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Wednesday, September 2, 2020


The devil came a knockin' a long, long time ago
he's been dropping little seeds, in hopes that he could sow...
     For many years we have seen the gradual removal of God from our country. From our schools and our homes. We have replaced it with idols from sports, music and entertainment. For those of you who were raised in a family that believed in God you understand that what you fill your heart with is what you will display in your character. What have you allowed your child to fill their heads and hearts with? Have you been to school and listened in your child's class? Probably not. It's most likely that you just get so busy, right? No one understands any better than I that you have to work and provide for your child. Yet, if you really looked at what you're doing, you'd have to admit you could have taken or could take more time. Children need your time more than they need things. Always remember that.
He showed upon the door step of that which brings us peace
Now anger, rage and violence does not appear to cease.
     Looking at our young adults in our streets we see the results of what we have allowed our young people to fill their heads with. They have become desensitized because daily throughout their young lives they either heard words from songs about killing cops and raping women or played games of violence where shooting people was rewarded. They became a group of people who no longer valued the core of morals and values. Many do not even know what that means. The idea that those young people can not comprehend empathy is scary and yet we see it with our very eyes.
 I saw him in the corridor of where our children play 
and while lurking all around them, they never learned to pray
     And the leaders we have somehow allowed ourselves to follow is frightening. There have been times when a cold chill made the hairs of my arms rise as they looked into our televisions and lied like we were too na├»ve to realize that they were doing so. And now we see a man running to become our greatest leader using a website of a group specifically named after a terrorist group to get to his website. And an Hungarian man by the name of George Soros has supported this cause by paying this group to destroy cities and frighten people. Who do we blame for this disaster unfolding before us? We blame ourselves. We blame ourselves because we CHOSE not to instill these morals and values we knew and understood to be good, we wanted to give our children choices and we really didn't have time for them so... we allowed the village Hilary Clinton said you needed to raise them to do so.
The leaders came together to let the devil in 
And stood before the people promoting dreadful sin 
     We are now looking into possibilities of Our Country becoming something it was never intended to be. Something the bloodshed of our American soldiers would make in vain. We will see people standing in line for food rations being grateful for slothfulness, their pride will take them to destruction without realizing it before it's too late, while others envy those who work to own luxuries they struggle to destroy them. Some fill their slothful days with gluttony, attempting to eat their way to happiness, their greed to have the items in stores overtakes their sense of decency and they, rob steal and destroy. Prostitution is legalized and promoted, with no policemen in our streets women and men are subjected to sexual cruelties one can not imagine. We visibly see the wrath in the streets of the many hearts at unrest.....the chaos YOU brought them by inviting in technology to form your child's thinking. Perhaps the schools and universities have had a hand in the change of their hearts but the greatest role should be played by you. Stop blaming everybody and everything.... your child's behavior begins with you. You can not change the path they take as adults but you are the beginning, you are where they create what life should be like....what are you teaching them?
The devil came a knockin' for souls that lost their way
And he will win the battle if we don't start to pray

Saturday, December 14, 2013

What Happens When You Remove Religion From Society?

Portrait of Thomas Jefferson by Rembrandt Peal...
Portrait of Thomas Jefferson by Rembrandt Peale in 1800. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
We have been watching the pulse of what is coming in the very near future.  That pulse, depending on how one looks at it, does not look good for the majority of the citizenry of this country.  It has now become the hot topics at universities and certain areas of the media.  What we are talking about is further attacks on religion under the guise of separation of church and state.  The separation of church and state are an illusion at best and have never existed in this country at any time.  Here are a few items to take into consideration on the topic.  If there were really a separation of church and state, then religious holidays could never have been declared and George Washington had declared numerous federal religious holidays to include Thanksgiving.  Recently even present governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell acknowledged Thanksgiving as a state religious holiday.

  That is only one tiny area.  What about the federal government as well as the IRS recognizing the church granting tax exemptions for them?  That is official federal recognition of the church by the state.  Arlington cemetery is loaded with crosses marking the graves of dead soldiers as well as the star of David for jewish soldiers.  That is the federal and state recognition of religion.  There is no separation of church and state.  The real story behind the entire argument is a multiphase one that most people have only ever heard one side of, but never the entire story.  So we are going to educate everyone today.

  The case before the Supreme Court many decades ago that removed pray from schools comes from the judges referring to a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to a Baptist Church Minister where Mr Jefferson declined to officially recognize the Baptist church over other churches in an official capacity while Mr Jefferson was President of these United States.  Referred to as the Danbury Letter, Thomas Jefferson stated a separation between church and state, (but would have made that same distinction with any union, corporation, organization or company as well).   You can read the letter from the Baptists here.  When you read it, you see that they were asking for special privilages that would have been to the detrement of all other sects of religion had Jefferson acted as they wished.  It was very deceptive in the way they were seeking those privileges, but that is what we are able to see in that letter.

 That is the story that most of us know.  It is only half the story though.  We have never been told about the rest of the story and the part that the courts ignored and would not consider when they made their landmark decision which was not correct based on the rest of the information you are about to learn.

  It was not that Thomas Jefferson was trying to create and or enforce any form of separation of church and state as we have been taught, it was that the new constitution barred the recognition of any class of people.  The Constitution set limits upon what governments could do, and, by implication, denied the force of government to groups who might use it for unlimited ends.  In other words, the United States Constitution did not give legal recognition to groups of any sort, religious or otherwise.  At law, there were no classes, orders, or groupings of men possessing privileges, duties, immunities, or exemptions.  (Now go back and read the Danbury Baptist letter again and you will see that they were seeking state recognition for the purpose of influencing state laws).

  In an opinion rendered before the New York courts in 1836 by a judge on actions of a tailor's union, the following is what the judge had to say;

   "The law leaves every individual master of his own individual acts.  But it will not suffer him to encroach upon the rights of others.  He may work or not, as suits his pleasure, but he shall not enter into a confederacy with a view of controlling others, and take measures to carry it into effect.  The reason for the distinction is manifest.  So long as individual members of the community do not resort to any acts of violence, their hostility can be guarded against.  But who can withstand an extensive combination to injure him in his calling?  When such cases, therefore, occur, the law extends its protecting shield".

  This is the part of history you are never told and most people are unaware of and at great detriment to society.  It is because of this lack of knowledge of this second aspect, that our American Freedoms have been stripped away and easily so.  To state again and make it very clear.  Under the United States Constitution,  all groups, unions, companies, corporations and the like, had a wall of separation between them and the state.  Jefferson's arguments were correct but have since been taken out of context.  That wall of separation was considered a well established fact in that period of time, whether it was any religious group, company, union, organization or corporation.  This caused groups to be devised down to individuals that were and are more easily dealt with and controlled.

  Thomas Jefferson was not arguing a case for the separation of church and state as we have all been led to believe, but instead it was the act of law that the United States Constitution did not recognize any form of groups.  Today, that simply is not the case.  If you think otherwise, please explain to us the Teachers Union.  A very clear violation of Constitutional law if any.  To argue the separation of church and state, then every and all other groups must also surrender their status of recognition and especially the lawyers.  That is not an attack on lawyers on the one hand, it is very clear however that lawyers have made very long and successful strides into serious violations of Constitutional law and taken over the system.

  Now for those willing to surrender to the small fringe groups that are more than willing to mislead you, take into consideration the following.  The backbone of civilization for centuries has always been religion.  If you are to remove religion from society as it's backbone, you must replace it with something else.  We have seen the deterioration of religion as the backbone of society for over a century now and it is being replaced by the police state.  You can argue all you want about the issues behind the police state, but to surrender one form of control is to give permission to another form of control.

  Society, whether anyone likes it or not or accepts the precepts or not, must have a form of control.  Religion has always been that backbone.  Not always just and it has been abused to no end in many areas throughout history.  The Constitution looked to make sure that no one sect of religion was able to control the nation state as it had done in other countries where either the Church of England was the official religion that everyone had to attend or give support to by law and attend service at least twice a month or be jailed.  In other countries it was the Catholic Church that controlled entire continents.  The United States Constitution, by law, made the individual the master of their own choosing in regards to religion and prevented any sect of religion from ever being able to control any area of government but also did this with companies, corporations, organizations and unions as well.

  With control of the masses needed and the removal and decay of religious precepts in our everyday society, the police state has had to take over where the church is no longer allowed and has been barred from making a difference in our society.  But what morals does the police state hold especially when it to is barred from religious precepts?

  Government is not an evil entity in and of itself,  It is the people who seek to take advantage of government for themselves and other special friends that causes evils.  Government has been forced to accept the responsibilities of control of the masses by whatever means needed.  The police state is the only logical way to do so since religion has been removed from it's rightful place and continues to be attacked at every level.

  But let's also look at the other side of the coin.  What would happen if all the churches got together and formed a new union?  It would become the most powerful union in the world bar none.  There are more churches in the United States than any other form of business.  Think about it.  How many gas stations are in your area or any form of stores or even fast food restaurants?  Compare that to the number of churches in your area.  It is a very rare area in the United States where there are not more churches in any given area than any other form of business.  (We are not calling a church a business here).  For all of them to come together and form one Union, the power they would yield is beyond imagination.

  To argue further, the First Amendment clearly states that; "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."  Removal of prayer from schools or anywhere else for that matter is a clear First Amendment violation.  Congress is barred from making laws here and the courts are barred from making any decisions over this area.  Let's look at this again.  Congress can not bar the free exercise of religion.  PROHIBITED from making ANY LAW that hinders the free exercise of religion.  FREE EXERCISE OF RELIGION!!!!!  Removal of prayer from schools or any area of government is a violation of Constitutional law.  The Bill of Rights is a part of the United States Constitution, not a separate document.   School boards are actually violating our rights every time they tell you that your child can not pray in school.

  If you think we are done here, we are not.  Let's now look at the entire First amendment.  "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."  We would put both the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press in the same category of danger here.  Freedom of religion is also part and parcel to the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press.  If the press is prohibited from covering any aspect of religion, it's own freedom has just been expired as well as the full freedom of speech.  When you tell people they do not have the right to say a prayer on government property to include schools, you have just removed the freedom of speech from that person and all people of these United States.  They are all one and the same.

  Every person has the right in these United States to claim, proclaim and or practice or not, any form of religion, so long as it is not violent or infringing on others, or to have no religious beliefs whatsoever.  One person nor any small to mid size group does not have the right to infringe on the rights and freedoms of the entire nation however.  Make no mistake, the fight is coming over the separation of church and state and they are not going to tell you about the real history of the United States Constitution and part of it is because they may not be aware of it themselves, or they do not ever want you to know the real history and truths of this nation's past.  Choose well what side you are on and what future you foresee for the youth of this nation.  For they will have to live with what we choose coming soon.  Are we to surrender them to the police state and the removal of their freedoms?
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Slavery in Virginia and it's Religious Origins - E-Book

English: At Thomson above Augusta will be sold...
English: At Thomson above Augusta will be sold the following valuable negroes... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of the Negroeswith the Planting and Management of Indian Corn, Tobacco, &c. and of their Timber, Stock, Fruits, Provision, and Habitations, &c.

The Negroes live in small Cottages called Quarters, in about six in a Gang, under the Direction of an Overseer or Bailiff; who takes Care that they tend such Land as the Owner allots and orders, upon which they raise Hogs and Cattle, and plant Indian Corn (or Maize) and Tobacco for the Use of their Master; out of which the Overseer has a Dividend (or Share) in Proportion to the Number of Hands including himself; this with several Privileges is his Salary, and is an ample Recompence for his Pains, and[Pg 37] Encouragement of his industrious Care, as to the Labour, Health, and Provision of the Negroes.
The Negroes are very numerous, some Gentlemen having Hundreds of them of all Sorts, to whom they bring great Profit; for the Sake of which they are obliged to keep them well, and not over-work, starve, or famish them, besides other Inducements to favour them; which is done in a great Degree, to such especially that are laborious, careful, and honest; tho' indeed some Masters, careless of their own Interest or Reputation, are too cruel and negligent.
The Negroes are not only encreased by fresh Supplies from Africa and the West India Islands, but also are very prolifick among themselves; and they that are born there talk good English, and affect our Language, Habits, and Customs; and tho' they be naturally of a barbarous and cruel Temper, yet are they kept under by severe Discipline upon Occasion, and by good Laws are prevented from running away, injuring the English, or neglecting their Business.
Their Work (or Chimerical hard Slavery) is not very laborious; their greatest Hardship consisting in that they and their Posterity are not at their own Liberty or Disposal, but are the Property of their Owners; and when they are free, they know not how to provide so well for themselves generally; neither did they live so plentifully nor (many of them) so easily in their own Country, where they are made Slaves to one another, or taken Captive by their Enemies.
OUR NOTES:  The above comes from the book below and is just a partial section within the pages.  It gives an historical view that can no longer be taught in schools thanks to the ill conceived separation of church and state.  It shows the religious beliefs behind slavery and what is often called the cruel and inhumane treatment of the Native American or American Indian.

  It is not our own views and is only presented for it's historical value and to uncover real history and not revisionist history that has been forced on us all in part by the so called separation of church and state. Servitude has it's foundations in religion and has been a part of Judaism, Christianity, Muslim, and other tenants of religious beliefs.  Servitude and slavery are not one and the same issue.  That is where the arguments against slavery were fought on moral grounds.

The State of Virginia - 1712 to 1725 from Chuck Thompson

Free downloads are available on this e-book from our slideshare site.  You will have to log in with either a Facebook account or a LinkedIn account or just set up a free account.  To read the book online, please left click the icon at the bottom right hand side of the slideshare container.  To exit full screen mode, hit the escape key on your keyboard.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hidden History - Slavery And Conversion In The American Colonies

Portrait of Thomas Jefferson by Rembrandt Peal...
Portrait of Thomas Jefferson by Rembrandt Peale in 1800. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
What we are about to present we are calling hidden history for the very simple fact that it is hidden on the one hand and yet open and searchable on the other hand.  The reason we say it is hidden is because it touches on the subject of religion and is very religious in it's very nature.  Because it is religious based, it is not taught in the vast majority of schools here in the United States or in most other places around the globe.  In the US it can not be taught because of the so called separation of Church and State that has been so incorrectly interpreted.

  Therefore there is tremendous misunderstanding about the very nature of slavery in both American history as well as world history.  What everyone is fed these days as history is the events that happened, not why they happened or the why it happened can not be properly discussed because of the separation of Church and State.  Therefore, history is skewed in unnatural ways, and misunderstandings abound.  Interpretations can not be properly made when a great deal of the history of history is removed from the books.

  The separation between Church and State is so that one could not take control over the other as was common throughout most of history.  Church and State has always been so intertwined that it was nearly impossible to tell where one area started and ended against the other.  The founding fathers did not one Christian denomination to take control over another.  They  left it up to the individual to follow the dictates of his or her own conscious, hence religious freedoms, but not freedom from religion.  As John Adams has stated, "The US Constitution is for a religious people and will serve no other."

  The Fist Amendment of the Bill of Rights clearly states that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.  What has Congress done instead?  They have made laws prohibiting the free exercise thereof.    This has been done in direct violation to the US Constitution.  What we would further like to point out, there is no such thing as the separation of the media and religion, or business and religion.  In fact, there is no reason that churches can not start to take over areas of the media, businesses and other areas of concern.

  It could prove critical to the future of the United States for religious concerns to start taking over areas of the media and businesses.

  Now to get back on track to the reason for this article.  Slavery and conversion.  We are not making a case either for or against what we are about to present.  We will be showing in the very near future the supporting documents to the one we are about to present.  We are leaving it up to each individual to come up with their own opinions on what you are about to read, should you choose to continue.

To read the ebook in full screen mode, please left click the icon in the far bottom right of the slideshare container.  To exit full screen mode, hit the escape key on your keyboard.  Free downloads are available on this ebook from our slideshare site or from the link at the bottom of the document.  It is our view that in order to properly understand history, you must have all the correct facts.  It is our mission to seek out those facts and present them for your consideration.


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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Being led by good intentions - (The Errors of Church And State)

Open Letter to the Citizens of Gloucester County Virginia

As we approach Independence Day I want to look at our history.  During the 1700s the Christian Clergy in these colonies were the leaders of independence movement.  They preached the Bible.  For those weak on history look it up but you do not have to go any further than our Declaration of Independence and US and Virginia Constitutions to see how our Christian Clergy influenced our founding fathers.

This is to the Clergy and other leaders in our local churches your good intentions are leading us where all good intentions lead us.  You have become comfortable with your belongings and have forgotten why you are here.  Do they still teach about Sodom and Gomorrah?  It is clear in the Bible when you fail to lead/shepherd the people it will be the end of times.  Is that what you are planning to be failures as shepherds to hasten the return GOD through his son, Jesus back to earth?  Prove me wrong!

Our moral compass is broken and it requires your leadership, not your doing what is easy and politically correct to get us back where we belong.  You need to worship your loving Father, not a man and not money, and the comfortable life you have.  To be a shepherd/fisher of men is not for the faint at heart.  If you are comfortable with the way it is remember you will have to stand before the Father and explain your inactions?  Paul died for his beliefs are you willing to be uncomfortable for yours.

People of Gloucester, tell the leaders of your church they need to be our moral compass to return us to being right with GOD to restore the greatness of our commonwealth and nation.  Copy this into an email and send it to them.

“For the Common Good. “

Alexander James Jay

We are going to help Alexander here as we happen to have an e-book on the history of Christianity in the US.  So we are going to embed that in with his comments as they are spot on.

"The Constitution was created for a Christian people and will serve no other".  John Adams.  The separation of Church and State was so that one could not gain control of the other as was often the case throughout Europe.  It was not designed to be a freedom from religion.  In fact, it was considered an essential part of everyday life to be Christian in nature and heart.

  The Constitution ensured that no single denomination of any church gained control over the state.  It also ensures that the State can not favor one denomination of any given christian sect.  Thomas Jefferson has been misquoted so often that people actually believe the falsehoods surrounding his writings and the false claims that he was an atheist.  It is the place of the church to discuss politics.  It is the place of the state to discuss religion.  It is not the place of either church or state to prevent the others freedom of speech.

   It is through the free exchange of ideas that we grow.  We have all been denied growth by those who hate freedom, your freedom, the freedom of your children and grandchildren.  We have all been set back by a small minority that has won the death of your freedoms.  A small minority stole your freedoms and continue to do so today at so many levels because we have all let them.  The power really is with the people.  

     The school has no real power to prevent prayer on school grounds under any circumstances despite what some misinformed judges decided.  Those decisions are in direct conflict with the Constitution itself, hence void according to the Constitution itself.  

  Again we are embedding the Bill of Rights so that each and every person may reference what it actually says, not what someone wants to tell you it says.

Section 1.)  Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

  As we well know today, laws have been enacted in direct violation to the above at so many levels.  The laws are invalid according to the Constitution itself.  No government agency has a right to even try and enforce laws that are in violation to the First Amendment.  Your rights are disappearing fast, will you continue to sit by and do nothing?  Worry about what form of entertainment to please yourself with instead?    
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Friday, August 3, 2012

Gloucester, VA A History of American Christianity - Free E-Book

More on pre American and early American history.  This e-book is a special edition created for this web site and is re published by us.  Free downloads are available on this e-book straight from Slideshare.  This book covers William Penn and also the history of the Separation of Church and State in the United States.  What we found interesting is that this book credits the Baptists with the Separation of Church and State.  Not an item you find in the vast majority of history books.  This book covers a lot of history you will not learn anywhere else.   There is a lot of history about a lot of Christian religious sects and how they have had significant influences on the founding of this nation and it's political systems.  Everything from the Quakers, Pilgrims, Methodists and Catholics to Baptists, Episcopalians and more.  258 pages total.  Remember, on our additional resources site, we have an e-book converter.  You can download a free copy of that software and convert this PDF to another file format to work on your Kindle, Nook, iPad and more.

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