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Gloucester, VA Invitation For Bids, Ruggedized Computers For Police Service, Oct. 2014

Ruggedized computers for police service bid requests from Chuck Thompson

In an effort to see if we can help increase awareness of bid proposal opportunities we are posting this information where the local government is requesting bids for computers.  All of the details are above.  Please do not contact us for any bids.  This is for local county government.  Again, we are just trying to increase awareness.

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Government Briefing or Education On Bitcoin and Bitpay Digital Currency

The bitcoin logo
The bitcoin logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Though we have not used this digital currency as of yet, we happen to like most of the facts and information surrounding Bitcoin and a few of the other digital currencies.  They are not controlled by any governments and it is extremely difficult to manipulate this form of currency, especially by any government of any country.  Here is nearly a two hour video for those who are still not familiar with Bitcoin.  Even though this is a Canadian briefing, it applies to every country in many areas.

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Codex Alimentarius Commission, Is It A Conspiracy?

English: Template for Template:Food safety
English: Template for Template:Food safety (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Codex Alimentarius, often stated to be a conspiracy and the above video is a documentary on just this.  Below we present the actual Codex Alimentarius Commission Procedural Manual that few people have ever seen.

  Our objective is not to get you to believe one side or the other.  We are simply presenting the information and allowing you to start your own research and come to your own determinations.

One more short video for anyone who does not have the time to watch the longer video above.  The arguments are very interesting to say the least.  For those wondering why people all across the globe are getting fat?  Could the answers be found here?  Cancer issues?  Are the answers also found here?  Are the people in the videos just nuts and there really is nothing to their stories?  Read the Commission Procedural Manual and decide for yourself.

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Gloucester, VA Utilities Commission Meeting Minutes, July, 2014

Gloucester Utilities Committee Meeting Minutes from Chuck Thompson

Here are the meeting minutes from the Gloucester County utilities commission.  Information not readily available to the public in the past.  Through requests we have been able to get county officials to make this information available to the public.  These types of reports help you to understand how your tax money is used.

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Gloucester, VA School Board Meeting For October, 2014: A Must Watch

In case you missed this meeting, here is the video.  We are re hosting these meetings on YouTube now for better streaming.  We have heard and experienced many complaints about the streaming from the county's main website and it's very rare that streaming from YouTube represents issues.  You can still embed these video and share them any way you wish.

Now this is one of those must watch videos.  Most of the times these videos have a tendency to be boring.  This one has some really good moments that make it well worth watching.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Governor McAuliffe Announces 51 New Jobs in Carroll County

English: 15 foot replica of a Holstein Cow rep...
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
~ Andrews Farming Inc. and ANDCO Logistics, Inc. to invest more than $5.6 million to expand operation ~

RICHMOND - Governor Terry McAuliffe announced today that Andrews Farming Inc. and its sister company, ANDCO Logistics, Inc., will invest more than $5.6 million to expand their agricultural production, warehousing and distribution operation in Carroll County. Virginia successfully competed against North Carolina for the project, which will create 51 new jobs paying above the average prevailing wage.
Speaking about today’s announcement, Governor McAuliffe said, “Andrews Farming is a homegrown, family-operated company that was established in 1975 by Mr. Keith Andrews, who operated out of an old International pickup. From that point, the business has grown in Southwest Virginia for the past 40 years to serve a multi-state market. Carroll County offers Andrews Farming and ANDCO Logistics a strong grouping of agricultural entities that can work together to grow this important sector in the region. The available facility in the Carroll County Industrial Park and close proximity to the Southwest Virginia Farmers’ Market, along with a deep-rooted history in agriculture, makes Carroll County an ideal location for the corporate move. Virginia’s agriculture industry has a tremendous economic impact, and Andrews Farming is an important contributor. ANDCO Logistics will handle long-haul shipping of agricultural products, and we look forward to the far-reaching benefits of this expanded operation in Carroll County.”

“It is always cause for celebration when a strong, established Virginia company chooses to expand within the Commonwealth,” said Maurice Jones, Virginia Secretary of Commerce and Trade and member of the Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission. “Carroll County is a great fit for Andrews Farming and ANDCO Logistics, offering an agricultural industry cluster and the natural resources and infrastructure on which Andrews Farming has come to depend over the last decades. The new facility will also allow the company to meet increased production demand and provide fresh produce to its customers up and down the East Coast, simultaneously benefitting local farmers in Southwest Virginia.”

Andrews Farming’s team has been built around three principles—honesty, quality and dedication. Every member of management and employees strive to make sure the best product possible is shipped daily. These principles were the seeds planted by Keith Andrews’ grandfather, Mr. Bob Branscome, who farmed and sold produce for a living since 1914. The principles instilled in Keith by his grandfather are still present in the ongoing growth of Andrews Farming, and will be the cornerstone of ANDCO Logistics.

            “Andrews Farming and ANDCO Logistics appreciate what Carroll County has done to land our operation. The Tobacco Commission, Carroll County Industrial Development Authority, the aCorridor, Virginia Jobs Investment Program, and the Virginia Economic Development Partnership have stepped up to the plate and assisted in overcoming obstacles at every turn,” said Mr. Keith Andrews, President/ CEO of both Andrews Farming Inc. and its sister company, ANDCO Logistics, Inc. “Carroll County is investing in the agricultural industry as a community, and we see this non-traditional philosophy as a major magnet for us and other food-related operations in the future. It is extremely impressive to know that Carroll County has the first STEM Lab dedicated to agriculture in the nation, and, in reality, this investment provided the tipping point for us to grow our business in Carroll County, along with access to I-77, the Southwest Virginia Farmers Market and proximity to the new Wildwood Commerce Park.”

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership worked with Carroll County, the Carroll County Industrial Development Authority, and Virginia’s aCorridor to help secure the project for Virginia. The Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission approved $225,000 in Tobacco Region Opportunity Funds for the project. Funding and services to support the company’s employee training activities will be provided through the Virginia Jobs Investment Program.

David Hutchins, Chairman of the Carroll County Board of Supervisors, said, “We are elated to have Andrews Farming and ANDCO join in a partnership with Carroll County to grow our economy. The new operation in Carroll County will add to our current agriculture sector focus and assist in many untold ways. This is also a day of celebration because the Carroll County Industrial Park and Exit 14 quadrant is now 100% full. Today is a monumental day in Carroll County as we move our full focus toward the Wildwood Commerce Park.” 

Barry Hicks, Chairman of the Carroll County Industrial Development Authority (IDA), said, “The announcement today is a wonderful example of Carroll County investing in the strong sector of agriculture and having an almost immediate return on the investment. The STEM Lab for Agriculture is assisting in gaining jobs today while preparing students for the workforce needs of the future. It is great to see the school system providing a direct connection to economic development and the attraction of business to Carroll County. We are certainly blessed today with these announcements as we see the economic skies opening up in Carroll because of the dedicated work of many individuals, groups and organizations.”

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Governor McAuliffe Announces 150 New Jobs in City of Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, largest city and part of large...
Virginia Beach,  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
~ DOMA Technologies, LLC to expand operation~

RICHMOND - Governor Terry McAuliffe announced today that DOMA Technologies, LLC, a Virginia Beach-based company that specializes in cloud-based data and document management, plans to create 150 new jobs and lease an additional 15,000 square feet of office space. The expansion will support the company’s recent $50 million four-year contract from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to help improve timeliness for the processing of claims for disability benefits. The additional office space will be adjacent to DOMA Technologies’ corporate headquarters location at 2875 Sabre Street, where it currently occupies 21,200 square feet.

DOMA’s Electronic Knowledge Data Management platform will serve as the PrivateMedical Record Portal, providing all workflow functionality and secure record storage necessary to request, receive, process and transmit medical records to the Veterans Benefits Administration. Claims support representatives in DOMA’s Virginia Beach offices will work with 54 regional Veteran’s Affairs Regional offices, healthcare providers and third-party organizations from across the country in processing up to 32,500 requests per month.
Speaking about today’s announcement, Governor McAuliffe said, “The efficient benefits processing services that DOMA Technologies will provide to our veterans and their families is truly invaluable. Virginia has the highest number of veterans per capita in the entire United States, and it continues to grow. Each year thousands of veterans go without adequate mental and physical healthcare, and disability benefits are critical to their wellbeing. I applaud this Virginia-based, veteran-owned company on its proactive approach to be part of the solution. It is a priority for my Administration to secure employment for our veterans and ensure that healthcare is available. I am working to build a New Virginia Economy, and I am proud that DOMA Technologies’ expansion and addition of 150 new jobs to service this important contract are part of this movement.”
“I have the distinct honor of leading the Governor’s New Virginia Economy Workforce Initiative, and one of our priorities is to position Virginia as the most veteran and military friendly state in the Union,” said Maurice Jones, Virginia Secretary of Commerce and Trade. “Around one in ten Virginians is a veteran, and DOMA Technologies’ new contract and subsequent expansion will allow Virginia’s veterans to get the benefits they deserve in a timely manner. We are proud to boast this small, women- and minority-owned business on our corporate roster, and commend the company and Virginia Beach on this important win.”
DOMA Technologies, LLC was founded in 2000 and is a certified small, women- and minority-owned (SWaM) business.
“As a veteran-owned company, we are keenly aware of how this program will positively impact the claims process and overall quality of life of this nation’s veterans and their families,” said Pat Feliciano, president and co-founder of DOMA Technologies. “The DOMA team is committed to serving our veterans and beneficiaries with the highest level of quality and customer care.”

The Virginia Beach Department of Economic Development worked with theVirginia Beach Development Authority to secure the project for Virginia. Funding and services to support the company’s employee training activities will be provided through the Virginia Economic Development Partnership’s Virginia Jobs Investment Program.

“I’d like to congratulate Pat Feliciano and his team for their leadership and capabilities in securing this important contract with the Department of Veterans Affairs,”said Virginia Beach Mayor William D. Sessoms, Jr. “We are confident that, with the quality workforce available in Virginia Beach, DOMA Technologies will be extremely successful as it seeks to fill these 150 new permanent positions and provide a valuable service to an important segment of our population.”

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Governor McAuliffe Announces New Biotech Agricultural Export Deal to China

An SVG map of China with Beijing municipality ...
An SVG map of China with Beijing municipality highlighted (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
~ Richmond-based Agrivita Biogroup Developing Sales of Feed Additives for Dairy, Swine Industries; Business Furthers Virginia's Position in Fast Growing Ag-Bio Sector ~

BEIJING, CHINA – Governor Terry McAuliffe today announced as part of his trade and marketing mission to Asia that Agrivita Biogroup, Inc. (Agrivita) has reached new export deals of animal feed additives to Chinese importers.  Agrivita is a Richmond-based company that specializes in bio-science and animal nutrition, health, and performance with a focus on providing advanced and proven solutions for modern agriculture.  The agreement was facilitated during meetings at the VIV Beijing large animal feed exhibition trade show in September after Agrivita began exploring sales opportunities to China with the assistance of Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) international marketing and trade staff over the last year.

Speaking about the new trade agreement, Governor McAuliffe said, “I am thrilled to announce this export opportunity for Agrivita Biogroup.  Virginia’s aggressive international marketing and trade efforts are yielding new sales agreements and new business partners for the Commonwealth.  This is the type of deal I urged my agricultural development and marketing team to seek as we work to build a new Virginia economy.  Today’s win both furthers our position in Virginia’s growing bio-science sector and moves us closer to my goal of making the Commonwealth the East Coast Capital for agricultural and forestry product exports.”

Assisted by VDACS international marketing and trade staff, Agrivita secured new export business in China this year and next.  These new sales are important for the company that only recently navigated the challenging Chinese regulatory process.  Agrivita worked with VDACS in 2013 to successfully register its product in China and, earlier this year, shipped samples of its product to be used in feeding trials throughout the country.  The results of those trials showed increased milk production in dairy cattle, more efficient growth in poultry, and greater weight gain in swine production. 

VDACS international marketing and trade staff and the VDACS China trade representative continued supporting the company to overcome significant certification and regulatory issues and develop a marketing strategy to compete in a rapidly growing sector of the animal feed business in China.

“The new export sales for Agrivita Biogroup is a great example of how our international marketing and trade efforts work in a comprehensive way with large and small agricultural and forestry exporters to identify new market opportunities, make the right buyer introductions, and follow up with the necessary resources to develop a winning strategy,” said Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry Todd Haymore.  “Further, we’re particularly excited about the opportunity these new exports represent as agricultural biotechnology is a growing sub-sector of bio-science in Virginia that can be harnessed and poised for additional growth.”

“The long and intensive work we put into this project is finally paying dividends,” said Arunas Vanagas, President of Agrivita Biogroup, Inc.  “With a full team effort from everyone at Agrivita Biogroup’s Virginia- and China-based offices and continuous support from VDACS international marketing and trade staff, we have already set five distributors and in the near future are planning to add four more to cover all targeted provinces and animal sectors in China.  From the humble $400,000 in sales we made this year, our conservative projection for 2015 is well over $1.5 million. We are happy with our success and are looking forward to continued effective cooperation and support from VDACS.”

Today's announcement comes on the second leg of the Governor’s almost two-week trade and marketing mission to Japan, China, Hong Kong, and South Korea.  Over the eleven-day mission, Governor McAuliffe, First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe, Secretary Haymore, and VDACS international trade representatives are meeting with agribusinesses and importers to encourage more investment in Virginia and promote Virginia agricultural and forestry products. The delegation is also engaged in meetings organized by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership and the Virginia Tourism Corporation to promote trade and investment in a wide array of sectors.

Agricultural and forestry exports from Virginia reached a record high of $2.85 billion in 2013.  China is Virginia’s largest export customer of agricultural and forestry products.  Last year, more than $580 million worth of product was exported to China.  Since 2010, agricultural and forestry exports from Virginia to China have increased by more than 200 percent.

According to a 2013 economic impact study conducted by the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia, agriculture and forestry are two of Virginia’s largest industries with a combined economic impact of $70 billion annually.  Agriculture generates more than $52 billion per annum, while forestry induces over $17 billion.  The industries also provide more than 400,000 jobs in the Commonwealth. More information about the Weldon Cooper Center’s study can be found at

According to a 2014 Battelle/BIO report, Virginia’s bio-science industry is thriving, with more than 26,500 industry jobs that spanned 1,451 business establishments in 2012.  The same study shows Virginia enjoyed double-digit employment gains from 2007 – 2012 in the agricultural feedstock and chemicals sub-sector, which involves industries that utilize biochemistry and biotechnology for producing everything from food to fuel.

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