and damages, if you end up with those. And who cares about their credit right now? 
Think about it… we have families paying weekly rent at motels, but they can’t get approved for rent. And they’re the ones not sleeping in their car.

The motels I'm seeing usually aren’t owned by Americansđź‘€ either, so there goes that money. 
I took my kids to Florida in the 90’s I realized then … most of the hotels and memorabilia shops were not owned and operated by Americans. 
What politicians never bothered telling Americans is they were entitled to the same business loan offered to these immigrants. I guess the difference would be… the immigrants researched… read the criteria and claimed the business loan. Isn’t it nice schools never taught our children this? Isn’t it nice our teachers want to get them involved in protests that offer no career opportunity but avoid telling them business strategies they have access to?
Oh yea…, those people with the motels and hotels and gift shops have family teaching your kidsđź‘€ in school and in our universities. Find out how many are American nationals when you pay your extreme tuition next time… you’ll see where your money is going. You'll see how many are teaching love of this country. 

If you want to know where American values went…. Lemme help you ..., We sold it…. Bit by bit… to anyone who hated what we stood for. And to top it all off…. Your demented president opened our borders for everyone who hates us to come on in. Think you’re safe now?
Personally, I think the men on January 6th had a much better chance at stopping the infiltration than these sleeping giants who post memes.  These guys went to make a stand for America and Americans let them down. This was no insurrection. It was a protest that the polls had been manipulated and Trump was president. I’m sorry… I saw three cars in a parking lot beeping their horn for Biden while he’s hanging out with his ducks who probably had to wear masks too. I’ll never believe it was a fair election and I will never believe in the system again. Do electoral votes mean anything anymore? I’ll never believe it wasn’t instigated by the left.  I’m sorry I just can’t.

The one thing I know I saw…. Was this tall man probably between 50-60 years old. Gray hair looked like it was pulled back in a small ponytail… very tall, noticeably tall… with a long black jacket. He was standing in the yard of the couple who were charged for bearing arms after rioters tried to loiter and harass them at their home. Remember them? How did they get prosecuted, yet the violence brought to their doorstep wasn’t?
Anyways, this same man … was walking in the front of those who walked in on January 6th. As though he were their friend. 
When I posted something about it. I noticed the clips were removed and I have yet to find any… I haven’t looked real deep though.
Surely, someone has access to clips that can put the old guy in both places…. I’m sure nothing will happen to him but… he needs to be displayed so people see him coming.
And if you ask me…. That’s the guy orchestrating this stuff. The riots, the protests… the burning down of cities… I’m telling you he has a lot to do with it. Find him and I bet you cut the head off the snake. But that’s just my opinion🤷‍♀️
So, while you are being pushed to buy apartment complexes and restore them…. Try questioning why they’re pushing it so hard right now and then maybe…. You’ll make the government pay for their housing with what we’re giving them instead of putting ourselves out there for us to be … branded…    * low income housing* therefore you get vouchers. Imagine that! The same money you have to give them🤷‍♀️  

The more educated this world gets… the less common sense they use. But… that’s just my opinion too ~sigh~