Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New World Order Has A New Dawn

One can not ignore the important work that Jordan Maxwell has contributed to the world, but one must look at both how and why he has made these contributions. The same can also be said for Alex Jones. Both give you unbelievable information as to what is going on in the world, the question is how are they getting away with telling these secrets and who is funneling this information to them? And why have they not been stopped by those with interests in not having this information get out?

Well the answer seems pretty clear. These people, like Jordan Maxwell and Alex Jones, are used to help bring in the new world order like it or not. You see, those above realize that we need what seems to be champions on our side, even when they are not. The works are important coming from Maxwell and Jones, but not always in the way that they are presented and or with the meanings that are on the surface of their contributions. One must ask what their real motives are and what they are trying to get from us, or are they trying to get us depressed and in a state of despair.

Watch them and study them, but realize that they have two agendas. They reveal some important truths but also impart us with lies and deceit to further the agenda of the new world order.

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