Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Don Mitchell's Response To Our Zoning Is Theft Article

Zoning exists (or should) to protect the property owners of a paryticular neighborhood or community. People buy property zoned a particular way to insure that their property investment will retain value. Neighborhoods and the people who live in them are entitled to expect that the value and enjoyment they have in their property will not willfully be destroyed to advantage another. Zoning set consistent with the desire of a neighborhood should NOT be changed or scrapped to benefit a well-connected individual or some government goal (AFFH comes to mind). The bigger problem we property owners face today is the government changing established community zoning patterns on which the value of our properties depend to benefit either those well-connected individuals (developers) or the theoretical goals of bureaucrats (aka “planners”) to the disadvantage of the majority of area property owners and taxpayers.


Above is Don's response to the article where we said Zoning Is Theft.  I have known Don for a few years now and have the highest respect for him.  Don has some great points.  But I still disagree with him on this issue.  Market conditions can easily be set up where government does not need to be involved.  Excepting any area of socialism means you must except all areas of socialism.  Whenever government gets involved, nothing ever goes according to it's original plans.  That is socialism.  The premise of socialism always sounds good on the surface, but it never works out that way.

  Freedom to do what one wishes with one's property was the fundamental rights according the  framers of this nation, so long as it was lawful.  This is no longer the case.   That means government has stolen our rights.  We did not need new codes and zoning to protect rights we already had.  We lose rights every time new codes are written.  Now nearly everything is illegal according to some obscure code written by someone who was not representing the people when it was written.  

  The answer is very simple, tear up the codes for zoning or government needs to step up and start paying up.

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