Saturday, May 8, 2010

Exotic Cars Slide Show #1, Ferrari's, Lamborghini and a Packard

Here is the first slide show in our series of exotic cars. Our next one comes from the Middle Peninsula Cruisers Show right here in Gloucester. This set has a great collection of Ferrari's, a Lamborghini and a 1933 Packard that we have already made into a slide show by itself. Enjoy.

Blackbeard's Crew Slide Show #1 2010

Here is our first slide show from the raid at Yorktown by Blackbeard's Crew. We have a huge amount of pictures to still process. This is a tiny slide show of 81 pictures. Enjoy.

Lamborghini Diablo, Like Cars?

Okay everyone. Who is into cars? I know a lot of you are as I have been to the local shows and have a bunch of pictures of your vehicles so it's time to start a new site. I'm still working on the name of the site and what the best type of site to put up is as I have a huge amount of photo's and videos already. I'll keep you all up to date as it comes along. In the mean time, enjoy the Lamborghini Diablo here.

Gloucester Beach Sunset

Our newest picture of a sunset taken at the Gloucester Point Beach.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kisses, 175 Ft long Private Ship At Yorktown River Walk Dock

For about the past week everyone going down to the beach has seen this ship. She is named Kisses and is a private ship hailing from England and owned by a private family. She is about 10 years old and made in the same ship yard as the White Cloud that was docked in the same place last year. 175 feet long, she is a beauty. This is only a partial slide show of the many pictures we have taken. We are still working on the rest.

1933 Packard

We were at the River Walk in Yorktown Saturday morning May 1st, and there happened to be a Ferrari Car show there. One of the show stoppers for us though was this 1933 Packard in mint shape. We also did a video on this automobile that we will post on You Tube then host here. In the mean time, enjoy the show.