Saturday, June 26, 2010

Live Feed Posts And Cutting Edge News

If you have been watching us of late you are starting to see new trends in what we are doing. We are moving into new areas of bringing you news before anyone else or bringing you news no one else is even touching. We are also moving into bringing you live feed posts. The live feed posts are exactly as stated. We post events and bring you pictures and if possible, video, while an event is going on. Part of the reason for this is we hope you will join us at the event, but if you can't, you can see what is going on at the time of the event. Radio can't show you what is going on and TV is being ignored even more by the day. We are now searching for a good way to stream live video as an event goes on but so far, the costs are rather high and with this being new, we can not yet justify the costs.

The video we are posting at the time of the event is about 40 minutes old into the event. We are working on kicking that time up. The posts with pictures run about 10 minutes as we have to shrink the pictures before posting for faster loading times. We will now start giving you notice 24 hours in advance of our next live feed postings so that you may join in and see if this event is one you should not miss and hurry on down to join us. We are working closely with a number of people in the county to ensure we know about all the events ahead of time and working on keeping our calender clear to be at them all. Modern technology. You have to love it.

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