Thursday, May 29, 2014

Climate Change Science, Why You May Not Want To Trust The Reports

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Rapid climate changes more deadly than asteroid impacts in Earth’s past – study shows. (via Skeptical Science)
Posted on 27 May 2014 by howardlee The link between rapid climate changes and mass extinctions has been strengthened in a recent paper by Jourdan et al in “Geology.” The authors demonstrate that the extraordinarily huge volcanic eruptions of the…

Our notes:  Now go to the original source for this article by following the link below.

If you look at how the original source of the article is worded, it's only making suggestions at best and does not even begin to make the statements that the above article explores and tries to convince you is fact.  How the author if the above article could even conclude such nonsense from the source article is only the use of imagination designed as scare tactics to push forth an agenda that makes no sense whatsoever.  Again, when you see garbage like this and follow it's sources, you quickly discover that there in nothing behind the reports that is of any real value.  Climate Change science is akin to the Big Bang Theory and Evolution theories, pure garbage with no real science to them.
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