Thursday, December 16, 2010

Salvation Army Continuing Torture? Breaking Pacts

There is just no end to this story folks. Now we find out that it appears as though the Salvation Army has broken it's vow of confidentiality with the homeless family we have been reporting on and has reported this family to Social Services. One would think that the Salvation Army is here to help people. Here is an organization purposely harming people. Breaking confidentiality agreements, and purposely harming the homeless. The family has left the state due to this cruelness. I guess it's one way to solve the problem of the homeless. Shift them somewhere else. Even if they are still contributing to society. Is there any end to the corruption of the Salvation Army? This is down and out right mortifying. Did these organizations just use this family to raise money for themselves? One has to ask. Desperate times people and organizations do desperate things. But the Salvation Army? Who do you trust these days?

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