Friday, November 29, 2013

Congressman Rob Wittman on Adoption Information Act and Protecting Adopted Children Act

English: Congressional portrait of Congressman...
English: Congressional portrait of Congressman Rob Wittman, 112th Congress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As a leader on adoption issues in the U.S. House I have introduced and managed efforts impacting adoption:

The Adoption Information Act (H.R. 3062): Domestic adoptions are more important now than ever as countries like Russia are closing their doors to American adoptions (sentence verbatim from Dear Colleague). I authored this legislation to ensure that birth mothers are aware of adoption as an option during pregnancy, and for family planning service providers to present pamphlets containing a list of adoption centers to any individual who requests abortion services or inquiries about any related information. I believe it is vital that women have all the necessary tools and opportunities to make the most informed decision regarding their health and their unborn baby. This legislation would truly enable women facing an unplanned pregnancy to be aware of the option of adoption and to help families who are longing to have a child of their own to have that chance.

The Protecting Adopted Children Act (H.R. 3423): Recent media reports highlighted the issue of “re-homing,” where adoptive families have unfortunately transferred adopted children into the homes of strangers, in an unregulated and underground process. This bill directs resources for states to assist adoptive families, to help provide a more stable home environment and prevent children from entering the foster care system or other less-regulated networks through the provision of pre- and post-adoptive support services.
Congress can and must take action to help the women, children and families affected by these issues.
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