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Saturday, October 29, 2022


This isn't something I would normally do but sometimes.... you experience something that you want to share. It touches you. We have all had that moment where we just want to get away. We just NEED to get away and we end up somewhere in a hotel or motel that you most likely went to five times before because it was 'familiar' and you're wondering why you ended up there again.

Then you get that vision while the kids are jumping up and down on the bed beside you. You know wgat I'm talking about, the vision where you are sitting on a private beach looking over the water at the setting sun. A place where the kids aren't in the bed next to you and let's add a balcony where you can stand on it under the full moon with your partner close by and the wind lifting your hair. Yes! That would be the ideal getaway!  The children catching fiddler crabs on the shore or maybe some kayaking for the older kids. Something to keep them busy while you remember what it was like to just.... enjoy the moment.

And even now, with the weather change and fall foliage is all around there should be a homey feeling in the place you'd like to get away to, so fire up the fireplace and enjoy your home away from home. With the 65th Annual Urbanna Oyster Festival just ahead and only 50,000 people plus) come out for wine tastings, oyster tastings and various different events, if you buy a VIP pass I believe you get 10%off there. Then comes the holidays.... it's time to find that place and there's not much time left! And I know just where you could go for that old fashioned Thanksgiving or that good old country Christmas 

I'm going to give you the link to a place that I know personally will offer you peace, entertainment and tranquility for you and the whole family. Click on it and check out this escape where you and your family deserve to break away to. And he promised me if you mention my name he will give you a 10% discount. Oh happy day!

I call it Brightwater

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