Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Gloucester County Employee Pay, A Response

It’s a bit disheartening to run as a change agent in 2013, and then read “Sounds like the same old empty promises that have fueled the waste of Gloucester County taxpayer dollars in other areas. Like renting our libraries and health department spaces instead of owning them and not creating a revenue stream from health department rent that is paid to Gloucester by the Commonwealth, not consolidating compatible school and county services, building more parks than our local government should ever be responsible for and numerous other wasteful practices.”

 We get elected on our own platforms, then get saddled with all the sins of previous Boards.  If voters vote for a change, and the change candidates win, why don’t we at least start with the premise that something’s changed.  I’ll be happy to address your outlined areas of concern at a later date, but right now, the only thing that relates to “promises” is that of a coming employee pay increase.

“Same old empty promises”?  The only time I believe you’ve heard this Board (certainly Phillip and I) state an intent to raise pay was in 2016.  And we did, with a 4% across the board raise.  Now you may certainly argue as to whether or not that was enough, but we did say we’d provide a pay raise, and we delivered.  Was that the “old empty promise” you were referring to?

The Board is saying that a raise is coming in FY18.  Based on previous experience with this Board, you should count on it.  Unless, of course, you have a NEW Board next year … they are also promising pay raises.  Only difference is, they haven’t delivered on a promise yet.

Thanks for listening,

John Meyer

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