Monday, November 21, 2011

New Easter Eggs

New to the site. Easter Eggs. We are starting off with one Easter egg though. Easy to find but we are still going to make you look for it. What is an Easter egg? An Easter Egg is a hidden little gem found on DVD's,, Software and Operating Systems. It all started back in the 1990's with Windows 98 SE being one of the best known examples. If you know to look for them, you can find all kinds of neat stuff embedded on all kinds of media. Your present OS, XP, Vista or Windows 7 has Easter Eggs embedded in them.

The Easter egg we just embedded on this site is another entire album of music. It's a jazz/rock/metal fusion and the band name is "Diablo Swing". Again it is in a zip file and if you need the software to open it, it's on this site. And again the file contains a license for the music. Happy hunting.

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