Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Affordable Health Care In Gloucester County, VA

This article is going to be a little off beat from the norm. The reason being is because we didn't officially interview the Doctor we are about to mention in this article and we will not be mentioning his name or the address of his practice at this time. We thought it was worth reporting though based on first hand experience that all should be aware of.

A few weeks ago, we had to find a Doctor to see one of our son's within a very reasonably soon time period. Most doctors were not able to accommodate our then present needs. After many phone calls all over the county, we came up with three options, only two were acceptable. We picked one of the two doctors based on pricing. Here is what we found, this doctor does not take appointments. It's first come first served. The doctor does not take insurance, no waiting for months to get paid half or less of billed services. This doctor does not take credit cards, no bounced charges or costs associated with the fees for doing so. This doctor does not take checks, no bounced check fees or waiting for money to clear the accounts.

This doctor only takes cash and it is payable at the end of the visit. No paying later on. The office visit fees? About half of what you would pay a normal doctor before they start adding fees for additional services. In other words, you walk out without paying $100.00 or more or even $50.00 or more. In fact, this doctor's fees were substantially less than $50.00, plus this doctor was refreshingly very friendly and not stressed about his job like so many other doctors seem to be these days.

The net results because of the way this doctor runs his practice is affordable health care in an arena where costs have gone through the roof for all other doctors and we are the ones who pick up those costs.

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