Friday, December 9, 2011

Crany Creek Christmas Lights A Bust This Year As Is Franktronics Christmas Light Show

We recently learned that there will be no grand lighting displays this year at the Joyce residence on Crany Creek. The Joyce family sent a letter to the Gloucester Mathews Gazette Journal back in November stating that due to health issues, they were not going to set up the lights. They expect to set up the lights again next year but this year is a bust. We still have a few videos from last year's event that we have not posted in here, so we will get them up soon for everyone.

Also, Franktronics will not be putting on the Christmas lights show at the campgrounds this year either. Instead Franktronics is only doing a small display outside of their retail location on route 17. Either way, their lights make a very strong showing on 17. They are hard to miss. Gloucester Main Street is a major pain in the you know what with all that construction so visiting the Christmas tree at the circle is very difficult.

Also with the weather having been as warm as it is, few people have caught the Christmas spirit. With the drop in the above circles of what many people looked forward to this time of year, it's going to be a tougher season here. I used to be amazed at all the people who did NOT put up Christmas lights in the past. This year I am amazed at all the people that have put up lights. We put up ours as both my wife and I come from families that have always done so. It's just part of our tradition. We just scaled down how much we do now.

While I have you reading, check out the Gloucester Mathews Gazette Journal web site. Updated and upgraded and looking very nice. More professional with a lot more information. Well done.

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