Sunday, July 17, 2011

US Coast Guard Member Breaking Virginia Laws Round 4

Scott Petty and his friends up to new tricks trying to intimidate us. Last night Scott Petty had a party over at his house that went on well past midnight. We could tell as they were out in the back yard yelling all night. We were sitting outside trying to enjoy the night. Now we have a new round of posts on the You Tube video that try to defend Scott and also try to belittle us. Well sorry guys, your little ploy didn't work. You made it very clear that you all know Scott and the posts were all closely timed together. Your putting yourself close to a person who has obviously broken a number of laws and now is asking for help to get out of the trouble he is in. It was also obvious from each poster that not one of them read the sub titles in the video or just didn't care.

If you guys want to tie yourself into someone who is now under investigation for illegal activities, it's your career's. Time for a new round of complaints to be sent out across the board.

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