Friday, December 2, 2016

All About Vodka

Vodka.  Almost everyone you ask what Vodka comes from, the typical answer is that it comes from potatoes.  Well, that answer is both correct as well as incorrect.  Yes, you can make Vodka from potatoes, but you can also make vodka from any ferment-able substance or biomass.  Vodka can be made from sugar, corn, wheat, rice, sorghum,  rye, barley and the list goes on.

  What a distiller is doing is creating as pure a form of ethanol as possible from a base alcohol.  When this is done, there is pretty much nothing left from the base flavors in the final product.  In other words, you will not get any flavors of potatoes in Vodka nor any base flavors of whatever base is used to create Vodka.

  So what gives Vodka it's flavors?  As a pure ethanol, vodka only has 5 known flavors.  Those flavors only come from two components.  Those two components are the local water supply of the distillery when the distiller proofs down the Vodka, which means watering down the Vodka, and the yeast that was used in fermenting the base mash for making the base alcohol.  There are hundreds of variations of yeast out on the market today and each one has a different flavor.  Those yeast flavors do in fact transfer to the final product.  It does not matter if we are talking about Vodka, Whiskey, Gin, Rum, Brandy or and variations of liquors.

  With that note, what is the difference between a $10.00 dollar bottle of Vodka and a $100.00 bottle of Vodka?  $90.00.  Marketing.  That's mainly it more than any other aspect of the product.  Now there are some other variables that can distinguish a good Vodka from that of a bad one and that is all dependent on the distillery and their practices.

  What is distilling though?  It is merely the concentration and at the right distillery, the purification of alcohol.  What is done in a distillery is, a base, either liquid or a full mash, that has been fermented to produce a base of either beer or wine, is entered into a still.  The still heats the base alcohol up to where alcohol becomes a gas and travels upward in the still.  It then goes through a cooling process to come out as a concentrated liquid spirit.  For Vodka, you run the still at about 190 proof or better which is a near pure ethanol, stripping out the base flavors and smells.

  The first thing out of a still is the lightest forms of alcohol known in the industry as heads.  Heads have some nasty chemicals in them known as hexitones, acetone, and methanol.  These chemicals are very bitter tasting and is the stuff nasty hangovers come from.  Not what you want in your main product.  But, there is no legal requirement to take them out.  These chemicals are in your beer and your wine and there is no real way to get them out except through distillation.  A good distillery will take out these nasty chemicals.  Other distilleries leave them in which will give the final product some very nasty flavors.

  But this is not the only area where nasty flavored chemicals can come into play during the distillation cycle.  At the very end, as distillation is coming to a close, the last part coming out are the heaviest forms of alcohol that are referred to in the industry as tails, which are lighter in taste but again contain some nasty flavors.  Most distilleries separate the tails from the main product, but again, there is no legal requirement to do so.

  So if you leave in both the heads and tails in the main product, you are going to get a rather nasty tasting product.  Are there ways to remove these nasty flavors?  Yes.  Charcoal filtering is probably the most commonly used tactic to rid the product of the nasty taste of these other alcohols.  My own preference is to buy and consume products where the distillery takes out the heads and the tails from the main product.  How do you know which one's do this?  You don't.  There are no requirements to report this information to the public.

  This aspect of heads and tails is true of all spirits produced, not just specific to Vodka.  So these are some of the other aspects that differentiate one product from another.  Finding an inexpensive Vodka that is just as good, if not better than, a very expensive one isn't all that hard when dealing with Vodka.  That isn't the case with other spirits.  Other spirits have many more variables to factor in.

  Pictured at the top of this article is Platinum Vodka.  It's inexpensive and fully agreeable.  Not considered the best out there, but I have no issues with it.  It's 7 times distilled.  What does that mean?  It has more marketing meaning than anything else in my own opinion.  There are two ways to achieve 7 times distilling or 3 times 5 times or whatever anyone wants to claim for their product that seems to separate them from everyone else on the market.  But let's cover the bases here anyway.

  There are a number of different stills out on the market from which to make spirits.  The three main types of stills are the continuous still, the pot still and the column still.  We won't cover the continuous still as that would not be used for this type of statement in production.  That leaves the pot still and the column still.  If you are using a pot still, 7 times distilling means you have put the alcohol through the distilling process 7 different times which is a real time nightmare.  In a column still, one only needs to put on 7 heads on the column.  Each head on that column produces it's own distillation and the 7 heads covers the term, distilled 7 times.  Another term would be a 7 times re-flux system.  One run still equals 7 times distilled.

  At present, Vodka sells more cases nationwide as well as worldwide than any other spirit on the market according to Beverage World.  Whiskey produces more revenue, but bottle volume, right now Vodka is number one.  That changes a great deal.  Usually whiskey is the number one consumed spirit throughout the world.  Flavored Vodkas have had a massive impact on the market which is starting to soften according to industry insiders.  Most of the flavored Vodkas are referred to as Candy Vodkas by many in the beverage industry.  Vodka takes just about any flavor well as again, Vodka has little in the line of flavor profiles on it's own.

  Now here is some fun.  How many people know what Vodka means?  It has a number of meanings from little water, to burnt water to even burned wine.  Vodka as we know it today is mostly a 20th century product dating back to only 1934.  Earlier products called Vodka were usually strong flavored spirits of all kinds and from various bases for production.  The name Vodka goes way back to the 8th Century and possibly even earlier.  No one is sure and research still continues.

  Enjoy responsibly.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Propaganda Film Most Likely To Succeed Shown At Gloucester High School

This is only a clip from BYOD, whomever they are, that praises the propaganda film, Most Likely To Succeed, the film that was shown at the Gloucester High School last night.  It's a positive promo spin for the film that does not seem to be available to the public and that is no surprise that it is being hidden from the public.  Tried to research this Lip, BOYD entity and nothing other than what you see above could be found.  Again, not a surprise.

  Here is a link to the Daily Press article on the subject.

  Now the link to the film makers website.  Film not available for viewing unless you are a collectivist school board member and want to host a viewing, or it comes down from above and you have to host a viewing because some elite collectivist has dictated that you do or get a new job somewhere else.  (The enemy is entrenched from within).

  Collectivists always hide what they don't want you to find out until it's to late and you can't fight it anymore.  Then they can say that you had the opportunity, when chances are high you didn't, so therefore silence gives consent.  This is not about the children, it's about the takeover of our freedoms.  Make no mistake about that.  We will continue to dig and publish any new findings.

The State of Education In Gloucester, Virginia And The Nation: And it's not good.

The future of education was unveiled last night at the Gloucester High School.  The future is very bleak by the admission of the video they showed us.  But the school board and the school administration is excited about the opportunities in this bleak future.  Why is it so dark?  According to what they showed us, the claim is that technology is now becoming the center of productivity where computers are replacing people at so many levels and that it's only a matter of time that technology leaves little to no jobs left.

  You get flash back memories of movies from the past such as the Terminator series or I-Robot.  That means the masses will have to compete in new ways to become one of the few that will get the privilege to actually work and make a living while the rest of humanity becomes obsolete.  Now of course the school board and school administration will deny that this was the intent of the film, that is because those areas were downplayed and you had to be astute enough to catch that.

  The new school curriculum of the future looks nothing like the past and is being designed, whether we like it or not, as a bee hive, collectivist mentality.  So your children will go to school to be indoctrinated into a collectivist society never understanding what freedom is or ever was.  They will not ever challenge it because they will not understand it.  They will become incapable of even debating what freedom means.  Not that many of them can now.

  Now I am not going to criticize anyone on the school board nor the school administration.  I talked with a few of them last night and I think they either have blinders on or can't see what the real issues with where all of this is going, or some might actually be supporters of the collectivist mentality.

  There are many forms of the collectivist.  Socialists, fascists, communists, dictatorships, are various forms of the collectivist mentality.  None want freedoms as America has known in it's past.  All want to squash individualism and freedoms except what they allow and will tell you are your so called freedoms.    Under collectivist propaganda, opportunities are held from the masses and jobs are scarce.  Resources are not available to the average person.  Only a select few are allowed certain opportunities and or resources that are well controlled from above.

  The model that was shown in last nights propaganda video explained these issues in very very low key areas or you had to read between the lines for some of the clues, while playing up the very very limited upside to the concepts.  They expect failures, and there must have been a ton of failures as not  one was shown at anytime.  Only a few, what they call, successes, were highlighted in an attempt to minimize the failures.

  Even more troubling is the violations to what are now standards, students put on plays with guns and violence in the name of education.  But try this in any other school in the nation and no way would it ever go through.  The students were actually using model guns.  Not presently allowed in any other school system anywhere in the US.  This was one of the success models they were promoting in the video.

  The other success model they were all in love with is a great piece of fun engineering, but the main person they gave all the credit to, was a person who did have the vision for it, but they failed to mention all the others who were highly integral to it's overall success showing that the main purpose of this new model is to identify the upcoming future elitists.  (You had to see the video to understand this area, and it was not something that was said, you had to read the meaning of it all).

  I agree with both the school board and school administration that change to our educational system is long overdue.  I can not agree with them that a collectivist, beehive, propaganda model for indoctrination of our children is the answer.  Many of them do not even see these issues based on discussions with them last night.  This isn't just a local movement, this is a nationwide movement.  It is being pushed in every state from the state level on down.

  Beware the enemy within.  I am not trying to say our elected officials or the present school administration is the enemy, yet, but if they do not wake up and start taking a stand against this collectivist mentality and model, then they do become the enemies of freedom and future growth.

  The enemy of our future is the collectivist mentality.  Their claims are false and can only come to fruition if they are fully in charge to control such.  Under freedom, the opportunities are limitless.  Today our nation remains stagnant as the collectivists take more and more control and bleed the freedoms from the people.

  With the amount of people that showed up last night, hardly anyone from the county, it is clear that no one understands what is really at stake for our future and our freedoms as well as our country, actually, under this model, we will no longer have a country and we will end up under full UN control and no one will think anything of it.  Trust me, that will be no utopia.

  I made no bones about it to several people last nigh, Dr Walter Clemons and Charles Records, both wonderful to speak with, that I found the video appalling and a collectivist mind set.  Neither of them were able to see it or would not admit they saw it that way.  I was with a group, each of us saw it as clear as daylight.

  Now, here is the kicker.  The school board and school administration made this publicly available and gave the entire county a chance to come and view this, but almost no one bothered to show up.  Silence is consent.  (Collectivist mind set).  So now you have no way of knowing what is on the table for our country's future.

  Now for the other part of why we went.  The question of the 44 million dollars to 65 million dollars the school board and administration is looking for.  Within the group I went with last night, we received a tour of the present high school and had an opportunity to speak with staff, teachers and students.  What we found was a structurally sound school with highly committed teachers.  The school does not need to be rebuilt under any circumstances nor does it need a massive face lift like the school board and administration would like.

  We agree that the school does need some minor renovations to update the electrical outlets and from one of the people I was with, and knows these matters, can be run through the ceilings of the school at a low cost.  Other potential options where to knock out some walls in some areas and sound proof some other areas of the school.  Some equipment updates can be justified as well.  What was discussed in our group is that the school maintenance department along with, if needed, some outside contractors, all of the work that is needed, can be done fairly cheaply.  The concept of needing even 12 million is just not justified.  The school is very structurally sound.

  We did get complaints from teachers that certain areas in the school are too loud and thus disruptive to the classes.  With a lot of questioning, what we found is that certain classes move their students into the hallways to conduct group session classes making the noise level higher than it should be.  When we viewed the propaganda film with the new modern open school designs, those classes held in the open are a lot more noisy than present day conditions.  So moving to these new open designs is not in the least bit conducive to education from the complaints we are getting from the present teaching staff.  From what we can tell, the only reason to move to open design is to indoctrinate our youth, not educate them.

  So there are a number of us who oppose the collectivist mindset we see coming deeper and deeper into our American freedoms.  There are always those who create for themselves an elitist leadership role so that they may be in control and determine who gets what and even if they should.  They oppose freedoms of self determination, responsibility,  the right to control one's own destination, and decide what they want out of life and how they should live life.  But they also deny these accusations even though the accusations fit.  Again, I am not saying our school board or administration fits within these parameters, but I am not sure they do not at this time.

  Collectivists will tell you that you need a certain degree from a certain school to be able to do certain jobs or tasks.  A common question from them goes like this.  Would you want a person operating on you for a heart transplant who is not a doctor?  My answer back is one they never like, if their success rate is as good or even better, then yes.The collectivist mindset will lock out a more qualified person because that person did not pay for their piece of paper that says the person spent a ton of money to go to the right school and get indoctrinated by them.  But how many of you are already indoctrinated?  You would never think of allowing someone to operate on you without them having the right piece of paper.  And that is all it is.  A piece of paper that says they were indoctrinated by some group that may not actually be the best qualified to even make that call, but no one else is allowed to challenge that anymore.  In fact, doing so can be considered a crime by those also not qualified to make that call.  The poison of the collectivist is fully set in most of us and it continues to grow.

  I'm not against education.  I am against the dissemination of disinformation in the guise of education designed to steal the freedoms of the people for the gain of the few also known as the collectivists.  There will be more published on this as at least one other, Mr Hogge Sr, will also be posting his views on this matter soon.

  On a final note.  We were impressed with what the teachers and staff already have to work with and it's well beyond what was available when I went to school.  The complaints that the equipment is outdated, well we all suffered that when we went to school and no one is any the worse by it.  That is what college or other continuing education is for as well as work experience.  The students that stayed were great.  Very helpful and took us on tours of the school and classrooms.  The food that was available was beyond any expectations, and we figured costly as well.  It was nice, but beyond the costs of what should have been made.  Plus, soda was available.  I hardly ever drink soda but indulged in a a couple of cans of Coca Cola.  No expense was to great?  Guess you want to schmooze the people when you want money from them.

Monday, November 28, 2016

2005 Gloucester High School Facility Report

This report was created in 2005 and is relevant to actions currently being taken by Gloucester, Va.'s public school system. Howard Mowry chaired the committee that created the report. This historical data should be included in future studies.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Gloucester School Board Asking For 44 to 65 Million Dollars Throwing Taxpayers Deeper In Debt

The Gloucester County School Board is asking the taxpayers of Gloucester County to shell out another 44 million dollars to renovate the present high school or shell out 65 million to build a new high school.  These elitist board members fail to take into consideration what that kind of money will do to the average family in the county.  Higher taxes is a burden on families that are struggling now just to make monthly expenses in the present economy.  This hurts everyone with the few exceptions of those who can afford those higher taxes.  It does not matter if you are renting, it means your rent will have to go up to cover the new taxes.  And for what?  We are always told it's about the children.  Someone please show me the figures of how many students Gloucester has graduated that have moved on to an Ivy League college.  Does anyone have that figure?  

  Just because you throw money at something does not mean education improves.  Gloucester wants to put those huge windows in the high school like they have at the new Page Middle school, which by the way are on the wrong side of the building now costing tax payers a bundle in extra heating costs because the windows face north instead of south.  

  How can we trust them not to make all the same mistakes they made with Page which is a disaster by most measurements and considered as such by many throughout the county.  

  How many people will be put over the edge financially because of an ever growing tax demand by school officials who seek nothing more than to build their own empires?  We have a shrinking student base, not a growing student base.  We have had a shrinking business base, not a growing business base in Gloucester.  So where is that money coming from?  Where is the budget to help the poor, disadvantaged, homeless people in the county?  I would rather see that kind of money go to helping the local people who need it, not some ego hungry empire building school board that wants to throw money at looks, but it has nothing to do with education.  How does improving the looks of a school or building a new school improve education?  It doesn't.  But these elitists will do everything to sell you on the idea that it does.  Don't buy the hype.  Check into every aspect of it yourself and learn everything you can.  Just because they make it sound good, does not mean it is good.

  Demand justification for every benefit they try and sell you on.  Demand that the school board stop the wasted spending on over priced staff that has nothing to do with education but instead called administration.  As taxes continue to escalate, people will move to cheaper areas to live forcing yet higher taxes on those who remain further decreasing the value of improving looks of a school and shrinking the student base that is already in decline with no improvement in sight.  

  How these elitists justify grabbing more of your money?  Well, they live here too.  But as their empire grows, so does their pay.  And if the pay is still to low to cover the new taxes?  Pay raises are demanded to meet educational needs.  It's a great game they play against us because they can't loose.  

  This article is not meant to reflect on all of the hard working highly dedicated teachers that work for the Gloucester County School Board.  Overall the teachers do a great job with ever lower budgets despite ever increasing tax money given to the school board.  Where is that money really going is a wonderful question to ask.  The school board did not need to renovate an old school they closed and make it their headquarters, but they are empire building so........

  We highly recommend that everyone stop buying the slogan that it's all about the children.  They know that the slogan is very hard to argue against.  But it's nothing more than a slogan.  

  So here is our counter slogan:  "When elected officials see the citizens as nothing more than their own private bank, it's time to replace our officials.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016 A Socialist Front Organization Bent On Changing America?

The socialists that are now rampant throughout the US now, do not seem to get it.  We do not want your socialist ideals.  They are bankrupt and corrupt and a system that simply does not work.  Most American's are fed up with the socialist system that has been killing this country, but the socialists are on a die hard attack to maintain their status.  Every nasty trick in the book is being thrown out there to try and take Trump down.  Many of these attacks are baseless and fueled by propaganda.  The main stream media has become the world's largest joke and is now nothing more than cheap entertainment putting forth opinion pieces and calling it news.  Selling ideals as facts that are baseless.

  Not that the above is not disturbing enough, but now we have the cry baby news.  Stories about how people are upset because they did not get their way.  It's sickening.  What is now called news is tailor designed for whatever people want to believe in no matter what the real facts are.  Want to buy the concept of evolution?  No problem, there are news sites to back that.  No facts required.  Want to support global warming?  We have plenty of scientists to back that, never mind that they are social scientists, they have a scientist title, good enough.  We now have so much bankrupt news it's not even funny.  It's so bad now that even when you show people the real facts, they simply will not listen because it did not support their own belief system now firmly in place.  Laws are no longer worth a hill of beans as our government has proven to us over and over, unless they can be used to extract money from you that is.

  So what does all of this have to do with  Everything.  See below.  This came in our email and it's a promotion for more whiny people who did not get their way and are demanding they get their way no matter what the laws of our country say.

From their email:

This has been an historic set of days at, where since the outcome of last Tuesday’s election, we’ve seen more than 5,000 petitions alone started that are focused on Donald Trump. Voters aren’t just leaving their opinions at the voting booth – they want to keep raising their voices and demanding change.
These petitions capture everything from voter frustration, immigration, veterans rights, supporting young political activists, and countless of other issues made visible by the last year of campaigning. As the next administration prepares to take shape, there are millions of Americans who want to lift up issues important to them. Check out some of the most popular petitions below.

More than 4.3 million calling on the electoral college to cast votes for Hillary Clinton
. This has been one of the most popular petitions in’s history, with more than 4.3 million people calling on the electors that make up the Electoral College to cast their vote for Hillary Clinton when they meet on December 19.
Nearly 50,000 sign petition opposing Steve Bannon as chief White House strategist
. In the past 24 hours, tens of thousands have asked President-elect Trump to reconsider his choice of Steve Bannon as a White House strategist, given concerns that Bannon holds controversial views that many find racist and anti-semitic.
Cities around the US asked to be sanctuary cities to protect undocumented immigrants. Around the country, people are petitioning their mayors and city councils, urging cities like 
PittsburghColumbus,GainesvilleChicagoNew Haven and more to protect undocumented immigrants from being targeted by the federal government.
Fighting for a veteran’s health care
. Over 1,000 people have signed a petition calling for President-elect Trump to guarantee a veteran to receive life-sustaining care from the Veterans Administration for a chronic mitochondrial disease. The veteran even posted on Facebook when she herself signed the petition: "This is my life and I am fighting to live. I also know that there are other vets out there that are or will be fighting the same battle. I hope to make their way easier."
Mobilizing to support a young political activist to get to the inauguration
. Friends of 14-year-old political activist CJ Pearson have started a petition urging President-elect Trump to bring CJ to Washington, DC for the inauguration.
Have something you want to change in the wake of last week's election? Start your own petition here.

–The Team

We have removed the live links because we can not support this kind of rubbish.  We have been away for way to long and now we are back and taking a strong stand against the socialist weeds whom seek to destroy our republic.  

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

NLA Help with Foreclosures And Court Matters

Help With Abusive Courts

Our forefathers fought a battle to create a free society.  For more than 100 years it has slowly been taken away from "WE THE PEOPLE" and taken over by we the few who tell you what you may or may not do.

The NLA says it is willing to try and help you with your court battle by filing a Habeas Corpus on your behalf.  Here is part of the story from their website as well as a link at the end.

ABUSED and TRAPPED in any of the following courts?! We may be able to help by filing a HABEAS CORPUS in an endeavor to remove you from the Courts of the Tyrants to a COMMON LAW COURT of JUSTICE. This should shut down the unlawful court system you have been trapped in. You must understand that this is an "UP-HILL battle and we have had only minimum success but you can use this documented notifications to hold all parties involved liable once we suceed in turing our courts back to common law courts.
We are a proactive group with thousands of members in all fifty (50) States. Before proceeding further you should first understand who we are and our plan is to save America. Read our front page, watch the videos. If you would like our help with a Habeas Corpus we require that you become educated. Therefore start the process by doing the following:

To know what the following steps are you need to take, please visit their website here.

Governor McAuliffe Announces Public Safety Grant Funding for Implementing New Legislative Initiatives

Here comes a major gun grab.  No joke, read the propaganda piece very carefully and you will see the understated gun grab in this article.  Domestic violence is being used as a way to justify taking away guns from anyone who is ever involved in any type of domestic violence.  Guns will be taken away from you if you are even accused of any form of domestic violence.  Not to worry, there is a way around this.  If you have any guns registered in your name, sell them, and buy replacements that are unregistered.

  Anyone can be hit with charges of domestic violence.  Something as simple as a street argument can land you in the courts and you will have to surrender any guns that you own by this new law.  Is the law legal?  Does not matter, they have the guns and people willing to back it up as well as the jail cells to put you in.  So, if you have any registered guns you will be surrendering them.  If you have unregistered guns, you have plausible deniability unless someone turns you in.

Keep information on your gun ownership very very private so that no one has the chance to turn you in.  Here is the propaganda machine story for your consideration.

~ Funds are directed toward Protective Order implementation, Body-worn Cameras for law enforcement, and Naloxone ~

RICHMOND – Governor Terry McAuliffe and Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security Brian Moran today announced the availability of grant funding to help local law enforcement agencies implement the newly-passed law prohibiting persons who are subject to permanent protective orders in domestic abuse cases from possessing firearms. The McAuliffe administration also announced new available grant funding to help law enforcement agencies acquire Naloxone, which can be administered to prevent opioid overdose deaths ad to purchase body-worn cameras for officers.

Law enforcement agencies will be able to apply to the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) for grants of up to $50,000 to implement the new domestic violence law and educate their communities about it. The grants will allow them to develop procedures for receiving and storing firearms that are surrendered, and train their officers in the requirements and implementation of the new law.

In announcing the availability of the grants, Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security Brian Moran noted that the new requirement is part of a landmark bipartisan firearms legislative package approved by the General Assembly earlier this year, saying, “For the new law to be effective in protecting victims of family violence, it’s essential that our police and sheriffs’ departments be ready to implement it. These grants will help them develop the necessary policies and procedures and deal with the practicalities of carrying out this important law.”

“DCJS provides grant funding for a full range of services for crime victims, including victims of domestic violence,” said Fran Ecker, Director of the Department of Criminal Justice Services.  “The new protective order law provides a very important tool for protecting these vulnerable victims and we’re looking forward to helping law enforcement agencies implement it effectively.”

The availability of grant funds to help law enforcement agencies acquire Naloxone is a part of the McAuliffe’s administration’s greater effort to fight the opioid epidemic that is impacting communities across Virginia and the nation. Given that law enforcement are often first responders to arrive at the scene of an overdose, equipping officers with Naloxone has proven to be an effective life saving measure. Police and Sheriffs’ departments can apply through DCJS for grants of up to $5,000 to equip personnel with Naloxone, implement procedures and protocols, and further train officers in responding to overdoses situations. This need was identified by the law enforcement workgroup of the Governor’s Task Force on Prescription Drug and Heroin Abuse.

The announcement also included the availability of grant funding for law enforcement agencies to purchase body-worn cameras. Body-worn cameras are an incredibly effective tool for law enforcement officials, supporting improved training, tactical analysis, and situational response. DCJS will provide up to $15,000 per grant for agencies to acquire the cameras, with priority given to agencies that have yet to implement body-worn camera programs.

The grants were secured from federal justice funds allocated to Virginia pursuant to the Violence Against Women Act and the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program. DCJS uses these and other state and federal funds to make grants that support programs and initiatives throughout the Commonwealth and across the entire criminal justice system.

Governor McAuliffe Announces 300 New Jobs in City of Lynchburg - The Corporate Welfare Machine Grows

Half a million here, a million there, two hundred seventy five thousand here, before you know it, it all starts to sound like real money.  More corporate welfare being given to an insurance company.  Is McAuliffe buying both business relocation's into the state as well as votes?  Are people anywhere getting this kind of money to start their own businesses?

  In the propaganda machine article below, what is failed to be mentioned is if this company will be paying new workers a living wage.  Chances are no they will not.  So another new company is going to come in and under employ a workforce and those working there will need to be on the welfare roles in order to survive.  But that is okay since the company will get a cool half a million dollars just to come to Virginia.  Isn't that special?  Instead of being independent, people get to be fully dependent on a company that does not care about them as well as depending on the state just to try and live.  You have to love the new Virginia Economy.  Here is the official state propaganda.

~ Pacific Life Insurance Company to invest nearly $4 million to establish business center ~

RICHMOND – Governor McAuliffe today announced that Pacific Life Insurance Company will invest nearly $4 million to open a business center in the City of Lynchburg, expanding the company’s suite of innovative products and service capabilities. With this investment, the company completed an acquisition of the term life new business platform from Genworth Financial. The project will create 300 new jobs.

“I am pleased to congratulate Pacific Life for their significant expansion to the City of Lynchburg and applaud their choice to invest in one of the best business regions on the East Coast,” said Governor McAuliffe. “Pacific Life’s creation of 300 new jobs in Virginia reflects the Commonwealth’s rapid economic growth, pro-business climate, and world-class workforce. I am confident that Pacific Life will thrive in this new location and will bring the Commonwealth one step closer in our efforts to diversify and build a new Virginia economy.”
“This is exciting news for the City of Lynchburg and the Commonwealth,” said Secretary of Commerce and Trade Maurice Jones.  “Congratulations to Pacific Life and Lynchburg whose outstanding workforce, competitive business environment and high quality of life will contribute to the company’s continued growth and prosperity.”

“Pacific Life is looking forward to launching our new term life insurance operation in the city of Lynchburg,” said Jim Morris, Chairman, President and CEO of Pacific Life. “The diverse and educated workforce of Virginia will allow us to continue providing superior customer service to our policy owners as we expand into new markets. And Lynchburg’s vibrant downtown is the ideal place for our employees to work. We appreciate the partnership with the city of Lynchburg and Governor McAuliffe as we open this new office."
The Virginia Economic Development Partnership worked with the City of Lynchburg and the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance to secure the project for Virginia. Governor McAuliffe approved a $500,000 grant from the Commonwealth’s Opportunity Fund to assist Lynchburg with the project. The company is eligible to receive state benefits from the Virginia Enterprise Zone Program, administered by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development. Funding and services to support the company’s employee training activities will be provided through the Virginia Jobs Investment Program, administered by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership.
"The selection of Lynchburg for Pacific Life's east coast operation is a testament to the City's skilled workforce and strong business community," said Michael Gillette, Mayor of Lynchburg. "Pacific Life's decision demonstrates that Lynchburg is not only a great place to live, work and play but also an excellent place to do business.

"This project represents a significant investment in the Lynchburg community and state of Virginia on the part of a financially stable, well regarded company," said Mike Lucado, chair of the Lynchburg Economic Development Authority. "In addition to property acquisition and improvements, Pacific Life's considerable job creation with competitive salaries will serve as an employment anchor in our rapidly revitalizing downtown district and have a tremendous impact on the City of Lynchburg for years to come."

"The Lynchburg region is a great place to locate, build, and grow a business, and I know Pacific Life will thrive here," said Delegate Kathy J. Byron.  "Our region has positioned itself as an ideal - and affordable - place for business. I am thrilled to have this investment and these jobs here. The state and local officials who worked on this deserve our congratulations and our thanks.”

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