Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gloucester County Government TV Channel 48

TV 48 This is just to cool to not link. The Gloucester Government TV Channel 48 site. If you are on high speed Internet, you can stream this channel over your computer. Check it out. We just tested the site using the Firefox browser and it did not work. The site recommends using Internet Explorer. We will give you an update soon on how well the site works using IE.

  Update, because Gloucester, VA Gov uses Silver Light for it's videos, porting them over does not work very well with alternative browsers or Linux site servers.  We have had a number of problems with their videos.  Gloucester, VA Links and News.  GVLN Website.
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  1. Yes, have high speed and watch this channel on your computer with ease.

    Enjoy the BOS meetings with out leaving your home.

    Distance learning is great if you are disciplined.


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