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Shop owner suing Sheriff's Office says deputies 'emptied the accounts'

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After the Newport News Sheriff's Office seized hundreds of thousands of dollars from Jayson Mickle and several of his companies last summer, the tobacco shop owner says he didn't initially have the cash to pay his workers.

According to court documents, Newport News sheriff's deputies confiscated $611,388 in cash — as well as a 2011 Ford Mustang — from Mickle and his companies as part of a June 2011 investigation into the suspected sale of synthetic marijuana from his shops.

The deputies began the investigation after a new state law went into effect three months earlier banning synthetic marijuana, sometimes known as "Spice."

Shop owner suing Sheriff's Office says deputies 'emptied the accounts'  Okay, I just don't get this.  This shop sells synthetic drugs, not that I care, people are going to get stuff no matter whether it's legal or illegal.  Makes for a stronger case to legalize the real stuff, but that's another story.  Yet, we report on a woman who has been illegally raided by the Gloucester County Sheriff's Office as well as Animal Control and hardly anyone cares?

  At least Newport News found some evidence.  In this Gloucester Case, the county made up evidence and we have shown that yet the Daily Press pays no attention to it at all.  I really don't get it.

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