Friday, November 1, 2019

"And The Band Played On." Watching The USA Fade Away.

For over 200 Years Americans have lived in a country that was free and respected. We fought with ourselves and other countries with some even leading to war. Our political process used to work. People were elected into positions to help their constituents and the American people as a whole. We looked up to men and women and honored them with statues and memorials throughout this great nation. WOW, sounds like an awesome place, right? It used to be, or at least I think so.

I remember as a child my mother using a small real to real tape recorder to memorialize speeches by great men like, John F Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King and news events from the television so we as children could learn great things from these people of honor, integrity and respect. We idolized these people then and some still do today. Civil Rights and leadership pushing the American people to reach for the stars was not a dream but a reality. We put men on the moon, we stopped segregation and realized that we are one. One in the same; Americans.

Today I sit here after I have watched, for at least the past 10 or so years, our own government representatives, at all levels of Government, take great efforts to destroy the very country we all claim to love. Corruption without action, decisions that are made against the will of the people, violating the basic fundamental rights guaranteed to us under the Constitution and dirty money changing hands as fast as the front runner in a NASCAR race.

I watched today the very political process that is sworn to protect us, used to systematically dismantle the infrastructure of our Republic that has been the cornerstone for over 200 years. All in the name of democracy/socialism. It sickens me that we have become this, allowing politicians that are supposed to serve the people who elected them to office only to watch then get rich by the people they swore to fight to become elected. This is at all levels of Government, from our school boards, count and city governments, state governments and our top offices within the Federal Government. Yet, we sit by and let it happen.

We have the right to vote but less than 20% vote in elections and if the weather is bad even less. Do we need a history lesson, our Constitution starts off with “We the People” the government belongs to all of us? Yet, we can’t make time to see our family or watch your child’s school game or play. Have we all become this uncaring about life and our country? This truly sickens me knowing that we have a Congress spending millions of our tax dollars on a witch hunt over a phone call. Yet, we have people walking the streets from past administrations that have committed sedition and treason against our country, and we don’t want to vote or be bothered.

I am starting the feel like I am on the Titanic, we are going down, while the band played on. People we are losing our country, our freedoms, and allowing good people to go down. We used to fight for what we believed in, what we stood for, we died for in the past, and millions of people lost their lives over this concept and “The Band Plays On”. We spend money we don’t have and raise taxes and “The Band Plays On” we sit in our homes watching television while the government sworn to protect us plan to take away our rights and “The Band Played On”.

People, you don’t have to like me, you don’t have to support me. All I ask is look at what is happening right in front of us. Before this band that is playing, finishes.


John Tyson

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