Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Special Deal For Our Readers With The Stagecoach Market

We have worked out a special deal for you, our readers with the Stagecoach Market for you to be able to set up for free at their outdoor flea market. Here is how the deal works. You can set up for free on any Friday. If you live in an area where you would like to be able to have a yard sale but you are prohibited from doing so for whatever reason, you can now come to the Stagecoach market and set up for free to be able to sell your excess goods or items you no longer need.

There are many people who live in an apartment building or rent a house and are prohibited from having a yard sale. Well now you have a way to sell and make some extra money. No strings attached. This is a fall special we have worked out for you. All you have to tell them at the market is that you are there on the Gloucester Links and News special deal. Use one, two or three tables if need be. In today's economy, making a few extra dollars does not hurt at all. See you there.

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