Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Salvation Army, "Doing The Most Harm", Part 4

Breaking News. We just leaned from an internal source that the local Salvation Army has inside employee theft issues. So let's see, there is something fishy about the way the homless family we have been reporting on has been treated and now we learn this. Isn't that just amazing. Could it just be a coincidence? Well when we looked at all the evidence coming from the homless family, there were just way to many coincidences there to believe that they could all be just coindidental. When you make reports like this folks, you had better make sure you can back them up with evidence or you are open to a lawsuit. We are not open to one. We have secured the information and are not in the least worried about it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Neal Steele And WXGM Radio At Crany Creek Driveway Party

Neal Steele, and a nice crowd enjoy the driveway party that was held this past Friday Night on Crany Creek. Neal Steele is one of our local on air personalities and was broadcasting live for awhile about his Christmas Celebration Driveway party. It was an okay event and we are in the process of working on videos we took while we were there. Enjoy the slide show.

Congressman Wittman's Office Responds, Salvation Army, Doing The Most Harm"

So far we have heard from Congressman Wittman's Office and they had some very helpful information which we are going to follow through with. We want to take a moment and thank Congressman Wittman and his staff for responding to our request for help for this family.

Gloucester County Christmas Lights

We traveled around the county and have taken some pictures of some of the houses and have posted them here for those of you whom are not able to get around and see them yourselves. Enjoy.

Christmas Lights On A Car

While we were going around the county looking at Christmas Lights, we came across a car in a field decorated with Christmas lights. No Joke.

Salvation Army, "Doing The Most Harm", Part 3. It Get's Worse

Since we broke the story on the one homeless family another one has surfaced and there seems that there is a pattern of the Salvation Army promising that what you tell them will remain in that office and not be reported to any outside agencies whatsoever. Well the new family that has come forward was also turned into Social Services after the family did NOT receive help from Sallie. So there is a clear pattern that whatever you tell the Salvation Army under promises of anonymous information, it just isn't so. They will report you making a bad situation worse. How do you trust an organization like this?

So now we are going straight to the source and seeing what their official policy is here. We will be contacting the Salvation Army headquarters to get the answers. In the mean time, we have contacted the offices of Virginia Governor Robert F. McDonnell, Congressman Rob Wittman and Senator Mark Warner to ask what they can do regarding this matter. We have also sent this story to the Associated Press and we will be contacting the CBN Network to see if Pat Robertson can shed any light on this subject. This is just reprehensible folks.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Toys For Tots, Am I Missing Something?

We decided we would see what we could do to help the homeless family we have been reporting on. We went to the Toys For Tots site to see if we could get any toys from that organization for the girls. Well what we found is that there is only a contact name on the web site, no phone number, no links, no nothing. Click Here to see this for yourselves. Again, who do you trust? If the time is up for requesting toys....don't you think they should have reported that?

A Great Christmas Video

Here is a great Christmas Video. We have a few of our own coming up shortly before Christmas Day gets here. These are very special videos that were made right here in Gloucester County, (Not the one above), and should prove to become Gloucester County Favorites in years to come. Enjoy.

Christmas Wrapping Song By The Waitresses

We posted this video a few years ago and it was a favorite then as well as now. The Waitresses, Christmas Wrapping. The music and the lights on the house all match. Really fun video.

Official Norad Site For Santa Tracking

The Official Norad Site. Click here to see all the fun and excitement.

Norad Santa Tracker For Gloucester, VA

Merry Christmas Everyone. A few years ago we brought you Norad so that you could track Santa's route. We are bringing back Norad for you once again. Ho Ho Ho. Enjoy.

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