Monday, August 9, 2010

Video From The County Fair

This year's county fair was probably the lowest attended fair in the 40 year history of the county. What a shame. Part of the problem is the lack of advertising and promotions done by the county. Though the county does have flyers they distribute at area outlets for county happenings, and the posting of the event on the county web site, there is a strong lack of billboard and sound News Paper advertising. Question is, would it have really mattered or is the economy getting so bad that people are not even attending local events in their own back yard? On this side, I would venture to say that it was a lack of advertising and a weak economy. Both issues had a bearing on the low turn outs.

So the question becomes will next years County Fair even be here or are we about to loose it due to a lack of interest and a bad economy? Either way, enjoy the video and get an idea of what you missed. We have a lot more coming from both the county fair and also the Ren Fest held here in July. We have been publishing and posting videos as fast as we can, but we are heavily loaded with more than one could begin to imagine.

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