Monday, September 18, 2017

County Administrator Responds; Is Gloucester County’s Public Drinking Water Making You Sick?

Gloucester, VA - Picture taken for the new Gloucester Links & News website.  Gloucestercounty-va.comThe following is from Gloucester County’s Administrator. It sounds great, but what about keeping the public informed?

Mr. Hogge –  
Treatment Process Improvements at the Surface Water Plant have been designed, procured and awarded to address this issue.  We will be converting from chlorination, using liquid chlorine, to chloramination using liquid chlorine and liquid ammonia. The project is currently under construction and we anticipate completion, and process conversion, by the end of 2017. 
J. Brent Fedors
County Administrator
Gloucester County, Virginia
6467 Main Street
Gloucester, VA  23061
(804) 693-4042
Here is a link to EPA info on the pros and cons of chloramination:

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