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The Gloucester, Virginia Legal Case That Never Happened?

The gloucester, va case that never was from Chuck Thompson

It has been overheard that some Gloucester officials claim that the above case never happened.  Well, its kind of hard to deny the evidence of the court report from that case.  A case where the defendant Laura Fielder Crews was railroaded by the courts and if you will take the time to read the 96 pages here, will note with great interest that she was never allowed to speak on her own behalf.

  This record comes from what was supposed to only be a hearing and defendant's husband was removed from the court as well as everyone else so the court actors could pull a very fast and dirty deal here from what I understand of the case.  They changed the hearing to a trial without notice to anyone including the defendant and at the end they forced her into a plea deal.  I was not a witness to this part of the case.  I have read the above transcript many times and anyone who reads it has to ask, at what point was Mike Soberick, now Judge Soberick, defending his client?  Looks like he threw her under the bus and was opening up major gaps for the prosecution.

  But again, according to some Gloucester Officials, this case never happened.  So where did this legal document come from if the case never happened?  Please folks someone is trying to hide dirty laundry in my view.  But is this all the evidence?  Not by a long shot.

Mike Soberick Case That Never Happened from Chuck Thompson

After the charade of a case was over, the defendant went to Mike Soberick's office to get copies of the files.  Well that is when Mike's secretary told the defendant that there were no files and that she must be mistaken as Mike Soberick could not have defended her.  (I have him on video showing he was their attorney that has never been publicly published as of yet).  We have a great deal of this case published on one of our sister sites.  The sister site is dedicated to this case and is over 20 sections with a great deal of detail of the absolute corruption that took place in my view.

  Again, based on my research on every aspect of this case, the entire case was predicated on fraud at every level is my opinion.  For some reason, these folks think they can do the same again, against this defendant having been successful in the past.  One of the many ways to defend against these folks is to show the world what they are doing, what they have done and what the actual evidence shows.  Never hesitate to expose them at every level and name every name.

  Post it, publish it.  Expose every little detail of the case for everyone to see.  Hide nothing.  Let them defend against the real truth once its shown to everyone.  Watch them all squirm when you talk to them about it.  Why?  Because this case never happened.  We have so much evidence of this case, but they will still tell you it's all fabricated and not true.  And here is some major evidence to help them out with their story.  Right down to Mike Soberick's own signature.  Major parts of the evidence against them comes from them and is their own evidence.  How does that work out for them?  Like the picture at the top of the post here.  It's their own picture after they raided the property listed in the record.  They call the defendant crazy because they have a lot to hide.  I am not hiding any area of this case.  Everyone is welcome to see every aspect of it.  Ask all the questions you want.  Illegal search warrants and all.

Illegal Search Warrant, Virginia ??? from Chuck Thompson

Wait, I did say something above about an illegal search warrant now didn't I?  I thought so.  Well here it is.  This was posted on the defendant's property after they took the defendant to jail and she never saw it until she came home the next day and found it posted on her property.  The above is all the defendant had for several years.  I had to do a FOIA request to get the rest that was supposed to be there and still never got everything I asked for.

  Let's go over the above warrant to see why I believe its illegal.  It was signed by a deputy court clerk without any authorization at the time they ever proved, by any magistrate or judge.  (They still have never proved it was authorized by anyone other than the court deputy clerk).  She marked the warrant she signed as though she was a magistrate.  That is issue number one.  Number two.  Both the US as well as the Virginia Constitutions make it very clear that broad search warrants can never be created and issued.  The search warrants must be very specific as to whom and what is to be searched and it must be based on evidence by an independent witness who attests to the authenticity of their own statements and they must be willing to testify in court which never happened.

  The above warrant is very broad.  It does not specify anything other than the entire property and demands the confiscation of property that would not even be considered evidence of any form of a crime.  But this is what one can expect here in Gloucester County, Virginia.  The land of the life worth living.  At least that is what they try and tell us.  But again I am only giving my opinion on the case that never happened according to some Gloucester County, Virginia officials.  We took this case all the way up to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli who was to busy with his campaign for Governor to be bothered with it.  Hell of a guy.  Sorry he lost the race.  That's sarcasm.  Still a great deal more to come.

  Oh and one more thing?  Where in the search warrant does it say that the defendant was to be arrested?  She was arrested during this raid and I can't find a valid reason as to why other than unsubstantiated claims that get rebuked by various witnesses in the court documents from the prosecution.  How does that work?  That's right.  The prosecution's own witnesses testify against each other and no one catches it?  Really?  Who are they kidding?  Read closely how the defense attorney gives the prosecutions witnesses free passes and even helps them with their case.   But again, that is simply my opinion on the case that never happened.  

Capias Fraud In Gloucester, Virginia?

Highly Queationable Capias, Virginia from Chuck Thompson

Above is a Capias used to arrest a local resident.  Problem is from everything I have read in the Virginia Criminal Justice rules, the above Capias was illegally put together and executed in my opinion and I will go over why here very shortly.  I am also including the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Rules so that everyone can read them and make their own interpretation.

Capias csp1 letter from Chuck Thompson

Now on page 7 of the above document it shows three areas in where a Capias may be used.  Those three areas are as follows:  Failure To Appear, Contempt of Court, and Failure To Obey A Court Order.  Now a Capias may be issued for the arrest of someone who has been indited by a grand jury on felony charges, but not on misdemeanor charges.

  In the top Capias, the defendant was ordered to be arrested for two very vague accusations of statutory violations that are both misdemeanors.  When you read the Virginia rules here, you will see that the most the court may do is issue a summons to appear to the defendant.  The only way this defendant could have been arrested is if she violated some court order, but she was not in court and has no court orders against her.  She did not meet any contempt of court order as she was not yet put before any court.  There was no failure to appear as she had not been issued any form of notice.

  So how and why did they arrest her?  This is the only document used for her arrest along with two True Bills of accusations of statutory violations made against her.  No arrest warrant(s) were ever issued or executed nor any summons ever given.  Also, the rules state that only a court clerk, magistrate, or judge may sign a Capias depending on how it is being created and for what purpose.  In this case it was signed by a deputy clerk and not the court clerk.

  It begs me to ask: are the courts somehow exempt from their own rules that they create?  I am pretty darn sure that the courts, judges whom have sat over this case and the clerks are all aware of this and this may be a very big part in why they are demanding that the defendant go through a mental evaluation.  The entire case in my opinion is based on retaliation against us and predicated on fraud throughout.  Much more coming.  

Outrageous Court Order by Judge Sward of Portsmouth Virginia

What happens when you are acting pro se (your own defense) in a court in Virginia and you dare to question jurisdiction?  You get ordered to undergo a competency hearing.  Outrageous.  Absolutely OUTRAGEOUS!  In a Gloucester Virginia court case that in my own opinion is 100% predicated on fraud at every level this is just one more area where the courts are going beyond ridiculous.  It is my own opinion that the reason the courts are doing this is because of all the fraud involved in this case and the fact that they want to make sure that they do not get sued for all of their criminal activity.  Again, my opinion.  So where is the proof?  Let's take a look.

Challenge Jurisdiction? See What Happens Next from Chuck Thompson

What I need to point out in the above legal document in the above container is that at no time did the defendant ever communicate with the Commonwealth attorney's office that the defendant suffered PTSD.  That information is incorrect.  Also Commonwealth Assistant Attorney from Virginia Beach, Virginia states that defendant filed frivolous motions.  I have read those motions and did not find anything frivolous in them.  But I am not a BAR attorney.  Nor would I ever dream of wasting my time in becoming one.

  Here is what they do not want you to know however the defendant challenged jurisdiction.  All the courts throughout the US either have already or are presently having their jurisdiction challenged at every level by the National Liberty Alliance.  Please visit the link to see for yourself.  I would also recommend everyone join who is not an attorney or Judge to stop the criminal courts.  (Again, my opinion).  The NLA will not accept anyone who is a Judge or attorney into membership because they are part of the problem.

  If a revolution does occur in this country again, I believe it will be brought about by either the actions/inaction's of the courts in this country.  Not because of politics.  What I have been witnessing over the past few months is nothing short of showing me that the real criminals in this country are running the court systems and they do not dispense justice.  But let's look at some more facts.


Judge Sward's Outrageous Court Order, Portsmouth, VA Judge from Chuck Thompson

This order was created by Judge Sward of Portsmouth, Virginia and is not factual in my opinion as I was a witness to these proceedings and all the events that have occurred throughout the start of these actions.  I know every facet of the case as I have read every document and have done research in multiple areas in order to assist both the defendant and her husband has also been working on research to assist with her case.  We all have spent a vast amount of hours speaking on this subject and digging through everything we can find.

  Judge Sward stated that he did not see PTSD as an issue in the defendants case as any form of possible issue for her competency.  He denied her motions for dismissal but stated that defendant had some very valid points in those motions.  Witnesses to this case on this day can all testify that the defendant did not show a lack of competency for the defendant to continue to move forward.

    What is even worse is that Judge Sward heard no evidence other than from the prosecuting attorney, Wendy Alexander from Virginia Beach, that defendant filed frivolous motions that she later stated she refused to answer but that the motions contained valid points in regards to competency of the defendant.

  Wait, did anyone read that correctly?  Wendy Alexander stated she refused to answer the defendants motions as they were frivolous yet still stated that the motions had valid points.  Can anyone say corruption?  Judge Sward ignored these little facts.  The defendant had moved the court to have special prosecutor recused for a number of reasons that I consider very valid.  For one, in a previous hearing, Wendy Alexander pretty well called the defendant insane.  The defendant brought this up before judge Sward but he decided to give his interpretation on what Wendy Alexander meant by her statements without having been the judge in the hearing where Wendy Alexander made that specific statement.

  Now these actions are supposed to be in Circuit Court, but the court where Wendy Alexander made this statement was in a General District Court in front of Judge Shaw who had not yet been inaugurated into his position as a Circuit Court judge and there was not court reporter in the room and the defendant as well as several witnesses including myself were moved out of the actual Circuit Court courtroom where an actual court reporter was.  We were the only ones moved to the General District Court courtroom.  This was put together by Wendy Alexander with the aid of Holly Smith Gloucester, Virginia Commonwealth attorney.

  Now in my own view that was criminal intent with intent to commit fraud.  Wendy on January 27th, 2015 did not want a court reporter in the court.  Here is what happened in that courtroom before Judge Shaw that day.  First Wendy pretty well called the defendant insane and was arguing to put the defendant under evaluation then.  She then argued that she wanted to try the case right there on the spot.  Wait.  Who is the real insane person here?  Wendy first argued that the defendant was not competent to stand trial or defend herself and then Wendy wants to start a trial right on the spot.  Judge Shaw stopped her on the spot in that area.

  Now lets have some real fun.  The next action in this case is it moves to jury trial.  The defendant has never been identified by any of the judges in any of the 4 previous hearings, the defendant has never given a plea at anytime, the defendant has always contended that the court lacks jurisdiction and the courts continue to move forward anyway.  Wait, who are the criminals here?  The defendant has been accused of statutory violations that are so vague that even the supreme court has ruled that to be the case.  Plus, the courts have even stated that the statutes are not even violations under common law which Virginia Code, 1-200 states that all codes must be interpreted to the meaning of common law.  Plus this comes from West's annotated Virginia Code on the above so called statutory violations.  (Part of the research I helped with.)

  Even more hilarious but very sad and maddening is what Judge Sward also said during this hearing.  These motions have obviously been put together by someone with legal knowledge and skill but lacking a legal education.  I take that to mean that the defendant did not go to law school and is not a member of the BAR so that is an automatic disqualification and reason for a mental evaluation.  Again:  who are the criminals here?

  Oh, and have I mentioned that the Commonwealth has been withholding evidence from the defendant and stated in court that they would continue to withhold evidence from the defendant?  Not only that, but Judge Sward was asked about evidence provided to the court and if he saw the evidence.  He confessed he knew nothing about the evidence that was brought up in question and the two court clerks in the room looked at each other very surprised.  Why?  Was it because it was withheld from judge Sward?  He immediately ended the hearing after he admitted to not seeing the evidence or knowing anything about it.  I have to keep asking who the real criminals are here.

  Now Judge Sward came across as a nice guy, but he danced around the defendants questions and it was very clear to everyone who was there witnessing the hearing, that Judge Sward had no intention of allowing a fair hearing.  He even threatened the defendant with a revoking her bond and throwing her in jail if she did not consent to the psychiatric evaluation and that he would force compliance anyway.

  Let's also look at some other oddities of this particular hearing.  It was done as a stand alone hearing on a Thursday when all other Circuit Court business was conducted on Tuesday.  It was held in the basement in a hearing room.  No docket was posted and when we all asked for a copy of the docket in the Circuit Court clerks office, we were told that there was no Circuit Court cases being heard that day and there was no docket.  Others who were going to join us as witnesses were not able to find us in the hearing room as they were also told the same thing, there are no cases today.  We did get a copy of the days docket.  It states Circuit Court hearing to hear motions.  There was no court reporter at the front of the room.  No court reporter was sworn in after Judge Sward came into the room.  I believe I did recognize a court reporter in the back of the room who was only there witnessing the proceedings, and not taking any notes, so that the element could be covered.  But the element was not properly executed as required to be a court of record.  So that means this was once again a District Court proceeding done under the guise of a Circuit Court hearing and it was not public.

  Again, who are the criminals?   Oh this continues to get a lot more interesting but we are going to save that for other posts.       

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Vaccination Con Job? Left Wing Propaganda Designed To Take Away Your Rights

This 1976 photograph showed an adult receiving...
This 1976 photograph showed an adult receiving a vaccination with a jet injector during the swine flu nationwide vaccination campaign, which began October 1, 1976. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Below is what we view as a left wing socialist propaganda piece that we can just about say with certainty does not have a real boy involved as the story claims.

  Instead, this looks more like a bleeding heart story going around on that is desinged to take away your rights.  Force very dangerous vaccinations on people who have no interest in them.  

  This is a very old trick and it works very well.  It's played on the people over and over and over again and very few ever catch the true underlying tricks being played to take away our freedoms.  Look at the bold section below that is highlighted in yellow.  It's not about the boy as it states.  It's about force.  It's about forcing every child to get vaccinated against the wishes and or best interest of the children.  Study the facts on vaccinations.  They are very dangerous.  They are so dangerous in fact that if anything happens to your child?  No one is responsible.  To bad for you, your family and your child.  You can NOT sue the drug company that harmed your child.  That is enough to tell you they know their products are deadly in our view.  Not dangerous, deadly.  But again, our opinion based on the evidence. 

  They are using a heart tugging story to take away your rights.  Are you going to give them away?  It's not about this one school.  It's not about one locality either.  These people want to set a precedence that will affect the entire nation.  They are also inverting rights.  The need of one outweighs the need of the many.  Anyone buying this?  I'm not.  It's sick.  It's perverted propaganda.  And it's right here for you to enjoy.
Rhett Krawitt, age 6, fought leukemia for 4 and 1/2 years.  Now, his cancer is in remission, but he won’t be healthy enough to be immunized for another several months.
Marin County, where he lives, is one of the newest areas to be hit by the current measles outbreak in California, with two children infected this week.  Rhett’s dad, Carl, is asking the Superintendent of his son’s school district to require that all children be vaccinated so that kids like Rhett, who can’t be vaccinated, can benefit from ‘herd immunity’ that will keep them protected from the dangerous disease.
"It's a risk that shouldn't even be there, and that's what's so emotional for me. This was a disease that was gone," says Carl.
Join me in supporting Carl and Jodi Krawitt's plea for their son's health and safety at school by signing the petition asking the Reed Union School District to require students to be immunized.
15 years ago, we declared the U.S. measles-free thanks to successful vaccination programs.  But measles is back.  There was a huge outbreak last year in several states, and an outbreak that started a few weeks ago at Disneyland continues to grow.
I live in the Bay Area, and my daughter and I love to take the ferry to Tiburon on sunny Saturdays.  At my daughter's school, and at many schools in the Bay Area, we are asked to keep nut products out of our children's lunches because of other children's nut allergies.  It's a bit of an inconvenience -- how many times have I looked long at the jar of peanut butter on the shelf when trying to assemble a healthy lunch on a busy morning -- but it keeps other children at the school safe. If the school can ban nuts to protect a few kids, it can require immunizations too.
We all have a responsibility to the health of our children.  Reed Union School District can help Rhett stay safe and healthy at school by making sure all kids are protected from dangerous and preventable disease.
Join me in asking Superintendent Steven Herzog to help keep Rhett healthy by signing the petition.

See video of Rhett and his family here:
and read more about Rhett and his family, and see pictures, here:

Live links removed for protest.

Here is the video.  Take a look at the quality folks,  This is a professional Hollywood production quality video.  Not even the local news is this good.  Keep a sharp eye on the clarity of the focus on this little boy.  I'm betting he and the family are all paid actors.  This just reeks to all high heaven of corruption.

  Now look at the stories below and you will see that this is clearly a red flag issue.  They do want to steal our rights and they are demanding we surrender them.  No way.  Sue them all.  

Thursday, February 5, 2015

You Do Not Need A Driver's License For The Average Man or Woman

Here is yet another must watch video, showing that the average man or woman, does not need to have or posses a driver's license to travel down the road or highway.  That means when you get a ticket, they are robbing you at gunpoint.  That also means that the judges are also robbing you at gunpoint.  You need to be armed with the knowledge on how to stop these criminals from infringing on your rights.

  If you do not exercise your rights, then you have none.  So you must know and exercise them in order to actually have them.  Watch this video and understand it to the fullest.  Research the information.  We have been researching this for some time and now we are sharing as much as we can to help you protect yourself.

  This video shows you a number of illegal statutes that are in the what are called law books?  So called laws that you may be violating?  Codes, statutes and or ordinances are strictly the color of law and not actual law.  But they rob you with very nasty tricks they created for you to purposely not understand.  This is by design.

  Now the word is getting out.  You can legally ignore these statutes, codes and or ordinances with impunity according to the laws of the united states Constitution of America.  We will cover that in the future.  The criminals are wearing uniforms and or robs or suits.  They claim to be upholding the law, yet they violate it at every level.  And they wonder why we no longer trust any of them?  Really?

  Let's be fair.  There are some very decent people locked into this criminal system being used against us.  They are being forced to do their jobs in order to keep food on their own tables and roofs over their heads and their families.  They know what they are doing is wrong and try to do what they can to protect people.  But there are others who only view you as chattle and they want to take everything they can from you.

  If you are facing a traffic ticket and think you cannot defend yourself, you must realize that you can.  Everything you need is right here.  If you are saying to yourself that someone should do something about all of this, then why not be that somebody?  You be the somebody to do something about it.  We are fighting this everyday.  We can't be the only ones doing so.  The more people who fight these folks, the better we will all be.  We are all fighting for our rights.  If we do not stand up for our rights, then we have none.  You surrender them by your own inaction.  That means you can only blame yourself for the loss of your rights.

  Are you willing to keep paying these folks for crimes you have not committed but they have?  They are committing the crimes against you and you are letting them?  You deserve no rights if that is the case.

This of course is not legal advice.  If you want legal advice, you must contact a British Bar attorney who unlawfully practices a franchise within the borders of the united states of America against the laws of the united states Constitution and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  You are then free to pay them for advice that will not work in your favor for the most part.  You are then free to have that attorney cut some form of deal on your behalf that will not help you in most cases.  But at least you think you have gotten the best deal you could get.  Good luck with that.

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The United States Fraudulent War Games?

Post by Illuminati Killers.

Saw this on Facebook and it was very interesting.  A must watch video.  What if this guy is right?  We can't say either way.  We are not there, we do not have anyone there, we are not privy to the information coming out of DC or what the orders are.  We can investigate it deeper, but would likely only confirm what this guy is saying.  Very interesting stuff to say the least.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How To Disqualify Your Judge Or Prosecuting Attorney: Recuse Them

Start by watching the video above.  This opens the door to understanding how you can recuse any judge or prosecuting attorney in just about any case.  Now this guy is talking about the California legal system, but it applies to all 50 states and localities.  You can change past judgement's against you or pending judgement's.  If a judge even makes a face of discontent in the courtroom, you can have the judge recused, or to put it another way, disqualified.  The same can be done with a prosecuting attorney.

  If you are getting abused by the system, it's time to take the system back.  Now your attorney may not do this for you, but you can do this yourself.  You need to understand how to do this.  Let us show you how it's done in Virginia.

Canons of Judicial Conduct: Virginia Commonwealth from Chuck Thompson

The above PDF file, which you can download for free on our SlideShare site, explains what a judge can and cannot do in the courtroom.  When a judge is yelling for any reason, you can have that judge recused/disqualified.

  Now here is where you should have every judge and prosecuting attorney in the state of Virginia hearing a criminal case recused.

Please read the above linked article.  What you will learn in there is that the Commonwealth of Virginia has contracts with private prisons that ensure those prisons will maintain an occupancy rate of between 95 and 100 percent occupancy.  That means each and every judge is under a certain obligation to find you guilty and fill those beds in those prisons.  The same with the prosecuting attorneys.  This is a very clear conflict of  interest.  With that conflict of interest predisposed on the courts and legal system, you can not get a fair trial.

  So you have the right to recuse every judge and every prosecuting attorney in any criminal case across the state of Virginia.  Now this is not legal advice as we are not Bar franchised attorneys.  Only Bar franchised attorneys can give you bar franchised advice for an incredibly large fee and it may not help you in the least.

  Instead, we all have the inherent and unalienable right to discuss lawful concepts and share these with everyone.  It is not legal advice, just lawful concepts for your consideration.  You do not need a lawyer.  You can do all of this on your own.  If you need to know how to do the paperwork, you can go to one of the links on this site for help or visit for more as they already have sets of similar paperwork already created that show you how to make your own documents to file in the courts.

  Don't let them push you around.  If you understand the system, you have by far more rights than any of them ever begin to have.  It's you who is really in charge and you need to take that seriously.  Boy are they really going to hate you when you are done with them though.

Principles of Liberty: No 4 by Donna Sayegh

Principles of Liberty - No. 4 by: Donna Sayegh from Chuck Thompson

Principles of Liberty: No 4.  Written by my good friend Donna Sayegh of Portsmouth, Virginia.  Donna is a very gifted woman who fights for the freedoms and liberties that so many of you ignore and let slip away so that you can pay higher taxes and enjoy much less with each passing year.  How is that working out for you?

  Donna has grasped a tremendous amount of information in a very short period of time and this piece above is a testament to such.  Donna allows us to publish her works and once I read this piece knew it needed to be shared with everyone else.

  Thank you Donna, for all of your hard work and dedication to our freedoms.  And Donna has a very valid point: fighting for our freedoms is also fighting for our faith and standing up for God.

  Understanding what it is to be an American.