Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rodrigo Guitar Trio Pictures Link

In an effort to cut down on high end pictures and video, we are now using expansion sites to host the majority of our pictures, videos and slide shows. By using these expansion sites, we are also able to increase the amount of pictures, videos and slide shows as well as other content that we can offer. The best example of this starts here with 4 pages of pictures of the Rodrigo Guitar Trio who were recently at the Abingdon Episcopal Church on Friday night, April 17th, 2009. Click Here to view the pictures. We have put up 4 pages of pictures on this site.

We have also added links at the bottom of each page that will take you back here to the main site. Moving forward, we will be minimizing the amount of pictures, videos and slide shows on this site so that our friends on dial up will be able to access this site. Plus they should be able to access the pictures on the expansion sites as well as we are cutting down the size of the pictures yet they will be on the pages in larger size than they first appear on this site.

We hope you enjoy these expansion.

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