Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tough Location?

One of the first businesses you come up on coming into Gloucester on the right hand side. This location has housed an Adult book store, several Tattoo parlors, and I have no idea what was there last. To the best of my knowledge there is nothing in here right now. I always thought this would make a great brew threw site. A store that it's main business is beer. The biggest problem with the concept is that there is a very low markup on beer. The markup is so low that it's really not worth it for any store to carry except that it brings customers in. It is consistently a loss leader.

It's a tough location to get in and out of. So finding a successful concept to work in this spot is a very tough trick. So the challenge is on to see who can come up with a winning idea and can really make it work. I'll bet the ideas are many but the money not there. Those with the money are waiting for the right ideas. Wouldn't it be great if the two could meet.

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