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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

DAV, CHKD Thrift Store Rip Offs

It's a shame when thrift stores get all their merchandise through donations and then mark prices on the used merchandise so high, that often times it is priced higher than what one could buy the same item for new. This is one of many complaints being heard from many shoppers of our local thrift stores. Another complaint that is very common is when these same thrift stores get in used electronics and sell them as is with a fairly good idea or knowing full well that the item does not work or work properly.

The idea behind a thrift store is to sell donated items at reasonable prices allowing the store to make money to help fund the charity behind the store. Not try and sell merchandise for as much as one thinks they can get for an item which like stated above, is often close to the retail price of a new item or even more than what a new item would cost.

In the case of the D.A.V., on their own web site, they admit that they are known for over pricing their merchandise. Click Here to visit their web page on the pricing of their merchandise. It is softly stated that if the price is to high, wait for it to come down. Well that's most of the pricing in the thrift stores these days. It's no wonder more people are now shopping at the local flea market, better prices on merchandise are found there as opposed to the local thrift stores. If you are looking for a decent bargain these days, stick to the Laural shelter or the local flea market. Maybe this will send the right message to those behind the high pricing of merchandise in the other thrift stores.